Okay Chapter 2 Yay.

The Mansion

"This is too creepy. I don't like this game anymore let's go back to the airship. The woods are growling. Hey look a helicopter," Rikku was too busy worrying about her self that she didn't notice that a pack of about five zombie dogs had pounced out of the woods and were trying to devour the other girls.

"Rikku you idiot, run!" Paine shouted pulling out her sword ready to fight off the hoard. Yuna had already left on a mad dash with pee running down her leg.

"Run? From what?" Rikku was still impervious to the fact that three dogs were surrounding her. "Aww, look. Puppies! Wait a minute. Eeeeew. Pieces of them are missing and their entrails are hanging out of their bodies! Why is their blood everywhere? I am so confused." The dogs jumped toward her but Paine cut them shreds before they made it to her face.

"Your welcome. Next time I tell you run, you had better run like hell." Paine was fussing at Rikku while they were looking for Yuna.

"Look! A mansion! Let's check it out. Maybe they have some potato chips," said Rikku in sing song voice as she skipped for the mansion.

Paine was walking as slowly as possible to catch up with the blond hoping that something would kill her and she wouldn't feel guilty for letting her die. "HI PAINE!" Yuna shouted as she jumped from a tree onto Paine. Paine wasn't scared but because Yuna had no panties on she threw up for about three minutes.

"Yuna you idiot, I can't believe you forgot to put your pull-ups on! We've been doing this for almost a year. Your lucky I brought one with me" Paine pulled out a diaper from her pocket which magically managed to hold about 1,000 items no matter how large or small. "Here, put this on."

"Sorry. I was excited and totally forgot."

"Just don't do it again. Your 19, you ought to be able to remember to put on your panties."

"Well honestly, it's not I forget, it's just that I don't choose to. It turns on the guys, ya know."

"I don't know about you, but I am forgetting this whole conversation." A high shrill scream suddenly echoed through the woods. It had come from the mansion. Both girls ran as fast as they could until they came upon a terrified Rikku.

"What happened Rikku?" asked Paine.

"I went inside, and um, there were too many doors. I was confused," whimpered Rikku.

"That's it? You scared us half to death because there were too many doors? Well I would have done the same thing," boasted Yuna.

"I hope you both die and rot slowly," said Paine very hopeful.

"I know you love us," said Rikku hugging Paine. Paine threw up again.

"Okay let's just go inside," suggested Paine. The other two agreed and they went inside.

"You're right, there are a lot of doors," said Yuna in amazement.

"Shut up. Let's go through the door on the left," said Paine. They all walked through the door and into a dining room.

"Look a fireplace. Let's investigate!" yelled Rikku. She ran over to the fireplace and found a puddle of blood. "Eeeeew! This is disgusting. There is a puddle of blood on the ground. It sickens me!" cried Rikku. The other two went to look at it.

"Strange. Let's find more clues," said Paine as she walked by the door. The doorknob started shaking.

"Who's there?" demanded Yuna. She opened the door to see who it was. Surprise, surprise, it was a zombie. "Oh, hello. Who are you? I'm Yuna glad to…Ah get off me!" The zombie started biting Yuna's neck causing extreme bloodshed. "Freak!" Yuna, like Rikku, seemed to not know that the 'person' she had just met was a zombie interested in devouring her flesh.

"Yuna, kill it!" yelled Paine. She continued to stand there letting the zombie bite her neck.

"This is not how we say hello!" Paine took out a gun and shot the zombie's head clear off.

"That was very rude. It was obvious he was retarded."

"Like you?"

"Yeah like you."

Paine sighed. "We obviously need to keep looking. We seem to have many chapters ahead of us."