'Oh my God.' Sara shook her head in disbelief. 'I can't believe we didn't see something like this coming.'

'That one came a little out of left field, eh?' said Greg, smiling.

They were both standing in front of Wendy's desk in the DNA lab, trying to take in their results.

Sara looked back at the technician. 'You're sure about this?'

'Uhuh. Ran it twice. Your salivary donors from the mugs in the Marshall kitchen have half the alleles in common.'

'Right. Sandra Marshall…'

'And her as-yet unidentified first degree relative.'

'Hmm.' Greg scrutinized the printout that Wendy had given him. 'Have you got results for amelogenin?'

'Yeah – XY.'

'Male. Right…' Greg twisted around, and produced a packaged swab from his bag. 'Wendy, can you run this for us ASAP?'

'Sure – I'll page you as soon as I get your results.'

'I love you,' he deadpanned.

For an awful moment Sara thought for that she was going to make a fool of herself and make a remark about his casual flirting that would betray her feelings. However, before she had the chance, Hodges came to her rescue by banging on the glass partition wall of the lab, beckoning for the pair to come over.

'It's not like you to get so excited, Hodges,' Greg joked as they swept into the trace lab.

'I'm not… especially,' the technician sneered back. 'Just thought I could save myself the trouble of trying to track you down later on.'

'Oh, thanks.'

'So then, Employee of the Month,' interjected Sara, arms folded, 'what have you got for us that that might get us excited?'

'Well, I don't know how easily you're pleased, Sara, but your results from the coffee grinder: positive for codeine.'

'In that case, I'm very easily pleased.'

'Even better, I noticed something young Sparky here seemed to have missed when he collected the evidence – a print, on the interior of the grinder lid, in codeine dust.'

'Come on, play fair,' protested Greg. 'I just…'

'Whatever,' interrupted Hodges. 'Anyway, I passed it on to ID; I think, once you get your results back from them, you might find that I, ahem, cracked the case.'

'Copy that,' answered Jacqui, popping her head around the door and waving a manila file. 'Dead bang for the wife.'

'Woohoo!' Greg was grinning from ear to ear. 'It all clicks into place, huh?'

'The print definitely ties the wife to the scene, the mode of ingestion… we got her,' said Sara, producing her cell phone. 'I'd better ring Brass.'

'Hold on a second,' butted in Greg.

'What for?'

'I just got a feeling… give Wendy time to do her magic, and I've got a feeling we can tie this whole thing up once and for all.'