Long, long, ago there lived an evil tall dude with green eyebrows and fire for hair. His name Faku. Army's could not conquer the might of Faku. In a small village called uh…..Small Village Town City Place. In Small Village Town City Place people take dumps in little holes in the ground hea hea. In Small Village Town City Place lived this dude named uh…Bill yeah Bill. Bill was this dude and um…he had a sword it was sharp yeah. And Faku uh…..I'll get back to you on that.

Bob oh I mean Bill had a brother Bob no no Jeff yeah Jeff. And Jeff had a blatter and holding crap in disorder. So one day Faku came and kidnapped Jeff and locked him in a closet full of food and drinks. Jeff ate it and he couldn't take it anymore so he exploded no blew up yeeeah blew up into piss and crap and diarrhea ha ha ha ha.

Then Bill that's his name rite oh well. Bill walked over to Faku's house and said Fak u Faku. And fought him he lost and now he's dead. The end

Ok ill bring him back to life if you really liked it.