Episode 3: I can't think of a title

Authors note: For all of you wondering the reason the guy's name was Bill and the story is called Samurai Jim is just a joke. Sorry for the wait.

Jim was at the pet shop and like "How much is that Chihuahua?" He asked.

The lady said "$520.00 bucks" and Jim was all like "Will 37 cents cover it?" and the lady was like "no" and Jim dug in his pocket and found some more money and he said "will 42 cents cover it?" Jim said in fancy voice. And the lady was like "no"

Jim went outside and looked on the floor for more money and came back in 3 hours later with more money.

"Okay will $1.34 cover it?" Jim asked. "No" the lady said.

Jim then went outside and started singing to get some money. "Up in the morning girl and the DJ playin that song now what you gonna do I'm ge ge get it poppin" He sang.

4 hours later he came back in "will $4.73 cover it?" He asked "no" the lady said.

"Sir its closing time in about twenty minutes" the lady said. "Oh man and I only have $520.00 bucks in my other pocket" Jim said.

The lady then explained everything and gave him the dog.

Jim was walking with his new dog "Let me see if you're a boy or girl" Jim said. Jim then lifted the new dog and saw it was a boy. "Okay" he crossed off buy a Chihuahua on his

things to do before I die again list.

"I'll name you…Pubert" Jim said.

So Jim and Pubert walked off.

Episode 4 soon

Authors note: sorry its short.