Still Life With Cranes: The Foreword!

Hello! You're not going to understand this whole story if you don't STOP for a sec and let me explain it a bit :) One second of your time, I promise.

Point 1 as follows:

This is a work in progress. Some of it I don't actually like much. Actually, most of it I don't like at all and serves as a place holder/plot filler for the parts I DO like. This was my very first fanfiction and as such, is pretty terrible.

This is a SEVEN part story…there are TWO parts that I have not written. Each chapter may stand alone, but sort of are entwined with the others. They are in order, chronologically, and the two chapters that are not completed won't put too many holes in the story. I will put in a little ditty when we get to these chapters regarding the basic plot of the chapter. THIS IS NOT THE STORY, please don't review and say "WTF! This isn't well written/a story/whatever" because I know that :)

Parts missing: Chapter 1: The Rock and Chapter 3: Paper Crane. Both are in the works, I assure you.

Point 2 below:

This story is sort of A/U. For those of you who don't know what "AU" means: A/U means "Author's Universe", basically noting that the author takes certain liberties with the plot and the characters.

In this case, I've messed with the very end of the movie. We operate under the assumption that Crane has not been captured and sent to Arkham, that he's not more insane than he was because of his own fear gas, and that he isn't really "at large". He's still a fear-inspiring figure to Batman, Gordon, and Rachel, but he's not a threat to the general populace. Since Ducard's operation failed he has a new job, not described here.

In this story: CRANE HAS A BOYFRIEND. He's gay. M/M. Slash. HAHAHA! Nothing too explicit, as I'm dealing with their emotions, not their bodies. Unfortunately. Moving on! His boyfriend's not from the movie. Beware! An O/C as well! The o/c is the secondary character, and he doesn't show up. Much.


Story randomly switches narrators from chapter to chapter. Narration will be noted in the Author's Note at the beginning of the chapter.

I'm done rambling! Go ahead and (click).