(A/N) Howdy all, Wind here. I decided to write this after thinking about how few stories there were where Raven was the aggressor in a relationship. Even ones where she is proactive, she ends up waiting for the guy to do the work of getting them together. Raven seems like she'd want control of the situation, so I came up with this. It's all diary entries; so don't be surprised if I end up updating two or more chapters in a day since each chapter is one diary entry. By the way, Jump City is in California. When it's targeted by the Brain's machine in Homecoming pt. 2 it's easy to see that it's in California. It's probably meant to be like San Francisco, which makes a lot of sense. You know how many empty old warehouses are in San Francisco? Tons. And since Jump City is based on San Francisco (probably), I'll be using its weather and locale as a base of reference.

Disclaimer: I own this story, but not the characters in it. They're cool; I'm not smart enough to think up cool characters.

The Annotated Raven – July 27th


11:30 p.m.

So. I was thinking things over and I kind of had a weird little discussion with Affection. Since Trigon can't get to me any more I'm more free to feel than before. I'm not ready to act like Star or anything, but I might be able to at least try and find someone that I could love. That sounds so corny. I'm hiding this journal in Nevermore so that no one ever finds it. I'd die of embarrassment after I killed whoever found it.

So this journal will hold all of my attempts at love. That still sounds corny. I feel like some stupid schoolgirl writing this. Anyway, I need to figure out who I'm going to, uhm, attempt first. Affection said I should try those who I know best. She said that the person you love should be your best friend. I guess that means that I'll see about Robin first. He showed me something that no one else had. He showed me how much he cared no matter how bleak things seemed. He had hope, for me, of all people. It makes me nervous to think about allowing myself to feel that way about anybody, but something about Robin makes me feel safe. I think I can trust him. I'll start tomorrow.


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