Disclaimer: I don't own YYH or any of the anime characters that may appear in it. I do own Shio and he is my character. AU. Kurama's name is Shuuichi but Yuusuke and Kuwabara call him Kurama. I hope I'm finally getting back up to updating. Since my account was deleted I've lost all my motivation. I'd like to thank everyone who's been so patient with me and I will try to get the rest of ATTW back up. This is yaoi, so you have been warned.

Place where the little stars go

It was going to be a bad day. Kurama could feel it in his gut. Maybe it was the little dark cloud on the horizon or maybe it was the fact that his lunch had gone missing. Probably Yuusuke's fault since he never brought his own food. Or it could be the large group of girls eyeing him from behind a tree about twenty feet away. Kurama frowned. Didn't they know he could see them? He sighed. Yeah, that was probably it. Maybe.

"Yo! Kurama!" Yuusuke came sprinting across the lawn followed closely by an orange-haired boy.

"Whatcha doing out here!" Yuusuke yelled enthusiastically, causing Kurama to wince. He threw his arm around the redhead's shoulders and pulled him to his feet.

"It's a new year! A whole new batch of girls to check out before I skip the next seven months!"

"Don't even think about it Urameshi!" Kuwabara grabbed Yuusuke in a headlock, "You've got Keiko!"

"Lay off!" Yuusuke rammed his elbow into Kuwabara's stomach and the two fell into yet another brawl. Kurama sighed again. Why did he hang around those two? Perhaps I should use this opportunity to escape. Kurama quietly walked away from the two delinquents and entered the air-conditioned building. Another school year. Another year of avoiding crazy blood-thirsty girls and getting the perfect grades I'm known for. How boring. Something needs to liven up.

"Watch where the fuck you're going you asshole!" Kurama snapped out of his contemplation and stared in surprise at the dark haired boy sprawled out on the floor in front of him. Bright red eyes set in a pale face glared up at him through thick black bangs.

"Excuse me?" The boy began to roughly gather up the books and papers scattered across the floor.

"Here, let me help." Kurama bent down and began picking up assorted items.

"Fuck off." The boy grabbed his stuff from Kurama's arms and stood. Kurama stood as well and couldn't help but chuckle at the boy's height.

"What the fuck are you laughing at!"

"I simply thought that with your attitude you'd be much taller."

"And I thought with yours you'd be a little more masculine, but I guess we've both been wrong today." The boy pushed roughly past Kurama and stalked down the hallway and around the corner. A few seconds later he came back around the corner swearing profusely.

"You lost?" Kurama asked, finding an odd amusement at the boy's angry expression.

"No." Kurama began walking with him, peering over his shoulder at the number on the paper in his hand.

"You're in the wrong part of the building for Chemistry."

"Why the fuck are you following me!"

"Such language! I merely thought that since I knocked you down I should at least help you out."

"You can help me by going away!" Kurama let out another small chuckle. He liked this boy.

"I'm Minamino Shuuichi.1 What's your name?" When the boy didn't answer Kurama reached over and snatched the schedule out of his hands.

"Jaganashi Hiei? Nice to meet you." Kurama handed the schedule back to Hiei, who stuffed it into his pocket.

"So you're new here? A freshmen?" Kurama didn't wait for an answer and continued on, "I'm a Junior, call me Kurama. What class do you have next? I'll help you find it."

"Kurama? Who're you talking to?" Yuusuke walked up to him, staring in confusion at his red-haired friend.

"I'm talking to Hiei." Kurama looked around for him, but the hallway was empty save him and Yuusuke. Hiei was nowhere to be found.

"That little bastard." Kurama growled, still searching in vain for the smaller boy. No one runs out on me! I'll show him who's lord and master around here! Yuusuke shifted nervously as an evil look appeared on Kurama's normally friendly face. That could only mean trouble. He sighed. Probably a lot for him, too.

Place where the little stars go

"Everyone turn to page 354. We'll be working on mixing chemicals A and B and I'll expect you all to be able to identify both and to tell me what happens when the two are mixed. But first I want you all to turn to the person on your left and…..May I help you?" Kurama looked up when Mrs. Hearst stopped speaking. Speak of the devil. Hiei stood in the doorway of the classroom, still looking as annoyed as ever.

"I'm looking for room 532, Chemistry I?"

"This is it. Class, this is Jaganashi Hiei, new student. Mr. Jaganashi, if you could take a seat next to Mr. Minamino he'll fill you in on what we're doing." Kurama raised his hand, smirking when Hiei's annoyed expression turned semi-murderous.

"As I was saying," Mrs. Hearst cleared her throat, "Turn to the person on your left and say hello to your permanent lab partner."

Hiei froze, having just sat down on the stool to Kurama's left. Kurama turned and smiled at him.


Place where the little stars go

"And then he poured acid onto my pants!" Kurama finished yelling as he walked beside Yuusuke to their next class. Gym. Yuusuke snickered and instantly was treated to a very icy glare.

"You think that's funny?"

"No! Not at all!"


"What's a squirt like him doing in a chem. lab anyway?" Yuusuke asked as they changed into their gym uniforms.

"I didn't ask," Kurama snapped, "I was too busy trying to keep my skin from melting."

"So, do you want me to teach him a lesson?" Yuusuke asked as they walked out onto the court.

"No, I'll do it my-OOF!" Kurama pitched face first into the ground as something slammed really hard into his back.

"What the hell!" He looked over his shoulder to see Hiei standing there.

"Why the hell did you do that!" In response Hiei picked up the ball that was undoubtedly the cause of Kurama's loss of dignity.

"Dodge Ball." He said all too sweetly, "You didn't dodge. You're out."

"Gym hasn't even started yet!"

"It hasn't?" Hiei looked at the clock with an expression of mock surprise, "Hn. I guess you're right. That hit doesn't count. Sorry for getting ahead of myself." Hiei strode away with an innocent2 smile on his face. Kurama glared after him.

"That's it, Hiei," He growled, "You're going down."


1 In Japan they say the last name first. In English we would say Shuuichi Minamino. Like James Radcliff would be Radcliff James. Get it?

2 Innocent? Yeah right.