"Vash…Vash…Tongari wake up."

The world was fuzzy, hard to focus on. He could hear voices, sounds to. He could feel the ground beneath him and the cool wet breeze but none of that made sense. Everything was so confusing…the world spun around him without sense.

Vash didn't want to wake up. Because he knew…once he came back to the world of the conscious then he would become aware of the pain. Of both body and mind, when he was awake everything hurt, all the time.

Ya stay knocked out. It was less cruel to him.

Something exploded not far from his head. Dimly he heard someone yelp. Hmm sounded like wolfwood.

Ouch…now someone was dragging him. Rather rudely he might add as they just grabbed a foot and took of with him. Never mind the muck and the rocks. Ya it was definitely wolfwood.

Vash could smell his cologne.

Thick, spicy, mixed in with his natural odor, a combination of leather, gunpowder and sweat. It was nice and comforting in its own way. After all with Wolfwood around Vash had an ally. With Wolfwood around Vash didn't have to sacrifice everything alone.

Something else exploded, but the noise was muffled. It wasn't distance that made the sound softer, as vash could feel the cool wet ground he was laying on shake underneath him. Rather the muffle was likely some sort of shelter. Looks like wolfwood had found a place to hide out.

That was nice of him.

Very nice.

"Vash. Wake up we got problems."

With a solid SMACK, wolfwood slapped vash across his cheek. The stupid idiot broom head was still out of it. Sort of hanging between consciousness and blackout.

Wolfwood didn't know what to do. Right now things were going to hell and he had no idea where, who, or what the fuck was going on.

One minute they had both been in a bar enjoying the insurance girls company and some drinks when everything went white.

Wolfwood had to admit. If he could go back to sleep he would.

He felt sore all over. Like someone had decided to beat him within an inch of his life…repeatedly.

But that wasn't the half of it. What really got him going was the fact that they didn't seem to be where they were before. In fact it didn't look like the same planet.

There were tree's and moss and weeds and he was currently standing in a dark slimy muck up to his ankles. The plants here were unlike anything he had seen before, and what little wildlife he's seen was even stranger. There was this one bug thing that had scared him half to death. He'd shot the bug. Splattering bright green blood all over the ground.

It was at that point that Wolfwood had noticed vash. The plant was knocked out, although he didn't see any obvious wounds.

Well at least he wasn't alone. It made the situation at little better, although not by much.

A quick check around the area had confirmed that both his cross punisher and vash's gun were still with them. As well as enough ammo to take out an army.

Wolfwood shouldered his cross, taking comfort in the doubled weight. Luckily for him, he had been expecting an attack from the GHG's and had stocked up on ammo. And knowing that vash wouldn't do the same he had bought the tongari extra rounds as well.

Something exploded in the distance.

Ok…so where ever they were wasn't friendly. Other than the explosions wolfwood could also hear gun fire. Some sort of high pitched whining noise, and people (and other things) screaming and yelling.

"If this place wasn't so wet I would think we were in hell"

Wolfwood wanted to check this place out. Find out what was going on and if he was in danger. However he couldn't leave vash out here. He had found some shelter. A small hideout created by a fallen tree and some rocks. It was dark and almost impossible to see from the outside. Wolfwood had been lucky he found it himself.

"come on Vash. Wake up."

The blonde gunman didn't move. That worried Wolfwood, Vash should be awake by now. Hell the guy was a plant, wolfwood had never even seen him unconscious before. Well…expect from being drunk and passing out. That was a different story.

The sounds were getting closer. Damn it sounded like war had broken out.

Uncovering his cross punisher Wolfwood made himself ready. If they were discovered who knew what would happen.

Carefully poking his head out of there hole, Wolfwood got the shock of his life.

Things…Uh…weird looking things were fighting a group of humans. They looked like some sort of military force to him. Like the old marines he saw in pictures his mom used to show him.

The things fighting them were…well Wolfwood wasn't sure what they were. It was a group of…small things, some evil looking ground birds and then some 2 legged lizard things.

And well the humans were getting their ass's kicked. Out numbered and outgunned the marines were backed into a corner.

"what should I do?"

Wolfwood didn't want to reveal himself, however…this might be a good chance to get on someone's good side. Maybe they could explain what was going on.

Well hell might as well, he never was the kind to just sit back and let things happen.

"Hey tongari, stay here. I'll be right back."

Not waiting for an answer wolfwood crawled out of their hole. It was a short distance to the fight and wolfwood walked as silently as he could. He was used to being quiet in the sand and desert, however with the different terrier came different rules.

He managed well enough as the uh 'aliens' thingy hadn't noticed him yet. Wolfwood took a moment to study them more…or rather study their weapons. There were…energy weapons of some sort. And the aliens seemed to have shields as well.

Well shit. Hope the cross punisher makes a dent. I think it will those humans guns are doing some damage…not much but some.

With just a click as the punisher opened up as the only warning wolfwood shot at the aliens. Well maybe mowed down would be the better word. The cross punisher bullets working far more effetely than the marines laid waste to the aliens shield within a heart beat. Moments later the ground was covered with dead bodies.

"Rest in peace."

Wolfwood mumbled a quick prayer to those poor creatures he killed. It bothered him somewhat, killing. Which was all because of vash. However Wolfwood knew when one had to put those ideals behind them for the greater good.

"Yo…seems you boys…uh?"

Wolfwood trailed off as every gun of every marine leveled at him. The humans were all staring at him with obvious mistrust.

"Well hell, that doesn't seem like a nice thank you for saving your lives."

Woflwood gulped, keeping his weapon ready, although not in fire position just yet.

"Hold you fire men."

The marines instantly obeyed although they were warily. They got even more nervous as a man stepped out. He was tall, striking looking man with brown hair. Wolfwood squinted his eyes and saw the name Keys on his uniform.

He obvious was the man in charge.

"Hi. The names Wolfwood. Nicolas D. Wolfwood."

Wolfwood held out his hand as the man came closer to him. However Keyes didn't take it. Instead he studied wolfwood for a long moment. Before narrowing his eyes.

"alright Mr. Wolfwood. While I extend my thanks for taking out this band of covenent. I must ask you. What are you doing on this ring. You were not on my ship before we crashed. I know that much."

His voice tight and stern and suspicious but it wasn't cruel.

"Well um would you believe I have no idea. You see I was in this bar with Tongari and BAM next thing I know I'm here. We were hiding out over there when you guys and these uglys came by."

Wolfwood gave his award winning smile before continuing.

"Figured you guys were my best bet to finding out what was going on and where I was."

Keyes frowned obviously not likening wolfwood story, not that he blamed him. Nick would probably do the same thing in his shoes. It sounded outrageous.

"Alright Mr. Wolfwood. Seeing as we are in deep shit I'll be willing to trust you for now. However I won't except ANY liabilities to my men or our mission. So if you get in the way…"

Keyes trailed off meaningly and wolfwood sweat dropped.

"No problem…no problem…as you see I can take care of myself. And tongari ain't exactly a pushover either."

"Tongari? Yes your friend. Where is he anyway."

"Oh he's in the hole. Hold on I'll get um."

Wolfwood turned around, and hoped they wouldn't shoot him in the back. Something was going on. Something dangerous and he didn't like it.

"Sir….are you sure about this?"

One nervous marine said. He didn't want to second guess his captain but this was weird.

"I mean how can they not know how they got here. Has to be a Covenant trick!"

Keyes considered a moment as he tried to express himself.

"I don't know but I don't think the Covenant have anything to do with this. Its not their style. At the very least if they are with us we can keep an eye on them."

Keyes turned to his soldiers.

"I know I don't have to tell you, but watch these two. Report anything suspicious."

All the marines saluted sharply.

Especially the young one that had brought up the question. Keyes nodded to him smiling softly. He didn't mind questions as long as the questions were intelligent and as long as ultimately his orders were followed. He wasn't perfect and he couldn't see into the future, so outside input was welcomed under most conditions.

Moments later wolfwood came out of the hole, dragging Vash by his ankle again. The idiot was still out cold.

Keyes eyes changed as he looked at the blonde.

"Is he wounded?"
He asked with obvious concern in his voice. Wolfwoods respect for the man increased three fold. It took a noble man to care about someone that might be a possible enemy.

"Don't know. I don't see anything wrong with him. It might have been…the 'trip'. Personally I feel like I was tossed into a meat grinder."

Keyes frown deepened.

"Coliski. Check these men out."
"SIR yes sir!"

Wolfwood sat down on a rock as a young man came running over to him. He was short, wore seemingly impossibly thick glasses and looked like a first class nerd. However wolfwoods sharp eyes noticed other things as well.

How he held his rifle…his confident steps and his posture.

This guy may look it but he wasn't a push over.

He checked vash first as he was the unconscious one. He didn't see anything wrong. There was no blood, his lungs sounded clear and heart was strong. Other than a few bruises and scraps…which he suspected the blonde got from wolfwood dragging him across the ground, he looked fine.

"sir, I'm going to see if some smelling salts will wake him."

Keyes nodded as the young medics dug around in his bag. A moment later some very nasty smelling stuff was put up under vash's nose.

Vash jerked slightly and while making a face opened his eyes slowly. He blinked at wolfwood and the medic a moment before turning decidedly green.

Wolfwood knowing what this meant grabbed the medic by the shirt collar and yanked him back just as vash tossed his liquor filled gut….right where the medic had been a moment before.

"You never could hold your liquor vash."

The medic made a disgusted look and nodded his thanks to wolfwood. That had been to close for comfort. Getting thrown up on was defiantly a downside to the medic profession.

Vash now on his hands an knees, waited in agony for his dry heaves to stop. God he hated this part of drinking. He became aware of someone as they pressed a canteen of water to him. He took a swig, washing the terrible bitter taste out of his mouth. It helped a lot.

Feeling instantly better. He sat up and blinked at all the people around him.


He then noticed the world around him and his mouth dropped.

Keyes chewed his pipe thoughtfully. so this wolfwood was telling the truth. They are from somewhere else. You can't fake that kind of surprise. This guy is shocked to his core.

"Wow…I must be really drunk if I'm hallucinating this badly."

"this isn't a dream tongari. Something happened and well…we ain't on gunsmoke anymore."

Vash frowned as he looked at the people around him. He wasn't sure he liked what he saw. They were all armed to the teeth. Some covered in blood and they all smelled like battle. Slowly he stood up feeling shaky on his feet but quickly got control over himself.

It was then he noticed the bodies…so many bodies. Of what he wasn't sure, however he knew the work of the cross punisher when he saw it. He felt his stomach rise against him again, however there was nothing left to puke, so he was just left with this terrible empty nauseated feeling lodged in his gut and throat.


Vash managed to croak as he trailed off, looking behind him at the priest. Wolfwood lit a smoke and looked away.

"Sorry Vash, sometimes the only choice is no choice at all."

Vash didn't now what these things were but he knew…it was wrong to kill them. It was wrong to kill period. There were always other ways. He felt tears on his face…damnit. Don't cry not now. Quickly he wiped him away before the humans saw him.

However vash defiantly didn't look good when he turned around.

The rest of the marines looked confused and wary at vash's expression. It was just the Covenant. Them dead was a good thing.

"Alright men! We need to get moving and meet up with master chief! Hopefully we won't run into anymore Covenant. Wolfwood…and tongari was it?"

Keyes turned to vash who became all pouty at the name. Keyes couldn't put his finger on it but despite vash's rather girly pout there was something…strange about him.

"No its Vash. Tongari…is um a nickname."

Vash said with a semi glare at wolfwood.

"My apologies Vash. You and Wolfwood stay in the middle. And keep quiet. We're in hostile ground."

Vash nodded sadly as the group started moving.