Chapter 01: Color Scheme

As Dojo winded his way back to the temple, the monks were in deep conversation about the revelations of the Bird of Paradise. But even more mystifying to them was their new Wudai powers and the Wudai Orion Formation. Their newfound strengths were as exciting as a treasure-trove of Shen Gong Wu.

Upon reaching the Xiaolin Temple, Omi leapt off the enormous dragon to seek the sage wisdom of Master Fung. Surely he could explain these surprises. He did not to look so hard, however, as Master Fung was already waiting for them in the temple entrance.

"How did your quest for the Bird of Paradise go, young monks?" asked the aged Xiaolin master.

"We found a bird we believed to be the Bird of Paradise," Omi replied, "but after losing that bird, we found out the singing elderly lady was the real Bird of Paradise. We were being gamed all along."

"I think you mean 'being played all along'." Raimundo corrected as the remaining three Wudai Warriors joined the conversation.

"Master Fung," Kimiko said before Omi could respond with his trademark "That too", "When we performed the all our powers have grown so much. And when we performed Wudai Orion Formation, I felt like all the fire in me had been released."

"Yeah, about that: What was up with the black-and-not-white color scheme? We looked like we were drawn on a chalkboard…" Raimundo added in his usual sarcastic manner

"Indeed," Master Fung replied, "it is as Kimiko said: your powers have grown tremendously since you rose to the level of Wudai Warrior. And like before, the Wudai Orion Formation, and advanced version of the Dragon X-Kumei Formation, enhanced your physical and elemental abilities. However, the power that is released is far too great to handle at your current level. The 'silhouette skin' you receive after performing the Wudai Orion Formation acts as a limiter of sorts: it lessens minor magical damage used against you, as well as keeps your elemental powers in check, so that they do not overpower your body beyond its limits. As for the aura that surrounds the silhouette skin, the aura symbolizes what you hold dearest to your heart. It represents the single thing in the world that gives you the strength, motivation, and willpower to fight and keep going."

"Well, that right there makes it about as clear as a cow's drinking water. I love the farm-lifestyle…" Clay began.

"Wow, such a shocking surprise." Raimundo muttered to Kimiko, who stifled giggles at Clay's expense.

"…and I suppose vegetation and nature can be symbolized by the color green." Clay finished explaining.

"Oh yes," Omi said with his tone of all-knowing arrogance, "My aura's color, silver, stands for the moon, the master of my element of water. It also symbolizes the greatest mysteries of the world that make everyone stand in awe. Like me."

Omi's words met an awkward silence. After an annoyed pause in the conversation, Kimiko went on to explain her aura.
"I suppose my red stands for Japan, my home country. So really, what keeps me going are my home, my family, and my friends." she explained.

"What about you, Rai?" Clay inquired from the Brazilian monk, "Why are you as blue as as a leashed up dog that can't chase the family cat?"

"First off," Rai began, "no more farm analogies. Second, what my aura stands for is my business."

"Come on, Rai," piped in Kimiko, "it can't be that big a secret. It's probably surfing or something along those lines."

"Ah yes, Raimundo and his obsession with netting homicidal waves." Omi added matter-of-factly.

"It's 'catching killer waves' and no, that's not it." Raimundo told the other monks.

"Could be the sky," Clay said after some deep thinking, "The wind is his element after all."

Omi was quick to dispel this theory.

"But blue is also the color of water. Raimundo is obviously being motivated by the hopes of one day being as amazing as me. But I am sorry, my friend," he added to Raimundo, "it as I have told you before: That day will never come. For no one will be a greater Xiaolin Dragon than Omi!"

"Sorry, Clay, but it's not the sky. And, Omi," Raimundo explained, "there are a bunch of things wrong with your theory: 1) The water is clear. It's only blue because it reflects the sky. 2) You weren't the first monk to use your Wudai element. I used 'Wudai Wind' against Chase when we rescued you the first time. And 3) Like I've told you before: You're not my favorite monk. There's somebody I think is way better than you."

"He's probably thinking about himself," Kimiko said in a scornful yet playful way.

"Now, young warriors," Master Fung intervened, "There is no need to argue as to who the strongest of the four of you is. Time will reveal who the first to rise to Xiaolin Dragon will be, but I do hope that you will all rise together, as you did when you became Wudai warriors."

In respect of Master Fung, the four monks ended their bickering, but Omi, Clay, and Kimiko continued to ponder aloud what Raimundo's Wudai aura could represent. Rai remained quiet while the others talked, but occasionally when nobody was looking at him, he would throw a nervous over at Kimiko.

He looked into her eyes and lost himself in them.

Those blue eyes that gave him the strength, motivation, and willpower to go on...