Chapter 16: Epilogue

A decade past and the four Dragons found themselves at the Xiaolin Temple once more. The environment of each monk's life changed over ten years' time, but the monks themselves did not.

After the fall of the Heylin side, Clay returned to Bailey Farm, inheriting it from his father. Like Omi during his short term as a Crud, the Dragon of Earth combined his unique Kung-Fu Cowboy techniques with his agricultural lifestyle to make the family farm a much more efficient home.

Omi, remained at the temple, but no longer focused on training his body to defeat the forces of evil. Instead, he spent his days in the meditation garden at Master Fung's side, reflecting on past battles and time spent with his non-biological family.

Jack Spicer, jaded from losing Shen Gong Wu in showdowns, gradually gave up the pursuit of Dashi's magical tools, but continued his plans for world domination. No longer a threat to the monks, he slowly became one of their "associates" after fulfilling his promise to Omi and taking him out for a "Monday" at an ice cream parlor. He was their creepy friend they acknowledged but tried to spend as little time around as possible.

Raimundo and Kimiko, however, spent the ten year span living together in Tokyo. It was their return to the temple that demanded for the others to come back as well.

In the middle of what used to be their training grounds, Raimundo, Omi, and Clay stood nervously in spiffy tuxedos swaying back and forth with the wind. Omi, who grew barely an inch over the decade they were gone, was given the duty of being the ring-bearer, leaving Clay to be Raimundo's best man. Master Fung stood in the front, a sacred book in his hand and a moment's meditation before performing the ceremony.

The engaged Pedrosa paced up and down the rows of chairs as he waited for his fiancé to walked down the aisle. His brothers, sisters, and the occasional niece and/or nephew waved back at him, as well did Mr. Tohomiko. In the back was Jack, looking like a disgruntled version of Good Jack, his hair combed over and neat dress clothes draped over his body. Clinging to his arm was a short-haired blonde named Ashley who, like Jack, gave up fighting the monks entirely and joined Jack's side at world domination shortly before joining his side in matrimony.

If Jack can go through a ceremony similar to this, Raimundo should be able to get through it with ease, but the Brazilian 25 year-old was still anxious of the things to come within the next hour.

He saw Mr. Tohomiko leaving to fetch his daughter and escort her down the aisle.

Behind a closed door with her best friend, Keiko, Kimiko was selecting earrings that would compliment the rest of her ensemble. While Kimiko kept her anxiety inside, Keiko paced back and forth in near hysteria. She held a checklist in her hand to make sure Kimiko was prepared.

"Okay, have you got something new?" she asked the bride.

"Wedding dress" replied Kimiko, putting on a pair of ruby earrings.

"Something old?"

"A necklace Rai gave me three years ago."

"Something borrowed?"

"Comb." she said, glancing up into a mirror at the comb placed elegantly in her hair. The 'Tangle Web Comb' was always one of her personal favorite Shen Gong Wu, despite the sexist remarks it inspired in Omi. She felt a little guilty because Master Fung was unaware that she was borrowing the Wu.

"Okay. Okay." Keiko thought aloud, beginning to count on her fingers. "Something new. Something old. Something borrowed. Did I forget anything?"

Kimiko raised her head from tying back her hair and looked into the mirror, noticing her bright eyes. Those gentle eyes that Raimundo fell in love with and brought her here today.

She smiled.

"Something blue…"