"Brother's Keeper"

-A Dark Love Hina story.

-This is my first "Love Hina" story! I've finally started it! Well, sort of. This is one of my oldest story ideas, and also, one of my darkest. Like my "Ah, My Goddess" story before I started it, my goal was to either read all the mangas, or watch all of the anime episodes and OVA before I've started. Though reading the differences between the manga and the anime, I've pretty much made up my mind and will have this story take place in the manga timeline, and not the anime. Problem is, I don't have all the mangas yet. I do have the last volume, Volume 14, and since this story is set after the series, that sort of helped as a jumping off point. But, not having the rest (well, actually, eleven of the fourteen volumes), well, not exactly a plus now is it? Especially if a certain plot point I'm thinking of, contradicts a certain volume in the manga.

-So why I have Volume 14 (and 4, and 5) and not the others? Well, other then wanting to start this story right away (so Volume 14 helps), the only place that sells them that's near where I am (college) doesn't have all the volumes. Okay, I could buy them through say, Amazon, but again, other then not wanting to deal with the whole buying them online thing, I'm also a poor student here. Have to keep my priorities straight with what little money I have. These come first after all, textbooks, rent, food, and beer. :-P

-Quick summary, this story takes place after the mangas. Keitaro and Naru are happily married. Naru is pregnant with Keitaro's first child. However, things turn horrible wrong when a girl's obsession goes too far.

-Standard Disclaimer – I do not own Love Hina. While this story is mine, it is set after a series that certainly isn't mine. It is also using characters from said series that are not my own. If asked, I will take this story down immediately.

-On with the story!

Grocery Store

'I'm going to be a father!' Keitaro kept thinking to himself as he strolled down the vegetable aisle. He was daydreaming what his son would look like when he finally arrived. He was also daydreaming all the things they would be doing, like playing baseball together, helping his son with his homework, watching him play with his friends, and later, maybe even teaching him all the things he should do around women!

Scratch that…

Make that, all the things he SHOULDN'T do around women. Falling over them while they were in a various state of dress, or more appropriately, undress, was certainly high on that list.

Of course, he had been thinking this for the last seven months or so when he and his wife, Naru, found out about this joyous discovery. Well, joyous discovery except being sent into Low Earth Orbit by Naru when she first found out.

"Hey Keitaro…" Naru, with a very noticeable bulge in her midsection, called out next to him.

'And then I can show him all the wondrous discoveries I've uncovered in a recent dig in Afghanistan! Who would've thought that Molmol had a colony there! I'll show him how great archeology is! Maybe he'll be just like me…' Keitaro's eyes were glazed over for a moment until he frowned at that last thought. He needed to correct that last statement quickly. 'Without all the clumsiness!'

After their wedding and subsequent honeymoon (where Keitaro still had the bruises to show for), Keitaro finally accepted a job working for the Pararakelse Joint Research Center. The offer from them, as it turned out, never had an expiration date. This even after four years after it was first offered he was still able to accept it. He and Naru traveled the world, from one dig to another. Naru, to show her devotion to Keitaro, decided to join him on these archeology trips. After all, it was his dream from the beginning. She was happy to see it fulfilled, even if it meant putting her own dream on hold for a while. With his dedication and almost maniac zeal for it, something he would later say was passed down from his mentor Seta, he was quickly building a reputation as one of the best archeologist in the world. Though Naru wasn't really into archeology, she accepted it as being a part of the deal with Keitaro. She especially didn't like the constant change in scenery that being with Keitaro meant. Still, because of her love for him, she never regretted going along with him. Though Keitaro did promise that after a few more digs, he would 'retire' and just stay as a lecturer at Tokyo University. After all, Keitaro himself wanted to see Naru's dream fulfilled as well. Though her dream was more modest then Keitaro's. Naru wanted to become a teacher. While she joked about changing it before, in reality, that was still her dream. However, that plan was cut short when the test came back positive.

"Keitaro…" Naru, still next to him at the grocery store, repeated with a more threatening tone.

'I can't wait to see his face when Naru finally gives birth!' Keitaro thought, still not noticing the darkening aura surrounding Naru or the fist that was shaking by her side. 'I just hope it goes better then the time when Naru found out she was pregnant with our son!'

When Keitaro heard those two little words, 'I'm pregnant,' coming from Naru, he thought it was going to be the happiest day of his and her life. Happiest after the day she accepted his proposal of marriage of course. However, what he didn't expect was Naru's tears when she told him, for they were not tears of joy. When he tried to press the issue, her response sill reverberated through his mind.

'YOU BASTARD!' Keitaro winced as he remembered Naru's deafening cry before his painful trip via the Naru express.

"KEITARO!" Naru yelled, snapping Keitaro back to realty.

Keitaro blinked out of his daydream and turned to his wife. "Eek!" He stepped back after seeing the fire burning in her eyes.

It was true that the pregnancy was an unplanned one. Both Keitaro and Naru had done it many times before, even enough times where Keitaro wasn't even harmed! However, when the test results came back positive, it was still a complete shock to the both of them. When it happened, all of their previous plans shattered in front of them. Though Keitaro couldn't care less about continuing his dream of being a famous archeologist, especially given the fact that, for all intent and purpose, he was one, the same can't be said for Naru.

"You're doing it again aren't you?" Naru said in a low threatening voice. "It better not be something perverted…"

"You know it isn't!" Keitaro weakly defended as he took a few more steps back. "You know I was just thinking about our future baby here!" Keitaro said, ending it with a nervous laugh.

Naru's anger started to subside after hearing that. In her mind, she always knew it was true. Though deep down in her heart, there was still a nagging voice that refused to go away ever since she met Keitaro. It was a voice that for all intent and purpose should've been slain by now. Naru took a deep breath, and looked down at her belly. "Yeah. I can't believe it is really happening."

Naru took it hard for the first few months of the pregnancy. All her dreams of being a teacher in a school setting was, for the most part, shattered. While she kept telling herself that this doesn't stop that dream, only delays it, it still was a big blow to her. She wasn't even contemplating being a mother for the immediate future when she found out. Keitaro also felt guilty since, he too, wasn't planning on this. He also blamed himself for not wearing protection for that one night. The one night that would forever change their lives in more ways then one.

Keitaro sighed in relief. "So, um, Naru, what do you want?"

Naru turned to the meat aisle and picked up a few packages. "Is it safe for me to eat this?"

"Um…" Keitaro scratched the back of his head. While it was a little unusual for Naru to be asking his opinion on something as mundane as this, given that she was now eating for the health of two, things like this was important. "The doctor said that it should be fine as long as the meat is thoroughly cooked!"

"Cooked like well done cook?" Naru asked.

"Well to be safe I guess." Keitaro replied. "I mean, you should've known it for the past seven months…"

Naru's eyes shot towards Keitaro. "You're telling me I have a bad memory?"

"Eek! Um…no! Not at all!" Keitaro tried to wave her off. "I'm just um…yeah! It's safe! It's safe!"

Naru again took another deep breath in order to calm her nerves. "Okay, I'll get a few for tonight."

"Phew." Keitaro sighed in relief, again. While most days are not this bad, as Naru's due date was quickly approaching, the stress and the anticipation were definitely building up. Naru, for the most part, was on pins and needles.

After a few months, Naru finally came to terms with what fate had granted her. She was even slightly excited at the prospects of bringing a little bundle of joy into this world. It was also much to the relief of Keitaro to see this change in her. Still, it was hard to forget the old fears and desires that she once had, and to some extent, still had. Because of this, Keitaro reminded her, day after day after day, that he would be by her side, always.

Keitaro then checked his watch. It was almost time for his class to start. "Looks like we should get back home soon! My class is going to start in about an hour or so." Keitaro took a few steps back towards the exit. What he didn't know was that the female store clerk was standing right behind him.

"Are you two finding everything alright?" The store clerk, with her eyes closed, cheerfully spoke.

Keitaro's eyes widened. He tried to stop in mid track since he knew what would happen next. Unfortunately, the linoleum floor was just a bit too slippery and his left foot lost its footing, causing Keitaro to crash into the store clerk.

The end result was obvious.

"Oof!" The store clerk was stunned as she found herself tumble backwards due to a certain mass known as Keitaro. She was too stunned to notice their questionable position. She was also too stunned to realize where Keitaro's hands were currently resting on.

Resting on her not so small bosom.

Unfortunately for Keitaro, while the store clerk wasn't aware of where his hands were, the same can't be said for Naru whose face was, at first shock, then full of rage.

Keitaro looked back and spat off a weak apology. "Naru! It was an accident!"

Naru gritted her teeth. Her fist wound up behind her. "PERVERT!"

The next thing Keitaro knew was a familiar feeling of air passing by. As well as seeing the clouds surround him. Something he pretty much expected. He wasn't looking forward to it, after all, he isn't a masochist despite all the rumors, but, after what happened, he knew it was coming.

Back on the ground, Naru was panting really hard.

The stunned store clerk recovered from her shock, stood up and dusted herself off. While she couldn't completely blame the woman from acting the way she did, at the same time though, she knew that it was an accident. "Ma'am, um, I'm sorry but…just so you know, I'm sure he didn't mean it."

Naru slowly drops her shaking hand. After a moment of going back from the hole in the roof, to the store clerk, and back to the hole in the roof, Naru took a deep breath to calm her nerves, before she finally responded to the store clerk. "I…I know." Naru stuttered out, a little unsure of herself. "I…I guess old habits die hard." She looked at her hand and thought about all the times she sent Keitaro into LEO.

At the same time, Keitaro was thinking the same thing. 'She hasn't done this in a while! At least, not in the last…um…three months!' Once Naru began to accept her feelings for Keitaro that she had kept hidden for a long time, she did try to be, at the very least, less violent towards him. Even give him time to explain what he was doing at a given situation. At least before she found out she was pregnant. 'But all that changed. However, that's only because of the mood swings! A symptom of the pregnancy!' This was something Keitaro kept telling himself. 'I'm sure once our child is born, things will go back to the way it was! At least, the way things were when we both expressed our love!'

Back on the ground, Naru took another deep breath. "I guess I should get him and apol…" Suddenly, the hairs on the back of her neck started to stand up. She whipped her head back. Her heart was slightly racing as she scanned one end of the aisle to the other. She could've sworn that a shadow moved out behind one of the aisles.

"Are you okay ma'am?" The store clerk asked as she noticed Naru's alarmed appearance.

"Huh?" Naru swung her head back to the store clerk. She then took one quick peek behind her before she turned her full attention to the store clerk. "Um, yeah, I'm fine." Naru quickly replied. "I'm just...well, tired I guess. Hehehe!" Naru gave a nervous laugh. "Oh, um, I guess I should pay for all this."

The woman looked at her unsure, but decided to let that feeling pass. "Yeah. I guess you should get plenty of rest! After all, it is not just you that you should be concerned about!" She quickly rang up Naru's groceries.

After Naru paid for all the groceries and left, she still couldn't get rid of the sneaking suspicion that she was being watched.


Streets of Tokyo

"I'm sorry…" Naru weakly apologizes. "It's just, with the baby coming in a few months and…"

"It's okay!" Keitaro wrapped a comforting arm around her. "I understand. I mean, in just a few short months, both of our lives will change when the new arrival comes!"

Naru smiled. "It's not just that. It's also…" She looked down, slightly embarrassed. "I'm…you know…um…"

Keitaro caught on with what Naru was trying to say. "Naru, I still believe that you're the most beautiful woman in the world!"

Naru smiled at Keitaro. She greatly appreciated the little compliments from him.

Though old habits die hard…

"I'm sure once our son has arrived, you'd lose all of that weight!" Keitaro smiled innocently.

Naru narrowed her eyes. "Are you telling me I'm fat?"

Keitaro's eyes widened. "No! That's not what I…"

POW! Keitaro has been taken on another trip via the Naru express.

Naru watched Keitaro's disappearing figure in the sky. "Oops." Yes, old habits do die hard.

Suddenly, Naru saw movement behind an alleyway. "Huh?" Or at least, she thought she saw movement. She quickly ran up to the alleyway to see who was there. Once she was there, the only thing she saw was darkness. "Maybe it was just a homeless man. Or a cat." Naru took a deep sigh. "I must really need to take that nap." A sharp pain ran down her spin. "Ugh…and rest my aching back!" Naru started to walk back towards her and Keitaro's apartment.

Once she was out of range, a certain raven-haired woman walked out of the shadows of the alleyway. She gave a quick glance to the departed woman. Her eyes were cold and uncaring. On her shoulder was a black cat with massive ears. It softly meowed at the scene.


Keitaro and Naru's Apartment

Naru was the first to enter their modest apartment. A slightly bruised Keitaro followed soon afterwards. Though Keitaro, and in turn, Naru, still owned the Hinata Sou, and are actually making a nice steady profit off of it, they both decided that they should live somewhere far away from there. They both determined that, in order for their son not to be Keitaro II, he would grow up in an environment safe from any potentially embarrassing or perverted encounters. Which was something that an all girls dormitory would not provide.

At the moment, Keitaro was putting away the groceries. "Um, is there anything I can get for you Naru?"

Naru plopped herself on the couch to rest her aching back. "No, no thank you. I think I'm fine." Suddenly, something popped in her head. "On second thought, how about a glass of lemonade?"

"Sure my love!" Keitaro took out a pitcher of lemonade, filled it up, and gave it to Naru. "Is there anything else?"

Naru was about to say something when Keitaro quickly looked at his watch.

"Oh no! Class is about to begin…um…" He looked back at Naru. "Well, if it is important, I can stay here you know. Sure they won't be happy with it but…"

"No!" Naru waved her arms around. "It's okay! I'm fine! I can handle myself! Um…" She then calmed down as her back started to act up again. "I'll be fine Keitaro! You really need that paycheck you know. We…" Naru looked at her belly. "Both need this too."

Though he was still a little worried, Keitaro smiled. "Okay! Well, I'll be back in a few hours!"

"Thank you!" Naru smiled at him. "Oh, and I'll have dinner ready once you get home!"

Keitaro looked at her. His eyes still full of concern. "Naru, you don't have to! We can eat at the Tea Shop! I'm sure Shinobu wouldn't mind…"

Naru narrowed her eyes. "Are you saying that there is something wrong with my cooking?"

Kietaro waved his hands in front of him. "No, no! I…I just don't want to see you overexert yourself. Especially for me."

Naru smiled. 'I truly am the luckiest woman on earth!' "It's okay Keitaro, I love cooking! At least, after Shinobu taught me how to cook… Besides, it's not that hard on me! Really!" She then turned back to him. "Now go to work already Keitaro! Your class is waiting!"

"Okay! If you insist…" Keitaro headed towards the door. "If you need anything, don't hesitate to call me! I mean sure, I tell my students to turn off their cell phones during class, but since I'm the professor…"

"Just go already will ya!" Naru yelled as Keitaro was starting to annoy her with his delaying tactics.

"OKAY!" Keitaro said in a slightly scared voice. "Bye!" He quickly ran out and slammed the door behind him. The door then suddenly reopened a short moment later. "I'll see ya tonight! Remember I love you!" He then slammed the door shut again.

"I love you too Keitaro." Naru said as she rested back on the couch.

Once the silence descended throughout the room, Naru took a deep sigh of relief. "Now, I can just sit here and relax!" She took a big sip from her lemonade.

A creek sounded behind her.

Naru shot her head back to the sound. "Hello?" Naru gulped. Was someone else inside? Was Keitaro still here, playing a trick? No, it can't be him, she just saw him leave. Not to mention the fact that, given that scaring her would warrant a Naru punch, it wasn't something he would do. Maybe it was Kaolla Su? Possibly, but why would she be here? True, she was a college student now, and not the spunky child she remembered, but she was still, well, psycho. "Su? If that is you, it is not a good time to play games Su! Come back in two months and you would have someone new to play with!"

There was no answer.

Naru gulped. "Maybe it was just my imagination!" However, her fear was quickly taking over. This was the same feeling that she was getting for a while. Not just in the grocery store, but also for the last few months, she had the feeling that she was being watched, being followed. She felt it at the train store, when she went clothes shopping, when she went shopping for baby supplies, and now, she was getting it in her very own home. At first, she just thought it was her hormones doing a number on her. But as the days went by, she wasn't so sure about that. Naru slowly made her way to the kitchen. She slowly rounded the dining table in the small modest kitchen. She took a few steps back towards the counter. Never taking her eyes off the doorway. She felt her way across the cool tile surface towards the knife holder that was resting on the counter. She felt one of the wooden handles and slowly took it out. Once the knife was fully out of its holder, she quickly swung it around, from doorway to doorway. Her ears were perked up waiting, waiting for any sound that might be approaching her.

Still nothing.

"Whoever you are, this isn't funny!" Naru said out load.

Still nothing.

She slowly stepped back towards the other doorway. She gripped the knife handle as hard as she can. She took one step back, then another, then another.

Suddenly, a massive arm surrounded her body. Before she could scream, a massive gloved hand covered her mouth.

Naru's eyes were wide with fear as she felt a man's breath tickling her right ear.

"Now you'd be a good girl and come with me, yes?" The man harshly whispered in her ear.

-------End of Chapter 1

Let me repeat, this story will be dark! As for pairings, well, there really isn't one. Okay, Naru/Keitaro obviously! BUT, that's before this story takes an EXTREMELY dark turn. Since I don't want to give the impression that this is some sort of fucked up romance fic, I'm not going to be mentioning any pairings to look for.

Second, as you can probably guess, we have Kanako here. What does she have to do with this? You'll find out next chapter! Oh, and possible OOCness that you can't tell yet given that I barely included her? Yeah, at least, post-Volume 14 OOCness, but I hope to explain it in the upcoming chapters.

As for other OOCness, I'm sure there will be some since, well, I'll always leave room for that possibility since I am not perfect! For example, Naru in this chapter is pretty much OOC since, after all, she's more 'forgiving' to Keitaro now right? Then again, she is pregnant, and I heard that pregnant woman do have mood swings…not that I would know anything about it but umm…yeah…

As for the story itself, for the most part, I have this story completely thought out. Something I can barely say about my other stories. The only thing missing are the minor details that I can only get from the mangas (for example, all of Motoko's attacks for one thing. The one detail I just read in Volume 14, Motoko not inheriting her school since, well, Japan declared it a national landmark). While for the most part, they won't change the overall story, things like Motoko not inheriting the school IS still pretty big difference. Especially in terms of accuracy if this story is really set after the mangas.

Oh yeah, and if you note, I said that this is my first Love Hina story, but I didn't say that it will be my only story. Why? Well, I do have another one planned already! It will be a Tsuruko/Keitaro fic, with a twist. All Tsuruko/Keitaro stories here had it where Tsuruko's husband is dead. But what if, he wasn't dead? Add to that, she already had her first child (most likely, son). Difficult? Yes. Especially given who Tsuruko is and, we all know, she would NEVER do something to jeopardize her relationship. But my concept goes along the idea that no one is perfect. And the consequences here will be quite big. This story, though, unlike this one that is set after the mangas, probably won't see the light of day after a while (still need to get most/all of them before this one becomes a reality).

Oh, and while this story has been proofread, chances are, there will still be some grammar mistakes. In fact, I just did my second proofread, and I STILL found mistakes! I am open to a beta reader if any of you are interested!

Next Chapter…Keitaro arrives home only to discover… Until then, later!