Chapter 1

The sun slowly crested over an unassuming mountain range, virtually untouched by man. Within one of these peaks was hidden a secret base of operations, built into a hollowed-out section. Two lone figures occupied it, both lost within their own endeavors.

The pale woman sat slouched in her comfy armchair, filing the talons on her gloves as a blue-skinned man in a blue lab coat tinkered away at an archway. The cavernous mountain lair was mostly taken up with computer terminals and cluttered lab benches. The man was making the final connections of wires and cables running from a control station by the main view screen, the rocky ceiling obscured in darkness. Standing up with a broad grin, he closed the panel. "Ah, after working all night, it's finally complete."

"The plan's stupid and won't work," she called out, not even looking up.

"But I haven't even told you my plan yet," he whined.

"Just saving us both time, Dr. D. Besides, I know it's a dimensional gate since you had me steal the Pandimensional Vortex Inducer yesterday."

"You just don't like me to have the joy of explaining," Dr. Drakken harrumphed.

"No, I just hate the sound of your voice."

"Words hurt, Shego."

"So does my fist," she growled.

"Hmm, yes. So," he continued, causing Shego to groan. "I will use this dimensional gateway to send Kim Possible to a random destination where she will never find her way back from."

"And how are you going to get the princess here, much less through that thing?"

"Easy. I put an ad out that your birthday present is the elimination of Kim Possible," he beamed proudly.

Shego glared at him. "My birthday was two months ago."

"Oh," the man said, crestfallen. "Well, happy twenty-eighth birthday."

"I'm twenty-four, you idiot," she yelled, igniting a fist with green plasma.


Two figures slowly made their way through one of the large ventilation shafts built throughout the mountain. "I don't get why we came, KP. We know it's a trap," said the young boy.

"Dr. Drakken wants to get rid of me. Better to stop him now than to wait for him to bring it to me," Kim answered.

"At least I don't have to feel bad about Shego's gift being a couple months late."

"I can't believe you got her something. She's the enemy, Ron."

"We see her all the time, and the enemy are people, too. It never hurts to be friendly. Right, Rufus?"

"Friendly," a small voice squeaked from his pocket.

"Maybe, but this is Shego. What'd you get her?"

Ron laughed nervously. "I kinda forgot. It was months ago." Kim sighed, shaking her head.

They stepped out onto a high walkway overlooking the lair. Sticking to the shadows, the two teens listened to Drakken's plan, then watched as he cowered before an angry Shego. "Ow. Never guess a lady's age," Kim whispered.

"Guess we've got to get the inducer thing back, too," Ron replied.

"That's the plan, then. I'll get Shego, you grab the inducer, and Rufus will shut down the gateway."

"But it's not on yet." The blond boy looked down to see Shego enter a series of numbers and flip the power switch on a console. "Never mind. Try not to let Shego throw you through."

Kim waved off his concern. "So not the drama. Just give me a few minutes to draw her attention. Hopefully, we can make it to cheer practice."

The young hero anchored her grappling hook into the ceiling and swing down to loop come in from the side. Kicking Drakken into the angry woman, the redhead landed gracefully a few feet from her entangled enemies. "What's wrong, Shego? Mad he forgot your birthday? Or reminded you about how old you look?"

Shego jumped up, throwing the man off her. "Not all of us need a desperate lapdog to make us feel better."

"Ron? He just likes making people happy," Kim replied while dodging flaming attacks. "He tried to get you a gift a couple months ago, but it wasn't ready until recently. Should arrive any day now."

The raven-haired beauty extinguished the energy around her hands and scratched the back of her head. "Stoppable got me something?" she mused. "And he remembered my birthday. That was nice of him."

"Don't worry. I'll make sure you get it in prison," Kim said, kicking Shego down in front of the portal.

Ron, seeing his moment, anchored his grappling hook to a support brace running along the ceiling. When he approached the bottom of his swing, Rufus jumped off to run to the control console by the computers; and he kicked his feet for more momentum. The added strain broke the metal beam, causing the young boy to fly over the archway until gravity brought him down. His cry for his friend cut off as he swung through the gateway, retracting the line to save himself.

Concerned for her friend, Kim turned to try to get to him. Shego had risen to her feet and prepared to blast her foe while the hero's back was turned. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the beam swinging towards her. Unable to move out of the way in time, she was sent flying backwards through the shimmering portal, her blast discharging into the control system for the device. With a shower of sparks, the rift winked out of existence, leaving the arch clear again.

"Drakken," Kim called, looking at him through the now inert arch. "Where did you send them?"

Dr. Drakken stared slack jawed at where their sidekicks had disappeared. "I don't know. Shego entered the destination."
She picked up the worried naked mole rat that ran up to her and put him in her pocket. "Then pull it up. I'm sure we can get this thing running again."

"I, uh, didn't want anyone to be able to find you. The control unit doesn't log entries, and it got destroyed."

Kim looked at the empty archway with horror. "Do you know what I'm going to do to you if we don't get them back alive?" Kim asked quietly.

"Um, no. What?" he asked nervously.

She glared at him coldly. "Keep thinking about it, because it'll be worse the longer it takes."


I'm making this my long term project. I intend for it to be quite long, and I have pretty much the entire story planned out. Only a few details to iron out, but I intend to have healthy spaces between each update. This will allow me to make sure I have everything woven like I want and paced right. Thanks go out to my boardmates for helping me to make my writing better for this story. The rating is for some things I have planned for future chapters.