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Sakura woke with a start, body crying out indignantly from what felt like a thousand bruises.

Scattered around the campfire were her two comrades and one not-so-welcome shinobi. Kakashi, Gaara and Itachi respectively. Their bodies were unmoving, splotches and pools of red were on as well as around their bodies.

Oh my god, Sakura thought to herself, horrified, they're…


If it was just Itachi, then Sakura would've been totally fine with it. I mean, come on. Besides Sasuke and the Akatsuki, who would really notice? With Gaara… eh… maybe 60-40 or even 50-50. You know, Sakura could go either way. Yeah, he had changed and helped them and stuff, but it's not like she was CLOSE to the guy.

But Kakashi…

Sakura rushed to his side, eyes wide with disbelief.

"Ka…" She started to say his name, but found her voice couldn't finish uttering the rest.

There was blood all over his mask. One hand clutched his stomach. There was so much blood on it, the hand was actually stained red.

"No…" Sakura looked around in a daze, her eyes falling to the bodies of the two others in their group.

"I… think I'm gonna be sick…" Sakura said to herself under her breathe, one hand coming up to cover her mouth.

Suddenly, there was a hand clamped over her wrist. Sakura froze.

There was a cold.






Oh… my… God… Inner Sakura shivered from head to toe, …a corpse… is… touching me.

Sakura didn't dare look down. Her breathe was lodged in her throat as if it was too afraid to leave the safety of her lungs.

Oh my god, Inner Sakura began to panic and shouted in a shrill voice, Kill it kill it kill it kill it!

"If you're gonna be sick… please turn in another direction. Preferrably Itachi's." Groaned the voice of Kakashi Hitake on the ground before her, his cold hand releasing her wrist.

Sakura's heart just about stopped.

"I heard that." Growled Itachi, uncovering his face with the arm that had previously been draped over it. One eye was open while the other was caked in blood. He held something in his hand.

It was round and-

Oh my. GOD. Inner Sakura blared, THAT's HIS EYE!

Sakura visibly paled about ten shades lighter.

Gaara was the last to rise, groaning like he had just risen from the dead. Sakura watched as he stared at his hands, fascinated almost. Like Kakashi's and Itachi's, it too was drenched in blood.

Blinking, Gaara brought his hand closer to his face.

Then he licked it.

Sakura blanched.

She had thought that would be as much as she could take. But there was one more thing that had to happen. It was Gaara taking Itachi's eye from a stunned missing nin's palm, staring at it, then popping it in his mouth.

The same moment his teeth chomped on the small globule, juices flowing down the sides of his chin, Sakura made a gagging sound.

Before promptly falling over.

And fainting.

All three shinobi looked at the now unconscious kunoichi. Then they all exchanged glances between them. Which then led to them all staring pointedly at Gaara.

Blinking innocently in confusion, the Kazekage asked, "Did I do something wrong?"


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