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Unleashing Valor

By: Tellemicus Sundance

The Beginning

July 1

Even though the school year had ended two months ago, the gymnasium doors were wide open. The busy activity in the gymnasium was because of it being almost overcrowded. The students worked with a suppressed zeal at what they were making. Tonight was a special summer dance, courtesy of Principal Delmas.

It was no secret that this dance was his gift to his daughter, Sissi.

The gymnasium was littered with blue and white balloons. Strips of blue and white confetti paper were being draped over anything that was fastened down. In the center of the gym the tall, dark-haired girl who the students had to thank for this special occasion was supervising the setup of a fountain.

"Don't worry, Sissi," Herb said. "Everything's going to be perfect."

Snorting, she glared at him. "Who asked you?"

Before he could answer, Sissi turned her back to him and walked away. Though he knew that he should've been used to this from her, it hurt Herb at how cold she could be to him. Deep down in his heart, he wanted to ask her to the dance. But his considerable intelligence informed him that she'd not only turn him down but also kick him when he was down. Hanging his head, Herb returned to setting up the decorations.

Yumi was in her room but it was barely recognizable. This was due to the mountains of clothing that she'd thrown about it in an attempt to find something to wear tonight. Like the students in the gymnasium, she was filled with a barely suppressed energy.

Pausing in her frantic search, she sat down on her bed. In her mind played scenes of how she hoped that the actual dance would turn out. She pictured herself dancing along with Jeremy and Aelita, whom she knew her blonde friend was currently teaching to dance, and with Odd and Ulrich. Especially with Ulrich.

She watched as Ulrich walked up to her and asked her to dance when a slow song came on. Then she watched as he slid his hand around her waist and took her hand. She imagined how his fingers would feel if they were laced between hers.

Smiling sheepishly, Yumi felt a fierce blush burning her face. If the morning sunlight hadn't been shining into her room, her embarrassed gaze at her wall would've had the same effect. Then she realized that she still didn't have anything worth wearing to the dance!

Jeremy and Aelita stood in a secludedclearing in the park. There was a small stereo nearby playing a love song. Taking her slowly through the steps of dancing, Jeremy couldn't hide the blush that was lighting up his face as well.

Aelita was a very fast learner and he quickly found himself just dancing with her for the sheer joy of having her in his arms. She clung as closely to him as she could, enjoying the sensations of touch and smell. Dancing came to her almost as naturally as scanning a computer code for errors.

The rising sun was casting bright reflections throughout the factory through its broken and remaining windows. But what was blossoming inside it was far brighter than anything in the natural world.

Odd was singing in the bathroom. A stereo was playing loudly over the spraying water that dampening his body. Scrubbing his hair vigorously, he attempted to eradicate any dirt or grit that may have settled into it. A loud pounding on the door brought him back to reality.

"Yeah?" he called over the song. "What do you want?"

"Are you gonna get out of there anytime soon?" Ulrich's voice called in loudly. "You'll miss the dance at this rate!"

"Hold on, speedy," Odd shot back with a grin. "I'm washing my hair."

"Again?" Ulrich couldn't believe this. "That'll be what? The fourth time in less than an hour? LET ME IN!"

Smirking, Odd cried out. "You can't expect someone as gorgeous as me to rush things, can you? I'll get out when I'm good and ready!"

"I hate you," Ulrich growled as he left the door.

Sighing, he sat back down on his bed. His eyes wondered the room aimlessly until they came to rest to on his cell phone.

Should he call her? Should he ask her? He wanted to, he really did want to. But he was scared that she might not want to. That was probably the only thing that was holding him back, fear of rejection. Only days later would he realize how different his life would be if he'd have mustered the courage to call.

But, instead, he decided to go shopping. The day was still quite young after all. Maybe he should get her a gift? Just to be a friend, he thought. When was the last time I did that for her?

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