Death By Tea Mug Part 10

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Sam, sitting on the bed, took a deep breath.

Please work… Please, please work…

Outside, Teal'c was making an announcement.

"I regret to inform you that while I am most pleased you are enjoying yourselves, I am quite certain many of you have briefings and such early tomorrow morning. I believe it most prudent for you all to adjourn to your homes."

General Hammond stepped in to help

"He's right people. I better not see you dragging yourself late into work!"

With much grumbling and grousing, people started to gather themselves and head out.

Jack still stood, staring at The Door, oblivious to the din of goodbyes. He knew he should run outside and ask for help with whatever demon had taken over their comrade. Their comrade with whip cream and chocolate… and he could have sworn he'd seen Blue Jello powder?

Hmm… help with demon…

Blue jello powder…

He crossed the threshold.

Her back was to him so he didn't see the intense look of relief that washed over her face before she turned to face him.

She grinned.

He gulped.

The lights were off, but the curtains were drawn just enough to let the soft moonlight light her up from behind like an angel of the night.

He gulped again.

She reached out and gently took his hand, walking backwards to lead him to the edge of the big guest bed. With her other hand she put something in her mouth, then leaned forward and kissed him. Chocolate and Sam melded together into a mind melting sensation.

Wait a second… DEMON! She's a mad alien trying to take over his senses, control him, then take over the world! He groaned and pushed her away.


"Look at this."

Suddenly some papers were thrust into his face, and he was pushed right out the door, back into the hallway. Whaaat!? He blinked as the taste of her started fading, and the sudden light of the hallway became less intense. He looked at the paper in his hands. It took a minute for him to recognize the presidential letterhead...

Words like "Special circumstance" "Deserves it" and "permission" popped out at him, but his brain was too fogged to get what was going on, until he got to a special note at the bottom.

Jack – She's not an alien. You have a lot of time to make up for – get to it!

It was signed Henry Hayes.

Jack frowned, then read the note again – Get to it!? Was HE the one infested by aliens? The President had ordered him to "Get to it"!?!?!?

He almost leaped out of his skin when he felt a hand clap him on the shoulder. He whirled around to see Hammond with a full ear to ear grin on his face.

"Stop wasting time, son."

And for the second time in as many minutes he was pushed through the door of Teal'c's guest bedroom. He was beginning to think he was being played. Once his eyes again adjusted to the light change, he could see Sam sitting on the edge of the bed, hands clasped. This time she didn't jump on him, or start grinning, or cackling, or anything like that. She just looked at him, waiting for him to speak. He finally did…

"When did this all happen?"

"In the last few weeks."

"You've been planning this for weeks?"

"It started when I realized you were getting off on me drinking tea."

He pondered.

"You knew what you were doing the whole time?"

This time she did grin again.

"The whole time."

"Why didn't you just tell me? Why go through all this… wind up?"

She raised her eyebrow.

"What would have been the fun in that? Oh, hey Jack, we finally got permission to fulfill our dreams, sex me now? No, I'm sorry Sir, you are just way too fun with mess with."

Jack's initial reaction was to be offended, but then he realized Sam Carter had just said "Sex me now" and his mind started playing back all the devilish things she'd done to him in the past few weeks. Blood rushed from his head to other places, and his breath caught.

She grinned and picked up a can of whipping cream, handing it to him.

"I guess its time for your revenge."

The End

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