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A double-drabblewritten for Arandil's birthday.

An Evening At Home

Fëanor walked into the room where his wife sat waiting for him. "Is Carnistir asleep?" asked Nerdanel.

"He is," said Fëanor, "but I had to read the whole book to him before he would settle."

"Atarinkë and Tyelkormo are staying with my parents," said Nerdanel, "Makalaurë and his wife have gone home, and Maitimo is visiting Findekáno."

"Then we will not be interrupted," said Fëanor.

"My thoughts precisely," said Nerdanel, "we could have a romantic evening in the garden in the starlight."

"What a delightful idea, my love," said Fëanor, "it is time that we started thinking of a younger brother or sister for Carnistir."

"I fear that we are too late to think about it," said Nerdanel, "Carnistir's little brother or sister will be with us in eleven months."

A delighted smile lit Fëanor's face, and he bent down to kiss his wife. "I shall call him Telufinwë," he said, "for with six children our family will be complete."

"And if the child is a girl, what will you call her?" asked Nerdanel.

"Míriel," replied Fëanor. He did not see the look of concern that crossed Nerdanel's features.

"I am almost certain it will be a boy," she said.