Double-drabble about why Tuor really sailed west.

The Grapes of Gondolin

"Tuor you will not go back to Gondolin to fetch my father's wine." Idril grabbed her husband's arm to stop him running down the road from the Cristhorn to the burning city of Gondolin far behind them. "I do not care that the year 108 was the best vintage ever, it is too dangerous. Those are my final words upon this subject." Idril released Tuor and returned to comforting little Eärendil, who was upset by the orcs attacking the rearguard.

While she was distracted Tuor found Glorfindel and explained the situation to him. As he expected, Glorfindel was far more sympathetic to his cause than Idril had been, particularly when he threatened to tell his wife that Glorfindel and Ecthelion were the ones responsible for letting Eärendil fall into King Turgon's pond during his fifth birthday party.

Tuor watched, horrified, as Glorfindel fought the Balrog on the path behind the party of refugees and saw the monster pull Glorfindel off the cliff by his hair as it fell to its death. Idril would never forgive him she found out. He immediately resolved to sail to Valinor and get to Glorfindel first, as soon as he was released from Mandos's Halls.