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Operation: H.E.I.N.R.I.C.H.




Numbuh 5,



Cave (of)


Chapter 5: Trouble

"NUMBUH 2!" Numbuh 1 grabbed Numbuh 2 and pulled him away from the bears. He noticed the bears didn't follow him, but they kept staring at him.
The two operatives hide behind a few bushes and Numbuh 1 asked: "Numbuh 2, are you alright?"
But Numbuh 2 didn't reply. He was unconcious.
"Great. He fainted because of his fear," Numbuh 1 whispered. Suddenly he heard something roaring. He turned around. The bears were back. And this time they didn't look like they would let Numbuh 1 go.


She ran to the hole. It was a pretty big one. You couldn't see anything, but the dark. "No. Numbuh 4." she whispered. "That's it! First, he kidnappes one of my friends! Then, he attacks us with his robots and bats! But, if that isn't bad enough, he also takes another friend from me! And, my HAT!" She was really angry. "Oh, he's gonna get it!" She jumped over the hole and went deeper into the cave.

Numbuh 4 was falling down into the dark. Suddenly, he fell on something hard. It was a rock...looking out of the water! "Oh, crud! I can't swim!" he said. It was a little lighter in here, so he could see everywhere around. Well, the only thing he saw was water around him. Luckilly, he fell on the rock, and not in the water. But, how is he gonna get away from here?

Numbuh 1 ran away from the bears, leaving Numbuh 2 alone. The bears ran after him. He hid in a big bush. The bears didn't see that, so they ran away. Numbuh 1 went out of the bushes after a few seconds. He looked around to see which way did he come from. He couldn't remember, because he was too buissy thinking about the bears.

Meanwhile, Numbuh 2 woke up. He looked around him and asked:"Numbuh 1?" There was no answer, so he asked again:"Numbuh 1, are you here?" No one responded. Oh no! The beares must've ate him. They probably left me here, as a dessert, he thought.


Numbuh 5 knew it was getting darker and darker in the cave. But she was angry. And that made her brave. And that's why she kept running, ready to save her friends and beat Heinrich's butt. Once and for all. This had to end somewhere. And that moment was now. She had enough of Heinrich and his stupid come-backs. She wished he left her friends alone, and only wanted to destroy her. Because she didn't wanna bring her friends in danger. They were the best thing she ever had. And she didn't wanna lose them.
While Numbuh 5 thought this she felt a few tears falling down her cheek.

Numbuh 4 was still sitting on the rock. He didn't know of a way to get out of here. He looked around him. But the only things he saw was water, water and water. "Crud," he mumbled. Suddenly he saw something in the water. It was big. It was long. And it deffinetaly wasn't going to help.

"Numbuh 2! Where are you?" Numbuh 1 whispered, because he didn't want the bears to come back. "Numbuh 2! Are you awake? It's Numbuh 1!" Suddenly he saw somebody in the distance. He couldn't see who it was because of the many trees. But he decided to ran to it. "Numbuh 2, is that you?" He could see who it was now. He gasped. It wasn't Numbuh 2...

Although Numbuh 2 was scared to death he stood up and started looking for Numbuh 1. "Numbuh 1? W-where are you?" Suddenly he heard someone yelling.
"Numbuh 1! Hold on, I'm coming!" Numbuh 2 suddenly felt brave again and started running. He had to save his friend.


Suddenly, Numbuh 5 saw a light. She stepped right into it. She was standing in a cave, full of gorgeous diamonds, different colors. They were glowing, and that's where the light was coming from. Numbuh 5 stopped in the middle of the cave and whispered:"Woooow" Then, she snapped out of it and thought: I can admire these diamonds later. Right now, I've got a little score to settle. I'm gonna make Heinrich pay for all the pain he's caused.
She went even deeper into the caves to make her wish come true. A wish to finnaly destroy Heinrich von Marzipan.


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