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Chapter 11: The Woes of Love

Draco shifted in his seat next to the last stair. He knew Harry was in trouble.

He couldn't explain how he knew. But he did. It scared him, to know such a thing. He sighed, running his hands through his hair for the umpteenth time.

Harry will be fine, he told himself again. He's overcautious. He'll have a look around, realize that nothing's here, and come back. Just fine. In one piece. He was finding it harder everytime to convince himself that Harry was indeed coming back at all...

He leaned his head against the wall behind him, looking at the ceiling. He searched for something else to ponder, but his thoughts always returned to Harry.

He loves me, he told himself. He'll come back.

A blush crossed his cheeks. He loves me... How...how much? And shifted to a more comfortable position. Enough to kiss me? ...Come to think about it, he's never kissed me! I've kissed him. But he hasn't kissed me! He chuckled. He'd turn red at the thought of doing anything else. He'd willingly forgotten the one time Harry had. Just before they parted...

He blushed deeper at the thought of "anything else." He gulped, imagining those soft pink lips pressed against his... Those emerald eyes locked on his own silver ones as velvet hands slid under his cloak... Draco closed his eyes, allowing himself to slip into his fantasy.

Harry's smile gracing his angelic face as his hand teased the elastic of the Slytherin's pants. His hand entering and slidding in thin boxers... Fingers blushing against his tip as his lips met Draco's again... A moan escaped his throat. He gulped as Harry bit his bottom lip gently, demanding entrance to his mouth. He took it, exploring his sensitive mouth. He moaned again. Harry's hand slid over his manhood, his thumb massaging the tip gently.

Unknowingly, Draco's hand slipped up his leg. In his fantasy, Harry drew out of his mouth to drag to kiss along his jawline and to his ear, nipping and sucking the lobe. "I love you," mumured that silky voice.

Draco opened his eyes as his own fluids spilled over his hand. He sighed. Damn virginity. Climax came too quick.

He blushed, searching for something to clean up with in the sacks. He unravelled some bread from its towel and cleaned his hand and pants. He sighed, leaning against the wall. He missed Harry again...


Harry panted, leaning against the wall of the second floor corridoor and clutching the stitch in his side. He wiped his brow and gulped. He wished Draco were here... But then, Voldemort did, too.

He straightened and stumbled a little. He leaned against the wall again, dizzy.

I have to keep going, he told himself. I have to keep Draco safe. He gulped and tried to walk again only to find the room spinning.

He stumbled, tripping and falling to the ground. He panted, trying to find the energy to get back up. It wasn't there.

He felt like he lay there for hours until he slipped into unconsciousness.

A snicker from a dark corner. Severus Snape stepped into the moonlight. His master descended the stairs. Snape bowed. The Dark Lord chuckled, nudging Harry's body.

"Very good, Severus," he remarked. Snape's lip curled.

"Thank you, my lord."


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