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Title: Field Commander Max.

Summary: Events transpire that convince Max to sign up as Logan's field commander after all. ML S1 Diverges.

Cast - Original Characters

Ethan Ahern – Informant, long time Eyes Only member.

Daniel Johnson – Informant, long time Eyes Only member. Suspects that Logan is Eyes Only.

Jesse Johnson – Daniel's brother. Occasionally helps with Eyes Only missions with Daniel.

John Feltri – Informant, new Eyes Only helper.

Alison Lozeau – Informant, long time Eyes Only member. Strongly suspects that Logan is Eyes Only, but too respectful to say anything.


Bling and Logan were already deep in conversation when Max entered the apartment. From what she overheard, as she rummaged through the fridge, there were some rumors going around the informant net that Logan is really Eyes Only. Apparently all roads led to Logan.

"No one else that I started this with is left," Logan said sadly.

"Well, unfortunately since I let slip that I pass things to you, you're the only 'inner circle' informant anyone knows about," Bling said.

"So I need to think of something to throw off suspicion. It's not as if I don't trust the informant net, but …" Logan trailed off. There was no need to elaborate, they knew.

"You could have an argument," Bling suggested.

"With myself?" Logan asked incredulously.

"Yeah. We could spread the rumor that, while you never wanted to disagree with Eyes Only before, you are standing up to him on this one …whatever," Bling recommended.

"So, we pick an issue and start a division in the informant net over it?" Logan pointed out the obvious drawback of the plan.

"You could argue about what O.C. and I argue about. That's innocuous enough." Max smiled her eyes alight with amusement.

Logan sighed, and took the obvious bait. "What do you and O.C. argue about?"

"Whether or not you're my boyfriend, or as Kendra puts it, 'my sugar daddy'." Max looked directly at Logan, daring him to comment on her suggestion or the apple she took from his fridge.

"That's actually a good idea," Bling said.

"So would I be the 'just friends' or 'boyfriend' side of this argument?" Logan asked in exasperation.

"Which do you want?" teased Max, grinning like a Cheshire cat. She and Logan stared at each other for a few moments, much to Bling's amusement, Logan's frustrated glare nearly the exact opposite of Max's gleeful expression.

Eventually Bling took pity on his employer. "You realize that you're going to have to do both sides of the argument, don't you, Logan?"

"I was wondering how long it would take for him to figure that out!" Max pouted.

"Okay, fine. You're right. It's perfect. Innocuous and meaningless, but memorable, sensational, and gossipy. The perfect red herring. Thanks, Max." Logan thought for a moment. "You and O.C. argue about this?"

"Not so much any more, but, with the amount of time I spend with you or on errands for you. They assume things." Max shrugged and took a bit of her purloined apple. After the two men just stared at her while she finished the bite, "It's not like I can tell them 'I have to go help save the world! It's an Eyes Only thing!' What am I supposed to say?"

Logan nodded his head in agreement and turned back to his computer. It was time to start the red-herring ruse.

The Set Up

There was nothing specific to suggest that this meeting was anything out of the ordinary. Bling had a session with another client. Logan didn't want ask Max to accompany him, because he already felt guilty enough for the number of her evenings he had occupied this week. He knew she was getting flak with her friends about her 'sugar daddy'. Ethan Ahern, who helped with the Alina Herrero situation, said that he wasn't busy so Logan went to the meet with him. It was a trap.

Ethan was injured, but escaped. Logan was taken captive. Fortunately the goons didn't think to check Logan for bugs. After the incident with Bronck, Logan had acquired a GPS enabled cell phone. Ethan made it to a payphone and was able to contact Daniel Johnson. They met at the safe house. Ethan didn't know any of the 'higher ups' in the Eyes Only informant net. Daniel canceled bowling night and brought his brother Jesse with him. The only other person Daniel knew, outside of their 'cell' was Bling.

Daniel called Bling. Bling immediately left his PT session and went to Logan's apartment. He was able to obtain the address of where Logan was being held; it was in a very bad neighborhood. Bling called Alison Lozeau and asked her to go check the place out. Alison had worked with Logan way back in the days of the Pacific Free Press. She was careful and resourceful. Bling paged Max, checked his sidearm and then left for the safe house.

To be Continued...