A/N: Suddenly I'm mildly interested in writing a Shannon/Boone biofic about their relationship as kids (touching as little as possible, I hope, on that weird scene between the two of them in Sydney). Only problem is there's not enough canon to draw upon at the moment...well, and I have legions of other projects. So enjoy this little bit of nothing instead.

I never said that I loved you.

I remember everything about you, now. I remember how you took everything so seriously. I remember your intensity. I remember your laugh—a rare gift that surprised me every time it came.

I don't remember when you said you loved me. But I always knew. I knew when we were just kids and you looked after me, even though you pretended you didn't care. I knew every time I had an asthma attack and I couldn't breathe and you'd hold me. I knew even when you looked at me with scorn dark in your eyes and said I wasn't worth anything. I knew because I knew you and you never changed.

I always knew you loved me. That's why it was so easy to hurt you—because every time I said I needed your help, every time I said I needed you, I knew you would come for me. I knew you would always want to rescue me no matter how much it cost you.

So I took your love and I turned it into a weapon against you. Did I truly want to hurt you? I don't know. But now…now that you're gone and there's nothing left…I'd give all the fortune I could have had just to bring you back.

I always knew you loved me.

I don't know if I ever knew how much I loved you. And now it's too late and you'll never know either.

Oh, my brother, I am so sorry…