The Heart Of Gold In The Face Of Ice.

It was mid-July and the Sohma estate was quiet. Things seemed to have quieted down since New Years. A small clicking as the only thing that was heard though out the large estate. The noise was being made from a small female no older then nine. Her light blue hair tied back in a braid her lime green eyes shined in the rising sun light. Her black and blue flip flops clicked on the cobble stone walk way. Her long sleeve blue shirt had a purple snake in the center and black roses crawling up her arm. Her skirt was black and ended at mid-thigh, tight black shorts where under it. She stretched as she walked and looked over in the garden and spotted a wilted flower and looked at it sadly as she placed a hand on it. It sported back up then she heard a voice and turned to see Hatori.

"Aisu! What are you doing outside? You know it's not healthy and Akito wants to see you." Hatori said emotionlessly.

Aisu blinked, "Sorry Hatori..." she said quietly as she looked down at the ground. She blinked as she felt her body being lifted. She nuzzled into his chest slightly as she yawned and relaxed as he carried her. They came to the porch entrance to Aktio's room and Hatori placed the small child down. She walked into the room where Akito awaited her as she sighed slightly slipping off her sandals. She seated herself across from the head of the family and she felt his eyes over looking her fragile form. She watched the figure rise as he walked over to her and placed a gentle hand on her tiny head. She closed her lime greens orbs and sighed slightly. Her tiny body relaxed and she felt slightly calmer as she was pulled into his chest. Her head rested on his shoulder as she held his arm with her tiny weak hands.

A blue light engulfed Akito's body as she weakly coughed and a fever rose. Surprised Akito suddenly felt better as if his illness was removed. She was breathing heavily scaring the head of the family as he held her tighter. He looked over the panting youth and in a second his voice rung down the halls.

"HATORI!" Akito yelled as he looked at the fading young child. The quick pace movement of socks on the wooden halls was heard and soon the sound of a sliding door.

"Akito!" Hatori said rushing over to the head of the family's aid. He looked at Aisu and tensed seeing she had used her powers. She had removed Aktio's illness something everyone in this family had tried to do. She did it yet now it resided in the youth's already weak body. He looked at her sadly and took her from Akito as he cradled her in his hold. He looked toward is master and spoke in a mess of words, "Get dressed and meet me in the hospital house." Hatori said leaving the male shocked.

Hatori rushed down the halls his mind in frits as he entered the familiar surroundings. He laid the child on the hospital bed and grabbed a cold wag and some warmer clothing. He had cared for this child since he erased the memories of her father and mother. He sighed slightly as she rested her fever none ending. The child was the only thing Akito seemed to treasure and never want to loss. She was the thing to thank for his sanity and slightly caring mind set. She had made the change in the family and he hopped she would continue to change this family for the better. Her presence seemed to ease the pain of the other none the less his own. She seemed to help everyone and it seemed she was the one who would break the curse. Hatori was broken from his train of though as the doors opened reveling a puzzled Head of the Family.

"State her condition..." where the only words in which escaped his cold lips. His thin figure enclosed in the choose of clothing he had selected. He walked to her side and sat on her bed placing his cold hand on the child's burning face feeling her nuzzle his hand. He creased her flushed cheek and remained in veil watch over her sick figure. She was coughing weakly in her state of illness.

"She is stable nothing else…" The doctor said as he looked over the youth's charts. Her condition was rapidly changing it couldn't stay the same for to long. She seemed weaker and paler then her normal form conceded of. He sighed as he removed the rag and placed a newer one on her burning forehead. Her young form was panting as she tired to break the fever. Hatori sighed as he reached into his bag grabbing a stronger version of Akito's medication and injected into the youth's arm. Her condition turned in their favor as he sighed seeing it had worsened with the transfer. He sighed once more sitting on his doctor stool and ran his hands through his dark green locks. He was slightly calmer but worried for the young female before him. He slowly glanced up toward Akito and sighed seeing the panicked and scared expression.

"She is giving her life for you Akito-kun and she might die in the process. This illness is two times worse then your state ever reached and it's worsening with every attack she encounters. I suggest you of all people spend a good amount of your free time with her for she is in love with you…" Hatori spoke quietly his eyes closed not able to look at the child's face any longer.

The head of the family nodded his head as he continued to stroke her face; "You can leave Hatori…" he said quietly as he sat in the bed behind the youth and pulled her into his lap. He was healthy so there was no need to worry about contact. "She is like a doll of glass…" he though quietly to himself as he rocked her slightly. Her face was pale her lips a rose red and her blue wavy hair added to the perfection. He smiled ever so slightly, "My little glass doll..." he said quietly resting his head on her sleeping figure.

Hatori smiled as he looked over the two, "Hai Akito-kun..." he said quietly as he rose from his placement in the wooden chair beside the hospital bed. He walked out the wood doors and closed them quietly, "Aya if only you remembered the child you left behind…" He though quietly as he glanced as his hands, "Yet she smiles…" he said quietly as he sighed once more and walked down the hallway.

Silent rung through the Hospital room as the youth awoke and yawn her fragile figure rested against Akito's masculine figure. She looked over her shoulder and smiled weakly, "Morning Akito-kun…" she said quietly her voice groggy as where her eyes. She relaxed weakly into the youth and closed her eyes again her hand on his hand around her tiny waist.

"Morning Ai-chan…" Akito said quietly as his purple orbs glanced at the famine figure of the child recited in his hold. He looked at her feeling her slip out of his arms and place her bare feet on the wooden floor. She fixed her sweater and baggy brown pants. She was so small she seemed almost younger then she was. She navy blue sweater and it covered her pearl white hands causing Akito to chuckle and kneel down folding the sleeves up to her wrist. "Adorable..." he chuckled as he looked over tiny body as she slipped on her black socks.