Hello readers! Sorry it took so long I had been lost in were to go with the story but I have lead now!


It had been a week since Aisu's comatose state was reported, and the house didn't seem as lively. Akito didn't leave his room, Yuki was more depressed then normal, and everyone just seemed…different. Hatori was spending a lot of his time in the hospital wing keep a close eye on the sleeping child. Talking to her pale form for hours about how everyone missed her and how she should wake up soon so they could smile again. Tohru was always calling the house to see if she had woken up yet and sadly every time she did she got the same answer. Even Kyo was visiting the main house to see how Aisu was doing.

The ghost girl was in Akito's room as she sat in front of him and watched him play with a small doll that used to be hers and still was. He was looking at it sadly.

"She meant the world to me as a daughter… My little doll. Perfect always smiling…. Yet she held such pain…" He said quietly as he nuzzled the doll softly. His eye where distant and becoming as he looked at the small doll and then a tiny picture of Aisu smiling as she hugged him. His face was blessed with a smile once more as he relaxed. "My little doll…" He said once more behind Aisu left his room.

He next stop was Momiji's room. She floated in and saw Yuki sitting on Momiji's bed talking to him.

"What happened to miss Aisu before she came here…. I know you know Yuki-kun!" Momiji's childish voice whined as he longed to know about the person Akito held so close.

"Well Miss Aisu was beaten by her father…She was left alone at a young age and placed in an orphanage where the kids picked on her. Akito saw her in the window while him and Hatori where strolling the streets and he asked to talk to her. The rest is history basically. She lived her with us and cured Akito now paying the price for loving such a cold-hearted person…." Yuki said quietly as Momiji nodded his head lightly.

The rest of the month carried on like so. She learned all she could about the Sohma's and wrote is down in her journal at night before everyone woke up. It was finally the day she could wake up. Arith appeared again and stood beside her and smiled.

"Its time." Arith said quietly as she laid Aisu down on her body now cold. Hatori asleep his head on her bed like he had slept for the past month now.

Aisu stirred in her coma like state causing Hatori to wake up as he looked at her with his red eyes from the lack of sleep. He watched as she sat up in the hospital bed her eyes glazed with a wall of white. She knew how to do all the basics but the face beside her was a blur as she mentally began to panic. She didn't remember anything!

"Who are you?" Aisu's voice fear filled will as her green eyes. Her blue hair in a mess as she looked at Hatori in fear.

"I am your doctor and good friend Hatori…Remember…?" Hatori's voice creaking with the pain of knowing she had forgotten everyone and everything. "I am Hatori…. Hatori Sohma one of your many guardians." his voice its normal monotone once more. He knew it would be hard on everyone but they would help her. "I'll be right back. I am going to get someone who would love to see you Aisu." he nodded as he stood up and walked toward Akito's room

Akito was sitting in his room the small doll in his lap as he played with it quietly till there was a knock at his door and he placed the doll in his kimono and looked toward the door.

"Come in Hatori…" Akito said quietly as he laid back on his pillows where Aisu had slept many times in the past.

"Aisu is awake. But she doesn't remember anything…" Hatori said as he opened the door and looked at the head of the family.

Akito stood up and walked past Hatori and walked into his changing room and changed into presentable clothing before walking toward the hospital in a muster of emotions. Inside he was crying blaming himself. On the outside he was cold and angry. He opened the Hospital doors to see Aisu awake in her bed. She was playing with the sheet as she looked over at him.

"Aisu.." Akito said quietly as he walked over and pulled her into his chest. She didn't fight. For some reason she knew this person. He was important to her but she held no feelings of love any longer.

"Why are you so familiar?" Aisu asked quietly her head rested on his shoulder as she relaxed and let him hold her.

"I am Akito. Head of the Sohma family and one of your main guardians." Akito's voice was distant and slightly cold. A tone never before used on this child.

"Oh Okays." Aisu answered slightly uneasily. She looked at him and smiles genially as she felt his hand creasing her face. He wasn't sick so there was no need to worry about contact.