Theme Challenge: Bridge and Syd

From the Ars Amatoria Ranger Romance Themes Challenge

Challenge #1: Friends

A/N: Set before Beginnings Part 1. I'm using the ages that various websites say the rangers are.

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Bridge's POV

Hi! I'm Bridge Carson. I'm 17 years old. I'm a B-Squad cadet at the S.P.D. Academy located on Earth. There are two other cadets on my squad.

First, there's Sky Tate. He's my roommate. Sky is 20 years old. He is kind of the big brother of our little trio. His dad was a red ranger, and Sky's dream is to one day become a red ranger just like his father. Most of the time, Sky is bossing Syd and me around, but when he's not doing that, Sky's bossing other lower ranked cadets around. He comes across as an intimidating, strict, serious, brooding lone wolf. However, I think it's all a fa├žade because I think Sky is nothing but a big softie at heart.

Secondly, there's Sydney Drew. She's the only girl on our squad. Syd is 18 years old. When it comes to Syd, one wonders what she can't do. She has already accomplished so much, and she is only 18 years old. She's a beauty pageant winner, a highly successful model who has graced the covers of several issues of Miro magazines, an Olympian, a singer whose album has gone double platinum, world fencing champion for three consecutive years, and a cadet at S.P.D. Syd comes from a wealthy family, so some people perceive her as nothing more than a rich, spoiled brat, but I see her differently. I see her as a hard working, highly successful, beautiful girl. Whereas I see Sky as a big brother, I don't see Syd as an older sister. I see her as a friend, and maybe someday something more.

The three of us have something else in common aside from all being on B-Squad. We all have superhuman powers. Our powers are both a blessing and a curse. They are a blessing because they are kind of like our secret weapon that can turn the tide of a battle back in our favor. They are a curse because there are those who fear what they do not understand, and call us freaks.

My genetic power is that I have psychic tracking abilities. I can detect evil by picking up on the psychic residue. Along the same lines, I can scan people's auras. A common misconception about my powers is that I can read people's minds. People seem to confuse telepathy with being psychic. While it is true that I can read people's minds, it is only when there is skin to skin contact or when I have my gloves off. That is why I wear gloves all the time, so that I don't get overwhelmed by an Academy full of emotions and thoughts.

Sky's genetic power is that he can create invisible force fields with his mind. He is getting really good at creating on the spot force fields. His power is probably the closest to mine in that he uses his mind to create the force fields. Sky's force fields seem to only serve as a defensive implement, but I wouldn't be surprised if Sky found a way to turn it into a part of his offensive arsenal.

Syd's genetic power is that she can transform her hand into any element she touches. I don't mean element in the sense of those things that appear on the periodic table, but rather the material that things are made up of. For example, if Syd were to touch iron, she would be able to transform her hand into a fist of iron. She seems to like that one the best out of everything she can transform her hand into. Believe me when I tell you that her fist of iron can pack quite a wallop.

There are four squads at the S.P.D. Academy that cadets can be placed into, A-Squad through D-Squad. The three of us are currently B-Squad, but we haven't always been B-Squad. Like all other cadets, we started out on D-Squad and from there we worked our way up to B-Squad over the course of two years. The three of us have been doing simulation training of increasing difficulty over the past couple of years. We started out training against these robot thingies with soccer ball heads that go 'Bing! Bing!' in C-Squad and D-Squad. Now that we are in B-Squad, we have started simulation training against Boom. Well not exactly Boom per se, but a holographic version of Boom. Well not a holographic version of Boom, but Boom wearing a holographic suit that makes him appear to be an alien criminal.

In case you were wondering who Boom is, he's Kat's assistant and chief gadget tester. He tries out various technology and weaponry to make sure it is in proper working order for cadets as well as the power rangers, who happen to be A-Squad.

Kat is our resident genius and Cruger's right hand man, or woman in this case. All the technology and weaponry that Boom tests were developed by none other than Kat herself. Kat is a feline based alien and is probably the most intelligent individual I know.

Cruger is the big, blue dog that is our commander. Cruger is kind of like Sky personality wise, but is a whole lot worse. Cruger is militant, strict, demanding, tough as nails, and has a short fuse. Cruger is a canine based alien from the planet of Sirius. He is what keeps things up and running around here.

Sky, Syd, and I have been through so much together, that we have transitioned from just being teammates to being friends. We aren't just friends though, we are good friends, best friends even. I hope Syd and I can transition from being friends to becoming boyfriend and girlfriend. I know we aren't yet, and I know I haven't told her my feelings toward her yet. I'm not even sure the feelings are reciprocated. I can't help but be drawn to her. She is the only estrogen in a squad of testosterone. For that matter, Syd is one of the rare females in an Academy full of males.

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