Theme Challenge: Bridge and Syd

From the Ars Amatoria Romance Themes Challenge

Challenge #16: Song

A/N: Set after Zapped but before Reflections Part 1.

Disclaimer: I do not own Power Rangers S.P.D., nor do I own the song "Me".


All the rangers were hanging out in the girls' room for a change, even Sam. Jack and Z sat on Z's bed while Sky, Syd, and Bridge sat on Syd's bed. Sam was floating around as a ball of light. They were listening to the radio.

"Coming in at number 1, making an impressive debut in the Top 40, is Sydney Drew's song 'Me' from her self-titled album," the radio DJ said.

Syd squealed in delight and gave Bridge a big hug. The others looked on in confusion except for Z. She grinned knowingly.

Jack cleared his throat. "What, the rest of us don't get a hug?" Jack asked.

Syd's cheeks were flushed because of what Jack said and when she realized that she was still hugging Bridge.

"Of course you guys get hugs," Syd replied.

Syd hugged Jack first, then Sky, then Sam in ranger form, and lastly Z. When she hugged Z though, Z had whispered something in her ear.

"Could you be any more obvious?" Z whispered.

Syd glared at Z, and then rushed over to turn up the volume on the radio. She was stoked that her song was even in the Top 40, and for that matter that it debuted at number 1.

"I had no idea that this song was even playing on the radio," Syd commented.

Bridge found it ironic that earlier, when they were interrogating Al, Z played this song, and now it was number 1 on the Top 40.

"We're all very happy for you Syd. Congratulations," Jack said.

Me, me, me, me now/ Let's talk about/ Me, me, me, me, yeah./ So tired of talking, talking me./ Let's talk about you./ Tell me what do you think of/ Me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me now/ Let's talk about…

"Typical," Sky muttered under his breath.

Syd stomped over to Sky and put her hands on her hips. "Excuse me," she said.

"I said typical. I'm happy that your song debuted at number 1 and all, but the lyrics are ridiculous. The world doesn't revolve around you, Sydney," Sky explained.

Syd looked to be appalled at what Sky had said. "Oh yeah? Well at least I'm on the Top 40? Do you have a song on the Top 40? I didn't think so. You couldn't carry a tune to save your life," Syd retaliated.

"Did I say I could carry a tune? No. Come on Syd. Your song is titled 'Me'. You have to admit that it sounds selfish," Sky replied.

Syd reached into a pouch on her belt and pulled out a pellet of iron. She transformed her fist into a fist of iron. Syd pulled her fist back and was about to deck Sky when Bridge grabbed her hand and stopped her.

"Whoa, whoa. Calm down Syd. That won't solve anything. Sky, why can't you just be happy for her? Is that so much to ask for? Even if you have anything to comment, just keep it to yourself. Syd, come on. How about you and I go take a walk, so you could cool off?" Bridge suggested.

"Is there something going on between you-" Jack started to say.

"No," Bridge and Syd answered in unison before Jack could finish.

Syd released the pellet of iron from her hand, and her hand returned to normal. She and Bridge left the room together. Once they had, Jack, Z, Sam, and Sky were talking about what had just happened.

"If I didn't know any better, I'd say that something was going on between those two. They answered my question too quickly to not find it suspicious," Jack said.

Z had a sly grin on her face. She had a pretty good idea that the others thought there was something going on between Bridge and Syd now, and she didn't even have to say anything.

"Nice one Sky," Z commented.

"What?" Sky asked oblivious to what he had inadvertently done.

Meanwhile, Bridge and Syd were walking down one of the many hallways at the Academy. Bridge could tell that Syd was hurt by Sky's remarks.

"You don't think I'm selfish, do you, Bridge?" Syd asked.

"Of course not, Syd," Bridge answered.

Bridge wrapped an arm around Syd. He knew that this gesture would arouse suspicion from anyone who saw them, but he didn't care. Syd needed to be comforted right now, so that's what he was going to do.

"I didn't even write the lyrics. The record company wrote all the lyrics for my self-titled album," Syd said.

Bridge gently shushed Syd so that she wouldn't dwell on the matter anymore. He reasoned that if she didn't think about it, then it wouldn't bother her. It was moments like this that Bridge cherished with Syd. Even though she probably only saw this as him comforting her, Bridge enjoyed the feeling of Syd in his arms.

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