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Description: Citrus allergies, chicken pox (sorta), indiscriminate whumping, followed by sweet revenge. Focuses on Carson mainly, with the whole team, then later on a bit of Major Lorne for a change.

Chapter One: When Life gives you Lemons, Make Lemonade

Dr McKay's eyes widened as a feast was laid on the table in front of him. One thing he had learned about the Dolosians in a very short time was their amazing ability to cook anything and turn it into a delicacy. He sat quietly watching while everything was served. Once the Dolosians had learned of the doctor's hypoglycemia, they had overheard him complaining to the Colonel about it, he had been showered with tasty snacks and fabulous meals. But this feast, one to celebrate the trade agreement with Atlantis, was above and beyond anything he had ever comprehended before.

"Rodney, take it easy. We don't want to roll you back to the gate." John Sheppard gave him a mischievous smile. However he had been greatly impressed by the generosity of the locals. When they first arrived on the planet that had been extremely friendly, welcoming them into their homes and treating them like royalty.

The initial trade agreement had been fairly simple, in exchange for medical supplies and the knowledge how to use them the Atlanteans were to have crates and crates of fresh fruits and vegetables, something that had not been easy to obtain from earth without them rotting on the trip back to Atlantis. Vegetables and fruit seemed to be the only thing that the Dolosians produced, the rest of their everyday goods seemed to have been gathered from a myriad of different worlds who they had also traded with in the past. This hodgepodge of technology and cultures had made the time spent on Dolosus very interesting.

Philo, their host and leader of the agrarian society, stood up at the end of the table and held up a glass of wine, "To our new allies. May our relationship be fruitful." He smiled and sipped from his glass. Beside him, his wife Vivana who was the local healer motioned for them all to sit and enjoy the meal.

"It is a shame that we've got to leave so soon," said Rodney, his mouth partially full with some kind of vegetable quiche.

Teyla nodded, "Yes, you have all been wonderful hosts. I only hope that if you ever come to Atlantis we can do the same for you."

Vivana smiled, her brown eyes held a hint of amusement. "I am sure that if we were to visit we would return with more than we have given you. As the city of the Ancients is a much more wondrous place than here."

"But the food is better here." Ronon's statement was to the point. McKay nodded in agreement to the statement.

"It is true," said Sheppard. "On a good day we can hope for something that hasn't been frozen or dehydrated at some point." He looked over at McKay expecting some kind of comment from him, but the doctor seemed preoccupied with something.

His face was at first concerned looking before it evolved quickly into panic. Spitting out the food he had in his mouth he managed to gasp, "Citrus!" Before falling out of his chair.

John was beside Rodney in and instant, he pointed at Teyla, "Get the first aid kit. Ronon, go to the gate and radio for Beckett." He watched the two sprint off before turning his attention to the wheezing physicist. Sheppard was surprised it had taken this long for Rodney to discover the Pegasus galaxy's version of a lemon. With the number of worlds where he had sampled the cuisine it had to have been sheer luck not to run into something like this already.

"Colonel," Teyla handed him the kit.

Breaking it open he dug through it hoping that it had what he was looking for. In triumph he held up a plastic tube. Unscrewing the end he slid out an epinephrine pen, it took only a moment to remove the cap and stick McKay's thigh. "McKay, can you hear me?" he bent over him hoping to see some response.

"I think I've lost my appetite," whispered McKay.

Sheppard laughed at the comment. Then noticing the bewildered looks on his hosts' faces he said, "Dr McKay has a problem with some kinds of foods. It seems that one of your dishes had it as an ingredient."

Philo looked horrified, "We are very sorry, we had no idea. Please, if there is anything we can do to make amends…"

Teyla laid her hand on his arm and smiled, "It is alright. This is not something that you could have prevented. And I am sure Dr McKay is going to be alright."

Sheppard helped Rodney get up from the floor. "How about we let you lie down while we wait for Beckett?"

McKay who seemed to be feeling much better, if not a little woozy, nodded, "Yeah, my leg is killing me. Are you sure you did that right? I mean, it is possible you could have hit a nerve."

"Shut up Rodney."

It only took Beckett fifteen minutes to arrive with his medical bag in hand. "Honestly I'm not surprised this happened sooner." He was taking McKay's pulse.

"You knew something like this was going to happen?" said Rodney in an snappish tone.

"Son, I would think that with that magnificent brain you claim to have, you would have already known that statistically something like this was bound to happen." Beckett put his stethoscope on McKay's chest.


"Quiet, I'm trying to listen," chastised the Doctor.

Sheppard grinned at the look Rodney had on his face. Scratching the back of his neck he wondered if the food on the table was still warm.

Beckett was having McKay lean forward so he could listen to him breath. He paused a moment though and pulled down the back of his shirt around his neck. "How long have you had this?"

"Had what?" said Rodney, who looked worried.

"It almost looks a tad bit like blood blisters."

Curious Sheppard leaned over and looked at Rodney's neck. "Huh, weird looking."

Carson suddenly pulled down the back of Sheppard's collar on his jacket. "You've got them too." Concerned he rummaged through his bag and put on some hand sanitizer followed by gloves. "Ronon, Teyla, I need to see if you've got them as well."

They both held up their hair allowing the doctor to take a look. All of them had it.