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The phantom crouched down again and stared at his music box, still playing its sweet yet taunting melody. Angrily he covered his face in shame and embarrassment. The mob was gone, and so was Christine, she was with Raul now. His one true love, his essence, his other half, gone, most likely for forever. He did not understand why she had left him in this darkness, when she knew the pain it caused him. All he knew was that once again his face had brought unhappiness, despair and for the millionth time he wished for beauty. She had said things about his soul, but how could one have a good soul after living his life? Erik stayed in a trance for days, sitting near his music box wishing and hoping for a Christine, that he would probably never see again. Hunger was what finally brought him out of this trance, but instead of eating, Erik did what he did best, the only way he had survived so many years in isolation before he met Christine he played music.

"Erik?" a small voice called from the lake interrupting his thoughts. Not recognizing the voice in his distraught state annoyed he yelled, "Who dares disturb me, at this day and hour, as I compose my music?" However, instead of running away in fear, like Erik wanted, the voice started to sing.

"Angel of Music! I denied you, turning from true beauty… Angel of Music! My protector Come to me, strange Angel!"

Erik stopped playing immediately, could it be? Erik turned to see Christine smiling. His first response was one of anger need she torture him more? Without turning around in a deep voice he growled, "Returning so soon? Have you not tortured me enough? Leave me before you cause any more pain!" his voice echoed off the walls, for what seemed like minutes, and Christine was speechless. How was she to begin to apologize?

"I---left Raoul Erik, I never should have gone with him in the first place, I made a terrible mistake, please Angel forgive me." Christine looked down at her dress, yet instead of responding as she had hoped, he started to laugh,

"Don't you see Christine? The tables have turned, it is you who now grovels for my affection and love, and my power over you is restored!" He emphasized this by smashing the organ keys with his fist. Christine still determined to prove herself answered back at once her voice rising,

"Erik! I know you are surprised that I came back, and whether or not you believe my intentions are true, I am here to stay." And with that being said, she took off her cloak, placed it on the organ, and started to unpack her things. Erik was stunned; did she really want a life with a monster? He started to cry; he couldn't let her throw away her life like this. Startled, Christine came running over.


" My dear innocent Christine, please ignore my harsh words, but I cannot let you throw your life away for a monster such as myself, no one ever comes back."

"Erik, I have made my decision and have absolutely no doubts about it. Yes I did care for Raoul but I didn't love him, I love you Erik. This is the best decision I have ever made. I am not throwing my life away, because my life is with you."

Erik sat their silent not knowing how to respond, as Christine came over and took his hand into hers. Then they heard a splashing noise coming towards them, as if someone was trying to walk through the lake. Christine turned around still firmly grasping Erik's hand and gasped, "Raoul!"

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