Full Summary: Kagome and Sango are tired of getting there hearts broken by the men they thought they loved. Kagome always watch as Inuyasha run off to Kikyou and Sango always witnessing Miroku gropes every female in sight. Then the boys take it to far leaving the girls feeling betrayed and hurt. One day the girls find out that they are demonesses not only that but sisters. Then they find out that they are part of a prophecy, and that this prophecy ties them to two very powerful, dangerous, and beautiful youkai's. Will trust come out of this partnership, or will something more bloom between these demons? (Kag x Sess; Sag x OC) FLAMES ARE WELCOMED!(But remember I will answer back)

Two sister demonesses with fire in their eyes and ice in their step will become the worlds last defense against the darkness. They will go through tough betrayal and heart-break but will still be pure at heart. There destiny's are uncertain since they have been at a lost of identity for 18 years. They are to have protectors.

One protector will have a heart as cold as ice

The other will have a temper to match the highest temperatures of the sun

Ice will melt the others Ice

Fire will cool the others Flames

The protectors can only do their jobs with the hearts of the demonesses

These sisters can only defeat this darkness with there own weapons

One with twin katana's made of pure jewels born from ice, with a power that she will discover

The other with daggers made with jewels, as well as a weapon made of the bones of a dragon, and jewels made from fire

When the jewels born of fire, ice, and souls join together it will create a force so powerful yet so pure, it will destroy the darkness, yet heal the world.

But first, the past must be revealed to the lost sisters

Let the adventure begin


In the midst of night four youkai's was running at top speed holding two bundles in there hands. Behind 20 youkai's were on there tails. They knew they wouldn't be able to out run them any longer. In a quick decision the four stopped, thinking the same thing. Without speaking the two, seemingly more powerful youkai's stopped and gave the two bundles to the other two youkai's.

"Akira, Kirara take these two, protect my daughters with your lives," said the male of the group. The ice neko named Akira took one of the bundles while the fire neko named Kirara took the other.

"We will do whatever you wish lord Susuke." said the fire neko. "Please be safe lady Kaname," the ice neko added. With that the two servants ran off with the two babies silently praying that there master and mistress survived. As they ran the agonizing scream of the lord of the southern lands and lady of the northern lands could be heard through out the forest of Inuyasha. The two neko demonesses bowed there head for respect of the fallen warriors.

As they ran, they were attacked by the same group of youkai's, except 10 were missing, obviously dead. The two transformed into there true forms. Kirara turned into a large saber-toothed sort of cat with fire rings encircling her legs and front paws, her eyes was fire red with feline slits, Her fur was mostly tan except she had two tails with a black stripe near the end, a black piece of fur was on her forehead in the form of a diamond and black cat ears. Akira transformation was similar to Kirara's. But instead of fire rings around her paws she had ice spikes around her paws. It was so strong and sharp that it could cut trough steel. Her eyes was a ice blue with black feline slits, her fur was midnight black except for the blue stripes and the end of her tail the blue fur on her forehead formed in the shape of diamond and blue tips at the end of her ears. They fought to protect the two babies as they had promised.

As the fight went through, the two neko's was losing badly. Soon they were on the ground, bleeding badly, on the brink of death. Suddenly a bright pink light came in between the battlefield, blinding everyone. When the light died down every one of the demons that dare harmed the princesses of the northern and southern lands was gone. There standing in the place where the light had died down was a beautiful woman. She was wearing a miko garb, but was in a warrior style. That was the last thing Akira and Kirara saw before falling unconscious.

In Akira & Kirara's Dream

Kirara was still in her true form, holding one of the princesses on her back. She didn't know were Akira was, and where the other princess was. She didn't even know where she was. She prayed that they were fine, but still thought the worse. While prying, the lady she saw on the battlefield came up to her. She transformed into her humanoid form to hold the baby in her hands protectively.

Kirara knew if would be stupid to attack the women who just killed the demons that destroyed her master and mistress. So she stood still growling at her.

"Kirara, do not worry, I am here to help you." The fire neko instantly stopped, she felt as if she heard her voice before and knew she was able to trust her. "My name is Midorkio," Kirara new who she was, she was the miko who created the shikon-no-tama. "Kirara, i have some bad news, your humanoid body was destroyed, it was going to be your cat forms but they are too powerful to lose."

"I know Lady Midorkio; I just wish I could complete my master's wishes." Kirara began to cry when suddenly Midorkio but a hand around her shoulder.

"I know that's why I'm gonna helping you and Akira complete your mission to protect those two precious girls. Your bodies may be dieing but your souls are still intact." Suddenly Akira and the other princess appeared out of nowhere. Akira was in her humanoid form as well and holding the baby protectively in her arms "Now ladies, since your bodies are gone I was only able to salvage you true forms, but your humanoid bodies are gone. I was able however to get you, however, another type of body. It is a small kitten like form; it will mask your auras. You two are going to be separated for some time to train the girls. I will leave them some of my miko powers to keep them in human form so the demons trying to get them for there powers will not find them."

Then Midorkio touched both of the babies, then a bright blue light surrounded them. When the light disappeared the babies they were holding was completely human, down to the smell. "I already have a plan to ensure the children's safety. Kirara, I will send you to a village, taijiya village. They are strong and will be able the child you are holding now, i already told the head master of the village the plan, he gladly accepts and will take this child as his own. You will her pet as well as her partner in battle; you will still protect her as promised. Is this understood?"

Kirara nodded and marveled on the brilliant plan. "Akira you will be a completely different. With my miko powers I will infuse the shikon-no-tama into the baby you hold in your hands. Then I will open the bone eaters well in the forest of Inuyasha to transports you and this princess 500 years into the future.'

"Why would you put such an accursed jewel into my princess." the ice neko asked rather disturbed at the plan for the princess.

"That way, when she is old enough to harness her miko energy, she will be able to come back into the past and join her sister to protect the jewel. This jewel plays an important part in their destinies. But also Akira in the future does not have many demons, so seeing a kitten with two tails and could transform into a killing saber-toothed cat isn't common so i will have a concealing spell on you. You will appear as a normal house cat. When the princess comes back in time you will come with her to protect her constantly but do not be noticed okay, is that understood?"

"Yes lady Midorkio."

"Good, she will stay with my relative in the future. She is a miko; she will protect the princess as well. Both of you are able to communicate with the princesses through there minds and dreams. Akira this is where you will train your princess. You will teach her miko abilities and the swordship, but she will not be able to know it till wear the necklace. Kirara the same goes foe you, you teach your ward how to control her miko abilities and such. Okay so that's the plan, any objections?" both Kirara and Akira shook there heads no. "Alright let's go and don't forget, do not mention to them anything about where they came from. On their 18th moon, you both will release there powers together. When you are done, you will bring both the princesses up to the haven for them to train using there powers, they need to prepare for the battle that is in store for them. You will give them both a necklace that will show them how to use a portion of their power put not all of it. I'll give it to you the day you are to give it to them. Not only will it show them there abilities, but it will double as a storage for there weapons. Good luck ladies" when they all started to fade away to there new home Midorkio asked "what will you name the girls?"

Both Kirara and Akira held there head down feeling sorry that the princesses' parents died before naming them.

"Sango" Kirara whispered

"Kagome" Akira spoke softly; those were the names the girls parents thought of.

"Very well, may kami be with them." Midorkio said before fading away.

Kirara and Akira smiled at each other as they waved good-bye to each other before completely fading away.