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Last Time:

"Oh my goodness, you two are gorgeous" Lily said

"You look just like your parents" Abunai said

The compliments continued until Sango stopped them, "Thank you so much, but is there any way we could see ourselves," Sango asked

"Oh wait" Akira said, she went to a corner of the cave and took out Kagome's yellow bag. "Don't you have a mirror in here?"

"Yeah," Kagome said. She ruffled inside the bag and began to throw numerous thing out until she said, "Eureka"

She took out a mirror that was extremely large. When she looked into it she gasped, "Wow, I look hot" she said then gave it to Sango

Sango also gasped, "Actually Kagome, I look like fire, you're more of ice," she said referring to Kagome's comment of being hot

"Sango, you have been with me for four years, you know darn well what that expression means" Kagome said glaring at Sango

"I know, I just wanted to get the point across that I am completely hot in both sense of the word" Sango said and started laughing with everyone else following her

"Well," Kagome started, "I guess, this is where our adventure begins"

With Sesshomaru and Akida

"Damn those confusing women," Akida said over and over again ever since he and Sesshomaru had come back to the ball from the lake, the last place they had seen Kagome and Sango

Sesshomaru ignored him as usual, and continued to eye the silver-blue flower that was left behind at the vortex. Akida carried the red-gold one currently. 'I've never seen a flower quite like this' Sesshomaru thought to himself while twirling the flower between his long fingers

"Wow, Lord Sesshomaru, what a beautiful flower." Rin said when she appeared from out of the blue

Akida, who had been too absorbed in his thoughts, slightly jumped in surprise when Rin started speaking. Sesshomaru, however, was already used to the energetic human so wasn't surprised.

"Yes Rin, quite beautiful" Sesshomaru said in a monotone voice, not necessarily speaking about the flower

Suddenly Rin gasped in recognition, "Those are Kagome-chan and Sango-chan. Kagome-chan told Rin that she and Sango-chan had received those from their mentors. It was made especially for them"

Sesshomaru turned towards his human ward, for what Rin had said interested him so he decided to find out how much did the girls reveal to Rin. "Rin, what do you mean when you say that it was made especially for Kagome and Sango?" Sesshomaru began

"Well, while we were walking back to the castle, Kagome-chan and Sango-chan showed Rin and amazing trick. The swords that they had used to save Rin started glowing and transformed to those beautiful flowers" Rin said admiringly

"Did they say anything about leaving tonight Rin?" Akida asked. 'So that's where their weapons went' he thought to himself

"Um," Rin said thinking if she should be telling all of this information to her father and uncle like figure. "Yes," she finally said, "They told Rin that they had to leave before midnight, but that they will come back to visit Rin very soon."

"Anything else you need to tell us Rin?" Sesshomaru asked

"No" Rin said

"Very well," Sesshomaru said, "Go and play with Jaken"

"Alright Sesshomaru-sama," Rin said as she turned and ran towards the direction where she had last seen the toad demon

"So, apparently, these flowers were made for them" Akida said, "Wouldn't make sense if these flowers where tied to Sango and Kagome somehow"

"I'm not exactly sure, but I think I know someone who could answer that question for us?" Sesshomaru said with a glint in his eyes, 'I might soon be able to see my annoying little half brother again' Sesshomaru thought while still eyeing the beautiful flower, 'Lucky for him, I am no longer interested in his damn sword'

With Kagome and Sango

"Oh my goodness, where did these outfits come from," Sango said staring at Kagome while Kagome stared right back at her

"And why are they so short" Kagome asked

"It's not that short, the slits provide faster movement and agility. You have to admit that you feel much more comfortable in these outfits" Akira said

"I guess your right" Sango said

"But you two look beautiful" Kirara said, "One looks like the mother, and the other look like the father"

"That's true" Abunai said

Kagome and Sango blushed at there comments and started to fidget at their gazes until Kagome suddenly remembered something

"Aren't we supposed to be going to Haven now?" Kagome said

"I nearly forgot" Akira said

Everyone refrained from falling anime style at Akira's short-termed memory and just rolled their eyes

"Well, we should leave now, the sooner we get over this, the sooner we get to come back" Kirara said

"Wait, where's Shippou?" Kagome said while her blue-sliver orbs searched the area trying to find her kit. Her natural maternal instincts seemed to have kicked into over-drive since the transformation

"Oh I nearly forgot about him too, come on, I'm sure he's tired of trying to keep up that barrier" Akira said. Before anyone could blink, Kagome was already on her way to Shippou

Kagome's P.O.V

'Why am I so worried, I already know that Shippou is fine' Kagome thought to herself

'Find Shippou' something kept repeating in her mind

'And why the hell does that keep repeating?' Kagome thought to herself angrily

'That's our inner youkai' a familiar voice said

'Oh great, your back' Kagome said with sarcasm

'Well hello to you too' her conscience shot back

'Find Shippou'

'Sorry I'm just worried about Shippou' Kagome admitted

'That's understandable, you're a youkai now, a lot of your natural instincts has returned in full force, but I'll let Kirara and Akira tell you about that'

'Alright' Kagome said as her conscience went back to the recesses of her mind. Kagome continued walking towards the opening of the cave with everyone else following. Finally she spotted Shippou trying extremely hard to keep the illusion around the cave stable.

"Shippou" Kagome yelled to him

Shippou's head snapped in the direction where he heard his mother call, dropping the illusion in the process. "Momma?" the young kit said skeptically at the beautiful neko youkai

Kagome reached Shippou and bent down to his level, "Honestly Shippou, you don't believe it's me. Am I going to have to sit Inuyasha to convince you?" Kagome said smiling

"MOMMA!" he yelled jumping into Kagome's awaiting arms, "Wow momma, you look so beautiful" Shippou said gazing at Kagome's face

"Thank you Shippou" Kagome said hugging Shippou tightly

"Kagome, stop it before you kill the poor thing," Sango said from behind the pair

"Oh shut up Sango" Kagome said releasing Shippou when she realized he was turning an interesting shade of blue

Sango just rolled her eyes at her sister. When Shippou finally regained his breath, he gasped when he saw Sango

"Auntie, you're just as beautiful as Momma" Shippou said as he stared at Sango

"Why thank you Shippou" Sango said smiling brightly

"So shall we leave" Damaru said quietly

"Of course," everyone said in unison

"Alright, let's go," Akira said stepping out the cave, suddenly she yelled and came running in soaking wet

"How could you forget that we are behind a waterfall?" Abunai asked wondering about the sanity of a certain ice neko

"Sorry, but we all are going to have to go out there some time" Akira said

"True, but doesn't mean we have to get wet in the process" Sango said. Sango said some quick words then snapped her elegant fingers and suddenly a barrier formed around everyone

"Great idea Sango" Kagome said and began to walk out the cave, the she stopped abruptly. "Wait a minute, shouldn't me and Sango do something about are aura's. Wouldn't the monster that killed our parents be able to sense that we have returned" Kagome said

"Oh my goodness, I nearly forgot," Kirara said

"I would expect that from Akira, not you Kirara" Lily said

"I know, I think whatever Akira has is contagious" Kirara said jokingly poking Akira

Akira stuck her tongue out at Kirara causing everyone slightly giggled before Kirara started speaking again. "So, you two remember how to conceal you aura?"

"Yeah" Kagome said

"It isn't that difficult" Sango added

Kagome and Sango closed their eyes and whispered a few incoherent words before they began to glow. The light was so bright that hardly anyone could see. As the light died, so did the girls power until it wasn't even noticeable anymore

"Good, now that we're all set, LET'S GO" Akira and Abunai said together happily. They linked their elbows together and skipped out of the cave with everyone following, shaking their had in a pitying way


When everyone got out of the cave, Akira and Kirara immediately began working on getting the all to Haven. Without a single word, they started grabbing everyone, one by one, placing them in a certain place. When they were done, they were formed into a star, with two people at four of the points leaving Shippou alone at the last point with Kagome's bag next to him

"Alright everyone, getting into Haven isn't easy, it's like a test" Kirara began to explain grabbing everyone's attention

"The only way to get in is to have the mind, and soul of a great female warrior, worthy to train in this special place" Akira continued for her

"That's why we had put you all in groups of two, except for Shippou that is, and the reason for that is because he doesn't have to take this test, since he is a child," Kirara said taking over, "But it did take some time to convince the council to accept him since he is a male" Kirara said eyeing Shippou

"But back to the reason why you were all put into pairs. It's so that you all will have a partner to take the test with. Kagome with Sango, Abunai with Lily, and Damaru with Jasmine

"How come you two know so much about Haven?" Sango asked

"Oh, you see, Akira and I were raised in Haven. But we still had to take the test when we reached demon maturity." Kirara said

"What is the test exactly then?" Kagome asked

"It brings out your deepest fears, so you can face them" Akira said softly

Everyone gulped, not wanting to have to come face to face with their fears. "Well, when do start?" Abunai asked

"Actually, right now" Akira and Kirara said at the same time. As soon as Kirara and Akira finished their sentence, a star formed below everyone and began to glow brightly blinding everyone in the forest. When the light died down, everyone was gone

With Jasmine and Damaru

Jasmine and Damaru were currently walking around the halls of an enormous castle. They were pictures of many fire cat youkai's in both their humanoid and true forms

"I can't believe were back here" Jasmine said

"I agree" Damaru said quietly

"Why would our greatest fear be here?" Jasmine asked

"Do you think it might be him?" Damaru asked with fear in her voice

Before Jasmine had a chance to answer, a gruff sounding voice erupted from the end of the hall. "Where are you my little butterfly and snowflake?" it said

Damaru instantly found her way behind Jasmine and began shivering at the thought of who that voice came from

"Damaru, calm down, we have to face him" Jasmine said turning to face Damaru

"But don't you hear, and smell him. He's drunk" Damaru said refusing to move out of her spot

"Damaru, don't worry, you're like my little sister, I won't let anything happen to you" Jasmine said patting Damaru's head like a little kid.

Damaru, though a little less tense, was still skeptical to leave the hallway. Damaru noticed this and added, "Don't you want to help Sango and Kagome? We have to pass this test Damaru, if we want to bring honor back into the Southern and Northern Lands"

Damaru's eyes widened as she realized that Jasmine spoke the truth. Damaru looked at Jasmine straight in the eyes and nodded her head. Damaru proceeded to walk towards the room that held the most the disgraceful demon ever born, at least in Damaru and Jasmine's perspective.

When they reached the door, Damaru shakily began to open the large doors. Before the doors were pushed all the way out, a far away voice was heard that said, "We have seen all that there is to be seen, you two have passed," and in a flash, Damaru and Jasmine had disappeared

With Abunai and Lily

Abunai and Lily were both walking in a dark forest. "Where are we," Lily said angrily as she nearly tripped on a rock.

"I think we're in the forest of Inuyasha," Abunai answered. Suddenly a loud roaring sound was heard. Abunai and Lily both stopped dead in their tracks, recognizing that animal

"She lost control" was all Lily said before she fell on her knees, fearing the animal

Abunai was also frozen in place when she realized who that roar came from. But she began walking towards the beast, even though she felt like running in the opposite direction

"Lily," Abunai said suddenly stopping her tracks. "We have to help her. She's helped us through the worst times, and now it's our turn"

Lily shook her head in understanding and, with Abunai's help, got up and continued to walk toward the roaring animal. As the roaring got louder, the more they wanted to run away, but they kept going

After about a minute of walking, the faint outline of a large animal turned away from them was seen. Abunai and Lily gasped as they realized the animal was hurling itself onto rocks, trying to ease, what they thought was its pain

When the animal heard the gasp it instantly turned to face the intruder. Abunai and Lily both flinched at the intensity of the animals red eyes outlined in ice blue. But they both stood their ground refusing to run away

Once again, a faraway voice said, "You two, have passed the test" and in a flash, they also disappeared

With Kagome and Sango

Kagome and Sango were in there demon form in a beautiful field of flowers. There was a gentle breeze blowing and birds were chirping

Sango was the first to speak saying, "If this is my greatest fear, I wonder what my greatest pleasure could be,"

"I second that" Kagome replied

Suddenly the wind began to get more violent and the birds flew away in fear. Kagome and Sango's eyes widened as they felt an evil aura coming closer and closer to them. The evil of the aura was so strong that the flowers slowly started to die at its intensity

"Sango, what is that?" Kagome said with fear in her voice

"I don't know, but what ever it is, it's here" As soon as Sango had voiced that, dark clouds started to cover the skies, thunder and lightning could be seen and heard, and a black fog began to take hold of the entire area, any plant in its path withered away

"Look at what I have finally found. The grand-daughters of Sakura, the daughters of Kaname and the nieces of Midorkio, the three women that I killed with my bare hands" A voice said deep within the fog. "And look here, you two have the beauty of all of them mixed together, I think I'll have fun with both of you first before I kill you"

Kagome and Sango were scared out of their minds'. Suddenly an arrow shot out of the fog aiming straight towards Sango. Kagome quickly grabbed Sango just before the arrow hit her

"Thanks" Sango said

"No problem" Kagome replied

"Alright Kags, we can safely say that this is the shadow demon that killed our mother and father" Sango said, "Where going to have to fight him"

"Even though we can't see him" Kagome said mostly to himself. "Sango, I don't know about this, we just got our new demonic abilities, and we don't know the first thing about them"

"You're right Kagome, but before we turned into amateur demonesses, we were powerful humans" Sango said just as another arrow shot towards Kagome. Kagome saw this, and didn't dodge it, but instead took out her bow and arrow and shot at it, thoroughly terminating it

"You're right Sango" Kagome said, "Now let's destroy this vermin"

Sango nodded her approval and withdrew her hiraikotsu preparing for battle. They were both about to launch their attack when they both suddenly stop.

"You two no longer have to fight, you have passed" A voice rang in their ears, and in a flash of bright light, they both disappeared


"Where the hell am I," Kagome asked as she slowly began to wake up from her dreamless sleep

"Took you long enough to wake up," said a cheerful voice

"Abunai?" the ice/ fire demoness asked trying to rub the sleep from her eyes

"The one and only" she said extra cheerful

"Why are you so happy?" Kagome asked. She was finally able to see properly and found out that she was in a huge room, bigger then the one in Sesshomaru's castle. The room had six beds, all of them at least queen sized. Kagome could tell that they were bodies in the beds, but they were all covered with blankets. The room had black walls and a black marble floor, but the furniture was all white

"I'm happy because we all passed" Abunai answered with a 'duh' voice

"Oh, we're the only two awake" Kagome asked getting up off of the bed to walk towards Sango, just to check up on her. She could tell Sango occupied the bed next to her because her tails were swishing back and fourth

"Yep, I've been awake for hours" Abunai said getting up as well to check on Lily

A muffling voice was suddenly heard, followed by a loud yawn. "Where the hell am I," they heard a voice say. Kagome looked towards another bed and saw two bright butterfly wings appear from under the covers

"Jasmine, you're awake" Abunai said happily

"Why the hell are you so happy?" Jasmine asked inspecting her surroundings

"That's what I'm saying" Kagome said agreeing with Jasmine

"YEAH, WE PASSED" They heard yet another voice yell. They looked towards the bed next to Jasmine and saw Lily jump out of bed and flew to hug Abunai in celebration

"At least everyone isn't so grumpy" Abunai said to Lily while hugging her back

"I'm not even going to wonder" two voices said in unison

"Sango your okay" Kagome said happily and suddenly jumping on her bed scaring her twin sister

"Yes, I'm fine" Sango said trying to regain her breath. Suddenly Kagome jumped from her bed to the bed next to her and saw Damaru practically scramble back under the covers

"You're okay too" Kagome said hugging Damaru

"How did she get so happy?" Jasmine asked to no one in particular. After a minute of everyone chatting happily to each other, everyone stopped

"Someone's getting close" Sango said

Suddenly the door flew open revealing three familiar demons. "I see you girls are finally awake" one of them said

"Wow, no hi or something Akira?" Kagome said

"Mommy!" Shippou said from in between the two cat demons. He ran into the comforting arms of his surrogate mother

"Oh Shippou, have you been good for Akira and Kirara?" Kagome asked

"Yes mama" Shippou said proudly

"Yes he has Kagome, even with all these women, he was a perfect gentleman, and everyone has fallen in love with him" Kirara said happily

"Very good" Kagome said in a motherly tone. At this point everyone was thinking the same thing, 'She would be a great mother'

"So, what happened, and what are we suppose to be doing" Sango asked the experienced cat demons

"Alright girls, follow me" Kirara said

Everyone started to follow Kirara and Akira out of the beautiful room. They were amazed at how gorgeous the place was. It was like a bath house, with two enormous hot springs and mini waterfalls at the end. They walked out of the bath house to see a beautiful clearing. It was almost like the place in Kagome and Sango's dream but it was much bigger. The forest was cut off in sections, probably for individual training or something. The sound of swords clashing was heard in a far off distance and in another direction a strong female voice was giving directions

"This place is beautiful" Abunai and Lily said at the same time

"Yes it is" Kirara said

"Now today, you girls get to do anything you please. You could both go to the bathhouse and relax, go to the northern section and polish up on your demonic abilities, go to the southern section and you will find a shrine were you can meditate to relieve stress, go to the eastern portion if you have psychic, miko, or any other power that has to do with magic to practice, or to the western portion where there is a dojo filled with every weapon known. Does anybody have questions?" Akira asked

"How long are we supposed to be here?" Abunai asked

"Three years," Kirara started but was interrupted by everyone's, except for Kagome and Sango, WHAT, then onslaught of questions. "If you let me finish," Kirara said loudly. When everyone quieted down, Kirara continued, "Three years, but it is equivalent to three days in our world"

Everyone said a quick oh letting Kirara continue. "Just like Akira said, today you girls get to do anything you please, when the sun goes down, go back to your rooms. Tomorrow, everyone will begin training, even you Shippou," Kirara said smiling at Shippou. "For one year, Kagome and Sango will be working on their demonic abilities, Damaru and Jasmine will be working with their magic, and Abunai and Lily will be working on their weaponry. Me and Akira will be helping Shippou out"

"When the year is up, you girls will switch trainings. By the end of the three years, everyone should have trained in every subject, understand?" When everyone nodded, Akira continued, "Now, starting tomorrow, everyone is to wake up at exactly 4 o'clock a.m." Everyone starting groaning and whining causing Akira and Kirara to chuckle

"Alright, everyone has gotten their instructions, disperse" Kirara said

Everyone began to scatter in different directions. Kagome and Sango went towards the northern section so they could get a chance to try out their demonic abilities, Lily, Damaru and Shippou went towards the eastern section to learn their magical abilities, while Abunai, Jasmine, Akira and Kirara went towards the west to play with some new weapons

Two Days Later (Two years for the Girls)

With Inuyasha and Miroku

"Kikyou, haven't you sensed a jewel shard yet?" Inuyasha said in a whining voice. Inuyasha, Miroku, Kikyou, and Taka were presently walking through a dirt road leading back to Kadae's village in order to re-stock and rest. Well at least Inuyasha, Kikyou, and Miroku were walking. Taka was currently on Miroku's back, claiming to be too tired to walk

"No I haven't, I'm sorry my love" Kikyou said in a sweet voice, even though in her eyes you could see a hint of annoyance

"Inuyasha could you quite whining, we've already found every jewel shard in this area" Miroku said annoyed as well, not with just Inuyasha, but with the fact he was carrying a girl who wasn't the lightest thing in the world

When the gang got close to the village, a rustle was heard near the bushes close to them. Inuyasha and Kikyou had already brought out their weapons until Inuyasha took a sniff in the air and sheathed his sword

"Don't worry Kikyou, it's just the old hag," When Kikyou shot him a glare he quickly said, "I mean it's just your little sister"

Just as Inuyasha had said that, Kadae emerged from the bushes eyeing Inuyasha and Miroku, still angry at them for losing Kagome and Sango

"Hello sister," Kadae said happily, "Inuyasha, Miroku" she then said in a monotone, "Taka" she also said not holding back her dislike for the girl

"Hello little sister, we've come back to re-stock on supplies and to rest" Kikyou said

"Alright, come on" Kadae said walking towards the village with the Inuyasha gang at tow

Suddenly a deep chuckle was heard, then a deep voice said, "This is the great Sesshomaru's little brother, I can see why you hid him from me"

Inuyasha was immediately on guard, taking out his tensiga. "Who the hell is out there!" the hanyou yelled trying to sniff out the intruder

"Kami" another, this time, familiar voice said in a pitying way, "Why must you always embarrass me?" As soon as that was said, the two voices appeared behind the unsuspecting group. Inuyasha finally caught their scent and quickly twirled around to face his brother

The whole group was caught by surprise when Inuyasha had suddenly turned towards them, but finally realized that two, extremely powerful demons were currently behind them

"Lady Kikyou, Lady Kadae, Taka, find a place to hide while me and Inuyasha fight these demons off" Miroku said. Kikyou and Kadae seemed hesitant for a minute while Taka was long gone. Finally, Kikyou and Kadae followed Taka's lead

When the women had run to a safe distance, Miroku and Inuyasha had turned towards the two demons. "So I see your back to try to take Tensiga from me again, and this time you brought a friend. Well, it's not going to happen" Inuyasha said smirking. He brought up the Tensiga up trying to scare his half brother, but it obviously wasn't working

Sesshomaru just stared at his half-brother with a bored expression on his face. Akida was starting to get bored as well so he just jumped atop a tree intending to wait for whatever Sesshomaru was planning to do

"Inuyasha," Sesshomaru said suddenly, startling the hanyou and monk. "I have no interest in your sword, my interest lies in someone, I mean, something else" Sesshomaru quickly changing his choice of words so Akida wouldn't get any ideas, but it was too late

Akida jumped down from his position on the tree and was immediately in Sesshomaru's face. "So you admit it" Akida asked, well, more like stated

"Admit what?" Sesshomaru coldly trying to act like he had no clue what the fox demon was talking about

"Stop playing dumb" Akida said

"Are you calling me dumb fox?" Sesshomaru said in a cold menacing voice

"And stop trying to change the subject" Akida said not backing down, "You're interested in the human miko, aren't you?" Akida added smirking

"What human miko, you better not be talking about my Kikyou" Inuyasha said ready to fight Sesshomaru for her

"Who's Kikyou? We're talking about Kago-" Akida stopped mid-sentence when Sesshomaru hit him over the head in an attempt to stop him from reveling too much

"Oww, why you do that Fluffy?" the fox demon said. Inuyasha and Miroku was surprised at the name and slightly snickered at the thought of someone calling the great lord of the western lands fluffy

"Akida, your done" Sesshomaru said as he started to get closer to Akida to, not necessarily kill him, but to seriously injure him

"Wait a minute, when Kagome calls you fluffy like a million times, you do nothing but just get on top of her and threaten her, which you never carry through, but when it comes to me, you trying to kill me" Akida said

"WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH LADY KAGOME" Miroku yelled while Inuyasha was ready to kill

"Will you stop yelling monk, kami, your louder then Sango," Akida said then mumbled to himself, "And she was yelling right in my ear"

"And why, pray tell, would the demon slayer be that close to you?" Sesshomaru asked

"Shut up" Akida said

"What the hell have you done to them you sick bastards?" Inuyasha said jumping up and preparing to strike his brother when suddenly vines shot from the ground and headed straight towards the unsuspecting hanyou. The vines wrapped around Inuyasha's arms and legs bring him back down to the ground and constricting any movement from the hanyou

"INUYASHA" Miroku yelled as he began to unravel the prayer beads the kept the wind tunnel in check, "WIND TUN-" he wasn't able to finish as well when vines appeared from out of the blue and restricted him from moving his hands

"Let us go, and give us back Kagome and Sango Sesshomaru" Inuyasha said trying to break free from the vines

"Don't even try;" Akida said referring to Inuyasha and Miroku's frantic movements to try to break free from the vines, "The more you try to move, the tighter my vines get, until you eventually pop" Akida said slightly chuckling at the thought of them actually popping

"LET US GO" the hanyou yelled

Akida ignored the hanyou and turned his attention to the demon lord of the west and began to speak. "These humans know my Sango"

"YOUR WHAT" Miroku yelled

"You're seriously not ashamed of being with a human" Sesshomaru said

"Nope, and you shouldn't either. Sango is beautiful and strong and passionate and and perfect, an ebony haired goddess really. Kagome is beautiful and strong as well, more then most demoness I've see, what's wrong with her" Akida said low enough for only him and Sesshomaru to hear

Sesshomaru didn't answer, just glared, so Akida took that as a sign to continue. "So why don't you just listen to your heart, for once, and tell me, what would you do to me, if I decided to touch Kagome in an inappropriate way"

Akida started smirking when his plan worked perfectly, Sesshomaru's anger spiked a moment before he glared at Akida and said, "Never touch what is mine, if you plan to keep that hand"

Inuyasha and Miroku heard this outburst and silently wondered what the hell he was talking about

'Not necessarily a proclamation of love, but close enough, for now at least' Akida thought to himself. "Now why did we come here in the first place?" Akida said out loud

Sesshomaru suddenly turned towards where the women were hiding and pointed towards one of them and said, "We came for one of them"

"Which one: the whorish one, the dead one, or the old one?" The fox demon said curiously

Before Sesshomaru could answer that obviously rude question, Kadae suddenly spoke up. "He is here for me I believe." She got up from her position against the tree and began to walk towards the young demon lords. Kikyou went with her, not trusting them near her younger sister

"What is it that you need from this old lady?" Kadae said

"Miko, do you have any idea what these are?" Sesshomaru said pulling out the beautiful blue-silver rose, with Akida taking out the red-gold rose

Kadae slightly gasped before taking a hold of the beautiful roses and examining them more closely. "These belonged to Kagome and Sango, didn't they" Kadae asked, but mostly stated

"You are correct, but how did you know that?" Sesshomaru asked

"These roses will not be accepted by any other miko, other then Kagome and Sango," Kadae said mostly to herself

"What are you ranting on about?" Akida said getting annoyed at not knowing what the hell the miko was talking about

"You do already know what abilities these roses hold, right?" Kadae asked the demon lords

"Yes, apparently, it could turn into any weapon that Kagome and Sango chooses" Akida said rolling his eyes

"That is all you know, huh?" Kadae said mostly to herself once again. "Kikyou, take a look at these"

"Alright," As soon as Kikyou hands touched the roses, they started to glow a beautiful color, blinding everyone. When the light died down, everyone looked towards Kikyou's hands to find, not only the two flowers that belonged to Kagome and Sango, but another rose that was purple-silver

Kadae grabbed Kagome and Sango's roses while Kikyou curiously stared at the beautiful purple-silver rose, "its gorgeous" she silently said

"Okay, what the hell was that about?" Akida asked

"I believe that Kikyou also owns a Celestial Rose" Kadae said smiling

"What is a Celestial Rose?" Sesshomaru asked patiently, being the cool-headed one in the group

"It's a long story, please come into the village so we could discuss this matter properly" Kadae said

"I don't wanna go to a village, I wanna go home, to my castle" Akida whined

"Don't you wanna find Sango?" Sesshomaru said in a monotone

Akida was already running towards the village wanting to find his precious Sango as soon as possible, "HURRY UP" he yelled before he disappeared into the village

"HEY, WHAT ABOUT US," the forgotten Inuyasha and Miroku yelled out

Sesshomaru was using all his restraint to try not to laugh so settled for a grin. Sesshomaru just took out his Tokijin and prepared to strike it. Inuyasha and Miroku went wide-eyed when they saw this and was about to yell out their protest when Sesshomaru just cut a small unnoticeable vine that was where Akida once stood. The vines began to wither away freeing Inuyasha and Miroku

All the girls were trying not to laugh when they thought about how scared Inuyasha and Miroku looked when they thought Sesshomaru was going to strike them with Tokijin's ultimate attack. Inuyasha got up prepared to start yelling at is brother for explanations about Kagome, but was surprised to see that all the girls and Sesshomaru were already at the entrance to the village. Miroku and Inuyasha ran as quickly as they could to catch up to the rest of the group


When the group reached the village they saw women swooning over Akida. Sesshomaru was almost urged to begin laughing when he saw Akida's obvious discomfort

"You're gorgeous" one woman said

"Where have you been hiding?" another woman asked

"Can I bear you children?" said a practically young girl

"Thank you, I've been hiding at my castle in the eastern lands, and no, I apologize, but my love lies with another woman" Akida said trying to answer all of their questions. When they heard about his love for another woman, they all began to groan, yell and some even began to cry

Sesshomaru decided to get his friend out of his predicament and went to retrieve him. Akida saw Sesshomaru before the other woman had and breathed a sigh of relief. When the girls saw Akida's attention drawn to something else, they all turned to see what it was, only to come face to face with another gorgeous demon. This was just too much for the girls to take, so about half of them began fainting and the other half ran off saying something about telling their husbands' that they found a new love

Akida just shrugged his shoulders and steeped over the women passed out on the floor and walked towards the hut that Kadae had informed Sesshomaru to come into when he had retrieved Akida

When Sesshomaru and Akida entered the relatively large hut, they came in just in time to see Kikyou transform the rose into a sword, then to a whip then back into the rose

"Wonderful Kikyou, ye already know how to transform the rose. How did ye learn so quickly? Kadae asked Kikyou

"I don't know, it's almost as if I had seen this before, I just can't remember" Kikyou said softly

"Can we hurry up and get this over with?" Akida said impatiently

"First, you need to answer some of our questions" Miroku said sternly

"Or I could just kill you" Akida said raising his claws to the monk

"Let us reach a compromise" Kikyou said

"I agree" Sesshomaru said coldly

"Okay, how about we, or at least, Kadae tell you two about the Celestial Rose, and then after that, you can us what you had done with my reincarnation" Kikyou said

"Alright, hurry up, I don't want to have to be here so late that we have to stay over" Akida said sitting down Indian-style, much like Inuyasha, while Sesshomaru just stood up, "By the way, who the hell is your reincarnation?" Akida asked curiously

"Akida stop talking" Sesshomaru said strictly

"Okay, ye already know that Kagome, Sango and recently Kikyou owns' a Celestial Rose, which I'm not all to surprised about. The reason for this is because these roses were created to help the most powerful mikos' with a tough destiny ahead of them. It was created by the goddess of destiny Kara, but she only made three of them. When the roses choose a miko worthy enough to wield them, it would protect them for life, not only in a battle, but if they were lost. Ye see, these roses could track Kagome and Sango down. If they were anywhere close, the roses would begin to flash, the faster it flashed, the closer ye are to them. The thing is, they should be slightly glowing, even if ye are not close to the girl, meaning that they are not even in this world." Inuyasha, Akida, Taka, and Miroku gaped at this new piece of information while Sesshomaru's eyes slightly widened. Kadae continued her explanation as if what information she had just revealed wasn't important. "There are many more secrets that these roses hold, but I do not carry that much information about them" Kadae said, and then became silent signaling her finish

Suddenly Akida shot up and yelled, "I finally have a way to find my dear Sango" surprising everyone except Sesshomaru and Kadae who just softly smiled at the fox's attitude towards the demon slayer, "Come on Sesshomaru, after I find Sango I'll make sure that you and that scrumptious little Kagome become mates. Well, at least, after me and Sango become mates, then you and Kagome,"

"Akida," Sesshomaru said in a bone-chilling voice silencing Akida's ramblings. Akida quietly sat down knowing Sesshomaru meant business

"NOW WHAT THE HELL IS THAT FOX TALKING ABOUT," Inuyasha yelled causing Akida to glare at him harshly causing Inuyasha to flinch ever so slightly

"Yes, you talk about Sango as if you love her, how did you even meet her?" Miroku said in a controlled voice when he noticed that the fox demon had a short temper

"Oh, that was the best way to meet a girl" Akida said with a perverted smile while flashes of Sango in the scandalous white clad played across his mind

"You have no shame" Sesshomaru said to Akida

Akida just shrugged his shoulders and said, "Hey, you have to admit, they looked so good in those itsy bitsy white dresses while their bodies were still silky wet," Akida had completely forgotten about the other people in the room since everyone was silent from the shock of the powerful demon lord of the east being obsessed with humans that everyone except Kadae, and even Kikyou thought were weak. "And when we got on top of them," Akida continued.

Inuyasha couldn't take it anymore and started getting pissed off, "WHY THE HELL WERE YOU ON TOP OF KAGO-"

Akida interrupted him saying, "Hey, shut the hell up, I wasn't at the good part yet." Kikyou, Taka, and Kadae began snickering at Inuyasha as he began to fume

"Now, back to what I was saying, so we began to start arguing because I called them wenches. Kagome was so loud screaming, 'My name is not wench, I'm Kagome, Ka-Go-Me and she's Sango" Akida said slightly chuckling at how Kagome started turning red with anger. Even though no one noticed, Sesshomaru was slightly smiling at the memory of the miko's fiery spirit

"So then Kagome called Sesshomaru Sesshy, which was funny. But then she called him fluffy, and I was gone" Akida said as he began to laugh. Everyone, except Sesshomaru was staring at Akida in shock while Inuyasha's mouth was practically resting on the floor. 'Kagome' he thought in disbelief, 'She actually said that to my brother, and wasn't killed, what happened to her. When did she start facing off demons without fear of getting killed?'

"Akida, stop trying to avoid the fact that you were called foxy by the Taijiya" Sesshomaru said with no emotion in his voice while looking off into the distance

Everyone was about to laugh at the thought of Akida being called foxy, but they soon realized Akida had a short temper when his eyes slightly changed to red before he calmed down and just started to glare at Sesshomaru.

Sesshomaru, being used to Akida's short fuse, wasn't fazed by his change in attitude, but everyone else decided to keep their distance from the demon lord of the east

"Damnit, it's late, why didn't you say something Sesshomaru" Akida said getting up to look out the window to see the moon. Sesshomaru sent an icy glare towards Akida silencing him

"When was the last time you had seen Kagome and Sango?" Kikyou asked making sure not to say anything that would piss Akida off

"Two days ago, at the ball" Akida said leaning against the wall next to Sesshomaru. Even though no one was paying attention, Taka was staring at both demon lords with lust evident in her eyes

"Two years," Kadae said silently to herself

"Two years of what" Akida asked curiously

"Oh nothing, just saying some useless things" Kadae said laughing nervously

"Alright," Akida said convinced by the old miko's explanation. But Sesshomaru kept an eye on the priestess not thoroughly convinced

'She knows something" Sesshomaru thought to himself

"Why don't you two stay and rest here for the night?" Kikyou said trying to ease the tension that seemed to appear out of no where

"THEM! STAY HERE, NO WAY" Inuyasha said standing up and yelling in Kikyou's face. Kikyou just sent him a cold glare that frightened the hanyou to no ends silencing him

"As much as I hate to admit it, but the hanyou is right. We can't stay here for the night" Akida said, "Are you crazy, Me and Sesshomaru have an empires to run, we need to get to our lands now" he said as he advanced to the door of the hut.

As soon as he was about to open the flap Kadae voice rang out stilling him, "I have reason to believe that Kagome and Sango will be arriving as early as tomorrow, and they will be coming here"

Akida and Sesshomaru's eyes widened, Akida began to smile and bounce up and down like a giddy little school girl while Sesshomaru just turned his attention to the moon outside and slightly smile

'Finally, that wench will be back, and i'll find out what spell she has cast on me to make me think of her non-stop' Sesshomaru thought

"Are you sure?" Akida asked staring at the miko intently

"Yes," Kadae said. Akida was about to resume jumping up and down til Kadae began talking once more, "But let me warn ye two"

When Kadae was sure she had gotten both demon lords attention, as well as the whole group, she continued, "Kagome and Sango will not be the same helpless little humans ye all thought they were"

With Kagome and Sango

It was a heated day in the beautiful realm of Haven. For, today, many of the women would be leaving. Every girl had wanted to spar someone, so practically everyone was fighting

Far off in the Northern territory, there was a heated battle between four familiar cat demoness' fighting in teams of two. One team looked as if they were ready to pass out while the other looked like they haven't even broken a sweat.

"Do you give up yet?" A fire demoness from the winning side yelled towards the other

"Never Sango" she said getting herself and running towards her at top speed. Sango just shock her head and raised her palm to air, took a deep breath and yelled,

"RAIN OF FIRE" Suddenly the sky got dark, which caught everyone in the whole area attention. Then, like a regular rainstorm, droplets of water came falling from the sky slowly

Kirara stopped dead in her tracks and look at the harmless water. "What is this, I've never seen this attack before"

"I know," Sango said with a smirk, Kagome began to giggle at her sister's cruelness to the two confused cat demons

"What the hell," Akira said frustrated, "This attack is useless, it does nothing" Kirara nodded her agreement and proceeded to attack Kagome and Sango. This time, Kagome's giggles became louder as Sango snapped her long fingers and suddenly the harmless water turned into burning infernos the size of golf balls. Kirara yelped and tried her best to avoid the fire balls, but more and more seem to appear. Finally, Kirara was cornered and couldn't move anywhere.

Just as a fireball was about to hit her, a commanding female voice rang out, "Fire cat has been defeated by Burning Ice" and suddenly Kirara was transported out of the area, into safety

"My turn" Kagome said, smiling like a little girl, and jumping in front of Sango

"Go ahead" Sango said walking off to the side

"So, Akira, it's just me and you now" Kagome said circling Akira like a tigress stalking her prey, while flexing her claws

Akira just glared at Kagome with cold calculating eyes. Suddenly Akira threw a dagger towards Kagome temporarily distracting her and leapt up to give her a final blow. Kagome smirked at Akira useless attempt and without even looking towards Akira, she clasped her hands together and a barrier instantly appeared around Kagome causing Akira to be repelled by the force

It took Akira a moment or two before she was able to fully stand up. When Akira looked towards Kagome her eyes widened momentarily at the amount of raw energy that Kagome was gathering for her final attack

Kagome began to gather energy at a fast rate, then suddenly pressed her palms flat against the ground and said in a bone chilling voice, "Ice Coffin"

The ground beneath them began to shake as the ground that Akira was on gradually began to turn to ice. Suddenly the ice began to build up and surround Akira, then it closed up at the top, trapping her. It was clear ice, so everyone was able to see Akira try to find a way out,she wasn't nervous until Kagome spoke,

"Now normaly, this is all I would have to do, put the coffin up and leave my enemy to die of hypothermia, but since you are a ice demon, your immune to it"

"So, what of it" Akira yelled angrily

"So, Akira, i'm just going to have to tweak my attack a bit" Kagome said before she clicked her tounge two times. Suddenly, the ice walls around Akira began to close in. Akira was about to try to plow her way out, but deadly spikes formed on the wall

Akira froze in place realizing her defeat. Just before the spike were just about to penatrate her, the same woman from before yelled, "Ice Cat has been defeated by Frozen Flames. This sparing session is officially over" As soon as that was said, the craters, frozen areas, and areas that had been burned began to revive and in a couple of minutes the clearing looked like nothin had never touched it

Akira and Kirara looked grumpy while Kgome and Sango were grinning like chiamiese cats

"Great job you two" Lily and Damaru said at the same time. They were both wearing the typical uniform for demonesses who had mastered the art of magic in Haven. They were both wearing a white dress that flowed to the floor. It was a tight fit at the top with long sleves like a miko's garb. There were slits that came up to their mid-thighs while Lily's obi was lavender like her hair and Damaru's was silver. Jasmine had her hair pulled up in a high pony tail and Damaru's was in a messy bun. On the back of their dresses a pure white rose was embedded. Also, if someone was looking close enough, you could see on their thigh, the same white rose was tatooed there except it wrapped around their thighs

"I can't believe you beat Kirara and Akira, they've never been defeated before" Abunai said walking beside Jasmine to join the rest of the team. They wore an outfit that indicated that they were masters at weapondry. It was exactly like a demon slaying outfit except it didn't have long pants, they were shorts that reached mid-thigh. It was black with Jasmine's armor being a pale yellow and Abunai's being jet black Jasmine had decided to allow her hair to grow a little and it now reached to the small of her back and was extremly staraight. On the armor, there was a grey rose. And just like Lily and Damaru, the same rose was tatooed on there thigh

"Would you stop rubbing it in" Kirara said glaring at Abunai. Abunai just giggled softly and looked towards Kagome and Sango. Kagome and Sango werewearing very loose pants that was tight at the waist which Kagome had mentioned, resembled pants in her time called cargo pants. Sango's was burgendy while she wore a tube tob that was blood red. The tub tob showed off her stomach which revealed a tatoo of two roses intertwined into the shape of a heart around her bellybutton. One rose was red and the other was gold. Kagome had midnight blue pants with an ice blue velvet tube top. She had a tatoo on her lower back and it was a maroon cresent moon with a blue-silver rosewrapped around it

"I can't believe today is our last day in Haven" Kagome said playfully poking Abunai. Abunai began poking her back and pretty soon it turned into an all out tickle fight between the two demons

Everyone just ignored the two since they pratically did this everyday. Sango the said, "I can't believe that when we go back home, only three days had passed"

Everyone began nodding along, including Kagome and Abunai since they both finshed their traditional tickle fight. "I'll miss this place," Jasmine said

"And we will all miss you girls" A familiar voice said from behind them, the same voice that had been annoucing for all the spars

"Of course you will, Ayame" Kagome said smiling and the familiar wolf princess


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