I dont know about you'se, but I'm totally gutted! I havent seen the episode yet (Damn you, UK!) but this is my take on post-Grand Murder At Central Station. I absolutely love Vanessa (Got my own fansite for her lol Click homepage on my profile), so Aiden will live on in my fics at least :D

Dedicated to my DnA mateys - Caderyn, Johna, Stevie Dee and most recently Rosanna.

Dsclmr - The only CSI:NY things I own are DVDs, a T-shirt and big big love for the cast and characters. Them and Jerry B et al for making it all happen Bows down "We are not worthy.."

"Hey, Flack lost a bet so dinner's on him. You in?" Danny grinned, sticking his head around the corner to the locker room.

Aiden didn't look to him. She folded the white tee from her locker in her hands, and put it in the box on the bench behind her. "Maybe next time."

He watched her pull out a hairbrush and toiletry bag from the top shelf and put it in the box too. He stepped in and ran a finger across the lid. "Aid, what're you doin'?"

"Emptying out my locker." She put more in the box, still not meeting his eyes.

"I see that. Why?"

"I got fired." She said it too fast. Too nonchalantly

"What? Aid-" he grabbed her hands, stopping her flow, "You got fired?"

"It's alright. It's what I wanted," she wriggled them free and dropped her scarf in.

"You wanted to get fired," he snarked, not believing her

She didn't answer.

"Aid-will you jus-" Danny snapped, holding her shoulders, halting any movement from the locker to the box. "What. Happened?"

Her whole body slumped slightly as she sighed, finally looking into his eyes. "It was my fault. You know that case I was working? The rape? He was gonna go free again. I couldn't let that happen."

"What do you mean 'couldn't let that happen'? What did you do?"

"I was gonna fix it. Fix it so he got what he deserved"

"You planted evidence?"

"I was gonna. I swear, I would have done it. But, I thought… I don't know what I thought, but I didn't do it."

Danny breathed a small sigh of relief. At least she didn't break the law, but she was still fired.

"Mac found out though. I left the evidence baggie with the others. It was a stupid mistake. Anyway, he found it and fired me."

"But you didn't do anything!" Danny could feel the confused anger bubbling inside.

"No, but I was going to."

"But you didn't!" he let go of her arms and marched to the door muttering "I'm gonna talk to Mac."

"No, Danny. Danny!" She trotted up to him, "Its not Mac's fault. Its me. I put this lab at risk, and frankly, I just-I cant do this anymore"


"Danny," she breathed "please. He fired me before I could quit"

Danny sighed and wrapped his arms around her. His chin rested perfectly on her head, as she snuggled into his neck. "It's not gonna be the same, Aid. Not gonna be the same."

"I know."

The embrace probably lasted longer than it should have. But neither minded nor cared. The road ahead was going to be long. It was going to be weird not coming into work and watching Danny try it on with that girl from ballistics; talking to Stella over coffee; or having Mac ask her how her weekend was…

It was going to be different. But it needed to be done.

"Walk me out?" Aiden asked, still gripping onto Danny's shirt

"O'course," Danny placed a kiss into hair and let go.

Aiden peeled the pictures she'd tacked to the inside of the locker door off and placed them down the side of the box. There was only one thing left. She wrapped her fingers around it gingerly, slowing bringing it out. She traced a finger around the NYPD badge on the deep blue baseball cap, breathing a deep sigh.

Danny picked up the box from the bench, as Aiden put the cap on top. "Ready?"

The sound of metal hitting metal reverberated off the walls as she closed the locker door. "Ready."