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Chapter One

Smells like Gin's Spirits

"Ginny I said NO!" bawled Hermione Granger at her sixth year best friend. "You are not a prefect therefore I cannot allow you to use the prefect bathroom!"

"How come Harry gets to use them! And he's not even a prefect!"

"He's the Quidditch team captain. He just as good as!"

Ginny was out of words and she needed a good argument to make Hermione shut up once and for all. It wasn't fair really, all Ginny ever wanted was to use the prefect once in a while and only when the normal sixth year girls' bathroom were occupied (which happened to be most of the time during the mornings and nights and especially on weekends). She then paused and took a deep breathe before her brilliant reason (and only reason she could come up with) to make Hermione give her the Prefect Bathroom password.

"You're my best friend, Hermione!" great intonation of a sad and hurt voice. "I only want to use it on an emergency. Please?"

Hermione then shrugged and said, "Sorry, Ginny, you're my best friend too but you're not a prefect."

"Oh sod off, Hermione, you just don't want people to say you privilege your friends and ruin you spotless reputation."

"I am Head Girl, Ginny." She pointed at her golden badge. "I have to set an example."

"You have to take that bloody stick out your arse." Ginny snapped, "Maybe then you'd set an example."

"Well you know what, Ginny?" Hermione hissed, "I think you're jealous!"

"Jealous? Because all I ever wanted was to have a stupid badge and a stupid title like you do!" holding back an even ruder retort Ginny gave Hermione a nasty look and walked away.

Ginny hated fighting with Hermione but sometimes her bushy haired, bossy, know-it-all best friend was just too much. Not once she wondered how someone like Hermione was able to be so protective on the rules and stay friends with her, Harry and Ron. So sure there were those slips when she helped Ron and Harry out be Hermione always said that it was because they were friends and it for the greater cause. 'well I'm her friend too and going to prefect bathroom will only help me not being late to classes or stay up late on school night because I have to wait for the bathroom all the time.' Ginny said to herself as she continued walking to the Great Hall for dinner.

She stormed in and took her normal seat next to Harry and muttered to herself as she helped herself with some chicken and mashed potatoes.

"Hello to you too! How was my day? Just spiffing, thank you for asking. Oh no, I'm fine! I don't mind at all if you want to snog me right here right now. And you want Pansy Parkinson to join? I never knew you had it in you-"

"ARGAAAA!" Ginny cried in anger and made Harry jump in his seat. "Tell me Harry, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!"

"I was trying to make a joke? I didn't think it'll make you angry."

"What are you talking about, Harry?"

"Well, Arnold (A/N: ever seen Different Strokes?), I was joking about threesome with Pansy Parkinson, what were you screaming about?"

"Hermione Granger, that's what I'm screaming about!" she threw her hands in the air and then took her fork and stuck it in the mashed potatoes. "What were you thinking when you became friends with her?"

"Thank God that Troll is knocked out?"

"She's such an insufferable, bossy, know-it-all!"

"You know, Ron sounded like that at first but now he's practically engaged to her, should I keep a close watch on you little lady?" Ginny throw daggers with her look so Harry coughed to cover his snicker and then asked, "Really, what happened?"

"I wanted her to help me out by giving me the prefects bathroom password so I can avoid being late to classes every once in a while but NOOOO! Head Girl Hermione won't ruin her spick and span reputation as Hogwarts Ms. Goody-Goody!"

"Why won't you ask Ron? He's Head Boy."

"He's also Hermione's boyfriend and by the time I'll get to him she'd probably already have told him not to say a word." Ginny then remembered something Hermione said smiled. "Harry you're the team captain!"

"I'm glad we've established this after a year."

"No, you can tell me the password!" she grinned widely at him. "Hermione shouldn't have said that I front of me. She's so stupid!"

"Actually I can't tell you, Gin." The smile fall of her face and gaped at him. "I don't know it myself. I never go there so I never bother to ask."

"You can ask Ron-no wait, chances are that Hermione ordered him not to tell you either." She crossed her arms on her chest and huffed. "This isn't fair! How come all the prefects get those privileges! Just because the teachers like them! And they get to make decisions for us that most of the times are for their own right. They don't represent us one bit and yet they are the ones connecting us with the faculty! Why can't we form some council that represent all kind of students and not just the smart ones but people like me or Luna or Smith even some Slytherins will be excepted!"

"You mean a Student Body?"

"Sure why not! What's a student body?"

"It's a council of students that are elected every year and has a chairman or president that also elected."

"This is brilliant! Harry you are a genius!" she waved her fork at him out of sheer happiness. "It's about time Hogwarts will progress to democracy!" bits and pieces of potatoes got stuck in Harry's hair and on his face. "Equal Rights for Equal Students!" Ginny felt excitement wash her body and she drank her pumpkin juice in one gulp.

"Hermione and the rest of the prefects are not going to like this." Harry predicted a sure satiation but somehow it didn't bother as much as it should be. "But who cares?" he refilled his and Ginny's goblets with juice and smiled at her.

"Things are going to change round here." She said brightly and laid down her fork. "They don't know what their heading for."

"To equal rights!" she lifted her goblet and Harry did the same.

"To equal students!"

"To Hogwarts!"

"To us!"


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