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Chapter Three

Let's Get Ready To Ramble!

"You look bothered." Harry tilted his head to get a better look at Ginny. "Is there something on your mind that you wish to tell me?"

"No." Ginny looked up at Harry and then flipped a page in her book and returned to her reading.

"So you're okay, right?"


"And if there was something to bother you, you would've told me right?"


Harry screwed his face as he saw that Ginny wasn't really bothered, it annoyed him somehow. He crossed his arms next to his chest and huffed quietly. Ginny didn't seem to notice and flipped another page in her book. He huffed a little louder. Ginny kept on reading. He huffed louder. Ginny put the book down and took a chocolate frog from her schoolbag. Harry huffed even louder. Ginny bite the chocolate frog's head and returned to her book. He huffed so loud that it was closer to a cry then a huff. Ginny scratched her nose gave another bite to the chocolate frog.

"Ginny!" Harry cried and to his great luck Ginny looked up. "About time you pay attention!"

"I'm sorry?" she said puzzled at Harry's outraged look. "Did something happen the pass minute that I missed?"

"No." Harry said. "But you could've asked me if I'm bothered?"

"What?" Ginny asked as an after thought to his question. "Why would I ask if you're bothered?"

"Oh I don't know maybe because what were doing is a bit extreme and never happened before in the entire Hogwarts history? Maybe because we have almost zero support? Maybe because everyone is afraid of Hermione? Maybe because-"


"Get a hold of yourself lad! Stop blabbing like a girl!" Ginny said furiously after slapping her now shocked boyfriend.

"Oy!" he cried and rubbed his sore cheek. "What was that for?"

"A way to calm you down." She answered coolly. "Are you calm or should I have another go at it?" Ginny tried to suppress a smile.

"I'm fine." He rubbed it again feeling the skin tingle under the palm of his hands. "Where did you learn to do that?"

"I saw Mum giving one to Fleur right before the wedding, but I'm not sure if it was to calm her down or just for the sake of slapping her." she grinned reliving the memory in her head. "Either way it's a win-win situation with her."

"Don't be so hard on her, she's really pretty," Harry said and he saw Ginny's eyebrow arch dangerously. "Pretty stupid I mean." And Ginny smiled at him.


"Are you sure this will work?" Ron was hanging a large banner say 'Perfect time for Prefects!' using his wand.

"Believe me Ron," Hermione said as she filled the empty jugs with an orange colored liquid. "When I plan something I plan for it to work." She poured some to one of the goblets she barrowed from the kitchens and tasted the liquid. "Pumpkin juice-the fresh maker." She smacked her lips and smiled at him.

"All done!" he made a move for one of the goblets but Hermione slapped his hand. "What was that for?" he rubbed his sore hand.

"That's for potential voters and volunteers, Ronald." She heard him groan with frustration as she called him Ronald.

"Aren't I a volunteer and potential voter?"

"No, you're my personal assistant/campaign manager/boyfriend."

"What about potential voter?"

"What about it?"

"Don't I have the choice of who I want to vote?"

"Of course you have but you'll vote for me."

"That's dictatorship!"

"No, Ronald, that's politics."


Ginny stood at the end of the corridor with her arms crossed and she was across between angry and bemused as she saw Hermione and Ron chase students with goblets of juice and parchments explaining their standpoint. So far they pulled it off pretty good and students listened and showed interest.

"Anything good, love?" Harry sneaked his arm around her waist from behind and kissed her on the back of her head.

"Hermione and Ron giving free juice in attempt to win some attention." She said bitterly.

"Free juice? What kind of juice?"

"Pumpkin, why?"

"Nothing, just a bit thirsty that's all." He licked his lips and looked longingly at the cool as ice jugs of pumpkin juice.

"Don't even think about it." She turned around in his hold to face him. "Harry? Do you here me?"

"What?" he tore his gaze from the booth and looked down at Ginny. "Yes, yes, I'm here!"

"Good. We've got to do something against them." Ginny let loose out of Harry's hold and looked around at the passing student as if she was trying to read their minds.

"What about a lemonade stand?"

"Would you stop with the drinks for a moment and start thinking?" she hissed at him and then turned to watch the students again. She watched them for approximately ten minutes when a brilliant idea struck her. "Harry, did you see how many girls looked at you the pass minutes?"

"I don't look at other girls when I'm with you, love." He smiled slyly at her.

"Don't butter me up," she said with a faint blush she tried to cover. "Anyway, I did and there is not one girl who did spare you a look, first year to seventh."

"I've learned to ignore it, Gin, you should too." He looked around and indeed every girl who happened to walk by them turned to look at Harry and give him a bashful smile.

"Why ignore it when we can use it?"

"I don't see where you're heading."

"Hermione and Ron have a pumpkin juice booth where they tell about their stand, right?"

"Right." Harry said in a dreamy voice as his eyes drifted back to the juice.

"Then why won't we have a booth of our own, no juice booth," she snapped at Harry and his face fall. "But a different kind of booth…"


"A kissing booth?" Hermione shrieked as she saw Ginny ordering the long queue of girls to stand still. "That's just obscene!" she slammed her fist on her booth and walked over to Ginny.

"That will be two sickles and your signature on our volunteers' sheet." Ginny smiled at the fourth year Ravenclow girl who giggled nervously and smiled at her awaiting friends and gave Ginny the money signed on the paper. "Thank you and have a good day."

"Ginny Weasley, you stop this right now!" Hermione cried loudly and pushed her way through the long line of waiting girls. "Do you here me?"

"Calm down Hermione and don't tell me what to do, I'm not Ron!" Ginny answered her and singled another girl to approach.

"Hey!" Ron said but Ginny looked at him. "Oh, okay!"

"I'm warning you Ginny, I won't allow you to turn this into prostitution." She whispered angrily as she saw Ginny charge money and get a signature from another girl.

"You're exaggerating, Hermione." Harry said and grinned at the swooning Romilda Vane and kissed her on the cheek. "This is our way to get the votes just like you did with the juice." His eyes glanced over to their booth to see how the juice was holding.

"How can you say such thing when she's practically pimps you, Harry?"

"That's not pimping, Hermione," he laughed and several sighs and giggles were heard from the queue of girls and Harry automatically messed up his hair and grinned at them. "Even muggles use this kind of booth in fairs and stuff. Beside it a simple peck on the cheek nothing more."

Hermione was in lost for words and thought for a minute before she said, "back me up, Ronald!"

"Why won't you relax, Hermione? Go knit some bladder looking hats and free some flabberworms." Ginny said before her brother had the chance to talk.

"This isn't over, Ginny Weasley!" Hermione called and stormed off grabbing Ron and folding the juice stand with one flick of her wand.

"She took it better then we thought." Harry said.

"I bet she's annoyed for not thinking about a kissing booth a head of us." Ginny answered. "I think you have customer, Harry." She tried to stiff a laugh as Harry turned to look who it was. "That'll be two sickles and your signature on our volunteers' sheet, Colin."

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