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Introduction: Yoh and Hao are going from Izumo into there new school Funbari in Tokyo they are 16. So they are in like grade 12 graduating. There pairings I am not gong to tell anyway ENJOY!

Chapter 1 My life sucks

Hao pov

I sat up right in bed. I couldn't remember what happened last night for it was really dark at the party and someone hit me on the head nearly giving me amnesia but it didn't so I was going to live. Yoh got really wasted last night and I had to carry him home. He next time should tell me when he is going to parties. He nearly got attacked by a man if I didn't get there in time! Poor Yoh he just doesn't know who to trust and who to not trust. I got up from the bed and walked over to the sink to wash my face and get dressed. I wore my green pants with the red overcoat with stars hanging on them. I held them up with a star belt because I was so skinny but I had strength. I walked into the kitchen for some toast then I had to go to get Yoh ready for school. I ate my toast and drank a cup of coffee and headed toward my brothers room. "Hey there Yoh you ready for school?" He simply groaned in his bed telling me he had a hangover and was not going to budge till mom or dad came in. I groaned at this and grabbed his blankets from him and started to tickle him the death. "Oni-Oni-chaannnn." My brother was laughing so hard he started to cry. He then decided to get up for once.

He was wearing his day clothes already because I did not want to change him last night and, he could not even see where he was so he could not change himself. So I just dropped him there on the floor and put blankets on him so mom and dad did not yell at me for making there precious son get a cold.

Mom and dad had rejected me since birth while Yoh was the chosen one but I did not care I was more powerful than he was. They only kept me around because it was a sin to kill a newborn baby and later on Yoh told them he did not want to lose his brother. Eventually they found a use for me. I was the one who murdered others that was a threat to the Asakura family but of course Yoh did not know this.

We walked into the kitchen and I got him some toast and a cup of milk. When he finished he thanked me and went off to go and find his things. When he was leaving I asked him, "Yoh be careful you have a huge hangover" "Yea sure Oni-chan I will" He smiled his trade mark smile at me and continued collecting his things.

Mom came down the stairs and gave Yoh a giant hug. "My precious baby you must be more careful." "What?" Yoh asked confused. Keiko replied "I saw you were not home last night and I saw you elder brother go looking for you." Yoh grinned at me and mom. "Aww mom thank you for worrying about me and Hao" She removed herself from him and asked, "So Yoh honey where were you last night?" Yoh simply said "I was at a party and I had punch and someone had spiked it. Net time I will be more careful." "Thank you Yoh and next time let me know if you're going to any parties ok?" he sighed "Okay mom" "Now you better hurry or you will be late for school." Yoh hurried along with his stuff when mom had finished giving him hugs and kisses that made me sick. When mom was out of site in the kitchen Yoh came up and gave me a nice hug and a kiss on the cheek. "Thank you Oni-chan" He never called me Oni-chan in front of mom. Especially dad. When he talked I noticed his breath was bathed in the putrid scent of alcohol. He then bid me farewell and left for school.

When I went into the kitchen to make everyone else some food then disappear into my room till Yoh came home or they needed me. I made everyone there fine course meal then headed for the upstairs. Yohmei stopped me. "Hao. Where do you think you are going?" I stopped and turned around my long hair swished at my rapid movement. "Upstairs. Why do you need me?" Mikihisa came out from behind me and stabbed me in the shoulder. "WHAT THE HELL!" I screamed at the older man. He had got me badly. My shoulder was dripping in blood going down my arm. Keiko was looking away from her son being abused. "You should be careful Hao. You never know when someone is going to strike. Wait you have never been to school have you? Well that's why are so dumb." He said in a calm matter smirking at pain he caused me. Like it was nothing that he had just stabbed his son. Usually he hit me or knocked me down but never cut or stabbed me! "What?" Was all I could say from the anger that was building in my very pores. I felt like I should have set him on fire like I did last time. If Yoh never stopped me he would not be standing right here! But that was one of those bad memories that hurt me deeply, This one had me remembering my brothers tear stained face clutching his father soon to be corpse. "What do you mean?" I breathed, Yohmei now spoke up. "We are going to send you to Tokyo you have already been signed up." I panicked "A School! You are sending me to a school!" Keiko now stood up to fight my wrath. "We are sending you there because you are a bad example for Yoh! You are teaching him bad things he should be having a happy time! Not living in death trying to stick up for you all the time! You are an accident! I wish you had never been born!" That hurt me deeply I prepared myself to hit her knock her down or something. When I was making the fist Mikihisa came from behind me and cut a huge gap in the side of my waist then punched me on the head. I fell to my knees. I lost too much blood. I black out.

Yoh Pov

I walked along towards to school singing a song ready for another happy day. My best friends had been with me at the party and we had a grand time till I was to drunk to remember what happened next. I never mean to worry my brother like that. These things just happen. My friends at school are Tamao and Lufix. Tamao my dad trained and lives at our estate. She usually wears her hair naturally pink and wears a black sweat pants and a white T-shirt. Lufix I met when I was I kindergarten. He is very kind but he is going to Tokyo soon his parents wanted him to go because they have a disease and they do not want him to catch it. He likes to wear a red buttoned vest with no sleeves that just went to his waist and also lime green shorts that went just below his knees with some sandals. His hair is halfway between mien and my brothers around the top half of his back the color was light purple and pink with strips of orange. His eyes are a deep navy blue. He is also a shaman he uses the spirit of a dragon. The dragon is a powerful alley it was originally the spirit of his sister but she died and warped into a beautiful yellow dragon. His sister was called Uriko. She had long yellow hair she was perfect but clumsy. She had eyes that were yellow and she like to wear back and dark colors so they went with her hair and eyes. Her power allows him to glide like he is wearing roller skates. Also he has to power to talk to her and she makes him telepathic. My guardian ghost is the samurai Admidamaru. We have been partners for a long time ever since Kino went to Tokyo for an errand and brought back the samurai. We are best buds. My brother controls he great spirit of fire, the elements and shikigami. He has mastered them perfectly.

I continue my way to the school wearing my uniform that I always wear. I met up with Lufix at the crosswalk. He was also wearing his school clothes (white shirt tie and green pants) "So how I you like the party last night Yoh" He was taunting me cause I got hammered. "It was great how did you like it?" "Well I didn't get as hammered as you so I am great with no hangover " we started laughing for no reason. After a few minutes of it he turned to conversation into a serious one. "Hey Yoh?" "Hmm?" "Since I am going to Tokyo tomorrow can you come and visit me? From time to time? I don't think there are many shamans that live there." I was too shocked to speak I had completely forgotten that the main reason we had gone to party was because he was leaving tomorrow! "Oh, .. Yes Of course I will visit lots!" I smiled at him so happily that it creeped him out. "Ok dude you are one happy dude. Also do you know what my sister asked me last night?" "No what did she ask you?" "She asked if you wanted to come with? Can you?" He looked like there was hope In his face. I looked forward to see the school coming into view. "I hope so I will ask but don't get your hopes up I don't think that they will let me go because if I go my brother will have to go also." "Damn stupid brother of yours." He stopped walking and thought for a minute. "NO WAIT YOH? I like your brother he is so cool! He has longer hair than me right? It is a dark chocolate brown!" I nodded "He is so cool! I must have thought of someone else. Man your brother must attract a lot of girls? Right?" "umm, no he doesn't" "Doesn't he go to school?" "No he works." "Awesome I bet if ever walked into a school he would be surrounded with girls. Like you do." "You are such a pervert" "nope I am not a pervert I can assure you I just think on what would happen if Hao did find someone. His eyes are so harsh and sharp like if you look at them you will be pricked or cut. I think it would be cool if they soften like your and when people look at him then will melt into him." "You Sick perv." "Hey!" he was starting to get annoyed at me for calling him a perv all the time. He really is. But when I asked my brother he said that Lufix he wasn't a perv but he is aww well. "I know why you call me a perv Yoh!" "Why?" "Because of my hair isn't it its light purple and pink!" I couldn't help but laugh it was funny the way that he said it. "No it's not because of you hair. Also I was just kidding about you being a perv." "You sure" "Yes" "Yaaa! I knew it" too bad he is Oh well I let him be happy as we headed into the school.

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