Chapter 20 Night

Hao pov

I tossed and turned all night to await my brother to come through the front door. Minute after minute hour after hour there was no sign of him. A couple of hours later it was 5am and still no sign of him. I had long finished my homework and Jeanne and Van were slightly dozing where we were sitting in the room. I moved my self toward the window where I could greet him when he came back. He had left around 1am and now it was 5:45am. "I will be back around 4am I promise." His voice kept on ringing in my head over and over. 'Yoh.' So what if I am a little too over protective I don't care anymore. I will not be blamed for this one too. I left a quick letter to Van and Jeanne that I had gone to go find them. Just when I exited the door I sprite came through and gave me a letter from my father.

Lufix pov

I ran into Anna and she gathered everyone when we found Yoh was no longer there Ren and I went to go and find him while the others were standing on the platform looking around. I had to go to the bathroom and there was Yoh I called his name but he didn't seem to hear me. Ren screamed his name and went full frontal on her. I pulled Yoh away and Ren grabbed him and the girl retreated. We both held him and carried him to where everyone else was waiting. We all went in a taxi home. In the middle of the car ride Yoh became a little bit more coherent. "Where am I?" I stroked his hair as Anna held him on her lap. "You got taken advantage of Yoh." Anna plainly stated. When we all got outside to our apartment Hao stood there like just getting in. He was soaked in something and smelt really bad. Like ash. His eyes were dead so unlike the eyes I grew to love and respect. He waved to us and headed inside. When we all got in I found him I the shower. I wanted to ask him what happened but he went straight to bed.