Operation: B.R.A.I.N.

Big plan




Nearly gets everybody's butts kicked

Chapter 1: A New Alliance

It was an average day in Father's mansion. Father was in a secret communications room along with some of his inner circle which included villains like Mr. Boss along with Nightbrace and others. As all the villains were getting into their seats, Father pressed the button and a computer screen appeared. The image showed a picture of some sort of brain attached to some sort of electronic invention of some sort.

"Greetings" said the Brain, "you must be Father."

"Yes" said Father, "I am interested in forming an alliance with you. Since of course we seem to have the same enemies, you know."

"I know" replied the Brain, "and I know that you and your loyalists have had some hard times with defeating your enemy known as the Kids Next Door. I too am also planning on defeating my enemy, the Teen Titans."

"Of course those two groups are our main foes" said the Delightful Children as the Brain turned to them.

"You must be the Delightful Children" said the Brain, "I am glad we can finally meet. I can tell that you have had a lot of trouble with the Kids Next Door."

"Yes" said the Delightful Children, "but with their allies the Teen Titans, it's nearly impossible to defeat them."

"Not if you accept what to do with my plans" said the Brain, "it will improve your strategy against your foes."

"Hmm, interesting" said the Delightful Children, "we accept this alliance."

"And so do I" said Father.

"So what do we do with these Kids Next Dorks?" asked Chad as he pounded his fist on the table.

"That is up to me" replied the Brain, "the plan is very simple. The Kids Next Door and their allies the Teen Titans have outsmarted every villain Father has to offer to go toe to toe with them. And what makes matters worse is that the Teen Titans are the allies of the Kids Next Door. The only solution here is to destroy both of them."

"Which is?" asked Father.

"I'm getting to that" replied the Brain, "don't rush me. Anyway, I figure we can lure both of our enemies into a trap. It shouldn't be any type of trap, oh no, but a trap that will annihilate both troublesome teams. My Brotherhood of Evil shall take on the KND moon base Father and his minions have tried to destroy, while Father and members of my team make an assault not just against the KND Sector V tree house, but also against Titan Tower."

"Hmm, those pesky super powered teenagers do indeed cause a lot of trouble for us" said Mr. Boss.

"Then it's settled" said Father as he got up from his seat and walked toward the computer screen, "we accept this alliance with you to destroy our enemies."

"Good" said the Brain, "then I suggest that you and your minions get going on those plans. My second-in-command the Gorilla will send in the coordinates to Titans Tower. Please make sure that you pick your best villains to destroy the Teen Titans. I'll send a group of villains to help destroy the KND tree house of Sector V."

As the computer screen turns off, Father then turns around and studies the members of his team.

"So, who are you going to send in to destroy the Titans?" asked Mr. Boss, "Most of us can get our butts kicked by them."

"True" said Father, "but I'm planning on sending my teenage army against the Titans. Chad, I think it's time that you and Cree make a full frontal assault against Titan Tower."

"But I want revenge against my sister" complained Cree.

"Don't question Father" snapped Chad, "this is our chance in finally destroying those KN Dorks and any ally of them that believes in their same purpose."

"Hmm" said Cree, "perhaps you are right. I'll get Maurice to send another squad against Sector V."

"Make it a smaller squad of teenagers" added Father, "I want most of the teenager forces to attack the Titans and help the Brain's minions. The Delightful Children along with some new technology acquired by stealing Slade's equipment shall be used on the assault against the KND moon base with the help of the Brotherhood of Evil."

"Excellent" said the Delightful Children, "we would love to see fireworks when the KND moon base is destroyed."

"Come on" said Mr. Boss as he was starting to get up from his seat, "let's get going. We shouldn't keep the Brain and his loyalists waiting."

As everybody was about to get up from their seats, the Toiletnator came right into the room.

"I thought you said the Toiletnator went to the new planet that was discovered?" asked Nightbrace to Mr. Boss.

"I did" replied Mr. Boss.

"Sorry that I'm late" said the Toiletnator as he was catching his breath, "did I miss the meeting?"

"You wouldn't last one nano second in the Brain's plans to destroy the Kids Next Door and the Teen Titans" said Father, "so we sent you on a wild goose chase."

"Hmm, I kind of figured that once I got to NASA they turned me away" said the Toiletnator.

"Look" said Mr. Boss, "you can't join in on any of the Brain's plans."

"You will give the Brain a headache" said Nightbrace.

"Yea, good one" said Chad as he nudged Nightbrace's shoulder a little, then all the other villains started to laugh at the Toiletnator.

"I want to be in the Brain's plans" said the Toiletnator, "I'm just as good as any of you people are."

Suddenly the computer screen automatically turned back on, and showed the image of the Brain along with the Gorilla.

"Sorry, that I caught you at a bad time" said the Brain, "but here are the coordinates to Titan Tower which the Gorilla is sending you by fax. And oh, I believe I do have some use of the Toiletnator."

"See, I told you the Brain would accept me" said the Toiletnator.

"So what do you propose to do?" asked Father, "He's been more of a problem than the Kids Next Door when it comes into ruining my plans."

"True" added the Brain, "but I think I have a solution to this dilemma. But I think you might be too risky to be in my plans, since you seem to have ruined Father's plans."

"Please, please, please!" begged the Toiletnator as he kneeled on his knees to the Brain, "I want to destroy the Kids Next Door. Number 4 is my greatest enemy!"

"Hmm, since you put it that way" said the Brain, "you can go and help destroy the KND Sector V tree house."

"Yea!" cheered the Toiletnator, "Finally, I'll get my revenge on Number 4."

"Yeah" said Mr. Boss, "just make sure you don't screw up any of the plans."