Chapter 8: Assault on the Moon Base

The two ships that Chad and Cree were on had arrived on the flagship of which the Brotherhood of Evil had built and were greeted by Mala and several robotic soldiers.

"Is everything ready for the assault?" asked Cree.

"Absolutely" replied Mala as the two began to walk with him and the soldiers to their post.

"Excellent" said Chad, "this shall be the ultimate fall of those Kids Next Dorks."

Meanwhile, back on the moon base, Number 362 was getting the troops ready in defense positions.

"Alright Kids Next Door" said Number 362, "we're about to take on a large armada that will invade and occupy the moon base. We have Sector V and the Teen Titans to thank us for warning of this impending invasion and assault."

"So let's get to your defense positions, now!" shouted Number 86.

As everybody got into their ships and took off along with getting in defensive positions with the turrents, Number 362 was shown through where the Titans and Sector V were waiting for her along with Number 86 walking beside her.

"Glad you warned us about this assault by Father" said Number 362.

"It's not just Father whose doing this" said Number 1, "as we have gotten our information from the Titans, an organization known as the Brotherhood of Evil have formed an alliance with Father and are supplying Father with the means of attacking the moon base as they have already sent a team to destroy our tree house."

"Then we need to hold back and defend the oncoming forces as long as we can" said Number 362.

"What type of plan do you have that would sabotage the efforts of the Brotherhood of Evil?" asked Robin.

"We have secretly been working on stealth technology which some of our operatives have hacked into adult facilities" said Number 362, "and we aim to use this technology as a way to sneak onboard the flagship you Titans and Sector V to take down the main ship."

"Sounds like a good plan to me" said Cyborg, "let's go then."

"Somehow I kind of feel this plan might fall apart" said Raven looking dim as ever.

"You always say that" said Beast Boy.

"Well, we're not going to stop the Brotherhood of Evil or Father by just standing around and arguing about Number 362's plan" said Number 1, "so let's move out!"

Number 362 along with Number 86 and her squad escorted the Titans and Sector V to a top secret location on the moon base which no body has ever entered except for the top elite of the KND. They were then escorted to a hangar where a strange ship was waiting for them. The Titans and Sector V then got onto the ship and started it up. The ship then took off and headed straight toward the oncoming armada that was already launching several fighters from the hangar bays of various ships. The scene then switches to where Chad and Cree are on high arm chairs watching the battle and Mala directing communications below.

"There doesn't seem to be that much trouble of knocking out their defense" said Mala, "they are all unprepared for this fight despite Sector V and the Titans from reaching the moon base to warn them."

"Continue to give orders to the fighters" said Cree, "and when their defenses are down; prepare an escort for the troop transports."

"Everything is going according to plan" said Mala as he got back to work, "the Brain and Father would be most pleased."

The scene then switches to where the stealth ship is slowly making its way toward the flagship of the armada.

"Are we there yet?" asked Beast Boy.

"Not by a long shot" replied Number 2, "maybe at least a few more minutes."

"Looks like the hangar of the flagship is coming up" said Aqualad.

"Then we need to prepare to fight our way through" said Robin as he got out his fighting rod.

The stealth ship finally made it to the hangar bay of the flagship. The robotic soldiers guarding the hangar bay didn't notice anything strange, but were then knocked out by Bumblebee and Cyborg as they got out of the stealth ship. They then directed the others to come out from the ship and suddenly the other robotic soldiers from above began to notice and started to fire at the Titans and Sector V. Starfire then fired several star bolts, destroying the robotic soldiers, while as other robotic soldiers were coming to their aid, Raven used her powers and threw the robotic soldiers right toward the wall and to the ground again. Everything was clear for the Titans and Sector V and they began to move out. Meanwhile, back at the command center, Chad noticed something was up with the hangar bay.

"What's going on down there with the hangar bay?" asked Chad, "It better be no those Kids Next Dorks or their friends the Teen Titans."

"I'll send some robotic soldiers to check the situation out" replied Mala as he was pressing the buttons on the computer console.

As the Titans and Sector V were battling their way to the command post of the flagship, they were fighting fiercely as the robotic soldiers were trying to attack them with everything they got. The robotic soldiers attempted to try to hold them back, but couldn't as the Titans and Sector V pushed toward them and got very close to the command post of the flagship. Cyborg fired his laser cannon while Speedy fired his arrow knocking down the door to the command post down. The robotic soldiers then fired on the Titans and Sector V, but they dodged the oncoming attack and moved forward to the two arm chairs in the center. As Robin and Aqualad turned the chairs the other way around, they were shocked to notice that no body was there.

"Looking for us?" asked Chad as he was in his armor beside Cree along with Mala and several robotic soldiers.

"It's time to put you Kids Next Dorks in your place" replied Cree, "and for you Titans, we true teenagers get to try you for treason."

"I think the wisest decision would be to put your weapons down if you have weapons or just surrender yourselves" said Mala.

"Not going to happen" said Cyborg.

Cyborg then fires his laser cannon at Mala, sending Mala crashing into several robotic soldiers. The robotic soldiers then get up and charge at the Titans, while Cree and Chad go into battle against Sector V. Bumblebee used her powers to fire her lasers at several robotic soldiers, while Menos and Minos raced toward several robotic soldiers and with their powers knocked several of them down. Beast Boy changed himself into a kangaroo and joined Aqualad and knocked down several robotic soldiers as they tried to attack them. Speedy fired his arrows at the oncoming robotic soldiers, while Raven used her powers to attack the robotic soldiers. As the other Titans got to fighting off the robotic soldiers, Sector V was having problems of their own battling Chad and Cree. Chad fired his laser that was attached to his armor against Number 1, but Number 1 dodged the attacks and fired his weapon at Chad, destroying the attached laser. Chad then attempted to do some melee attacks on Number 1, but he was unaware that Number 4 was right behind him and was knocked out by Number 4.

"You pathetic Kids Next Dorks are going to pay" said Cree as she was dodging Number 5's attacks.

"The only one who is going to pay is you" said Number 5 as she managed to kick Cree in the chest, sending Cree across the room and hitting the wall.

"Well, it looks like everything seems to have slipped right into ruins" said Number 2.

"Don't try that lame pun again" said Number 5.

"I was only trying to be humorous" added Number 2.

As Numbers 2 and 5 kept on arguing, Chad slowly recovered from the attack and noticed Number 1 and 4 were heading to stop the argument. Chad noticed that the Titans were still fighting off the robotic soldiers and began to sneak toward Mala and woke up him.

"We need to get out of here" whispered Chad to Mala.

"A wise decision" said Mala as he got up and started to head toward Cree.

Mala then grabbed Cree who was too exhausted to move and carried her out of the battle along with Chad. They then headed toward the hangar bay and escaped on one of the ships and fled the battle which most of their ships were being destroyed by the Kids Next Door. When the Titans were finished with their battle, they noticed that Mala, Chad and Cree were gone.

"Where did those three go?" asked Robin to Number 1.

"Well, we would have watched them carefully if Number 2 and 5 here didn't get into an argument" said Number 1.

"We'll track them down later" said Cyborg, "let's get the heck out of here."

"You got that right" said Number 2.

The Titans and Sector V went back to the hangar bay and onto the stealth ship and left the flagship. The ship then went toward the moon base and was greeted by Number 362, 86 and her squad.

"It seems that you got their attention" said Number 362 as the Titans and Sector V were coming out from the ship, "well done."

Meanwhile, back at the headquarters of the Brotherhood of Evil, Father and the Brain were upset with the recent developments of their plans.

"I can't believe your plans failed" said Father to the Brain, "I thought you were suppose to be some sort of a genius of some sort."

"I am" said the Brain, "this was just a small flaw that I need to fix."

"Small!" cried Father as he fired up, "I have been trying to destroy the Kids Next Door for as long as I can remember. And you call flaws in failed plans, small!"

"Well then" said the Brain, "if you believe you have a better plan, I would like to hear it."

"I have contacts with other super powerful villains in other universes besides myself" said Father, "I believe we can devise up an ultimate plan to destroy all of our enemies once and for all."

"And how are you going to do that?" asked the Brain.

"With this new invention I my loyalists intend to create" replied Father as he showed the Brain the blueprints of the invention.

"This plan of yours better work" said the Brain as he studied the blueprints.

"Oh it will, it will" said Father, "just you wait and see. Those Kids Next Door and any others who stand in our way will soon feel our wraith."

The scene then ends with Father giving an evil laugh and fades.