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It was early in the morning and the Village Council and the Hokage were still debating on what should be done with the prison. The day before yesterday the Kyuubi was poised to attack and then minutes later it fell. The reason for the defeat of the strongest of all the Youkai was the sacrifice made by the strongest of all the humans that went out to face it. This Youkai was not like the others its power was so massive that there was no way to even harm it. So that meant they could only seal it away. And the only place that could hold such a being of raw power was a newborn boy only minutes old. Only a living human with its chakra system still setting could hold the beast and there was only one baby born that day. If there was any consolation the Yondaime had when he took the child it was that he did not have to ask any parent to use their child for this as after this battle both parents would be dead and he would be an orphan.

That did raise an important question however; what to do with the baby/living prison now that the Youkai was sealed away. That was the debate going on at this very moment. The problem was the Council was spilt into thirds; one third wanted to kill the child to kill the Kyuubi, one third wanted to let the child live just because they were afraid that the seal was not set yet and the final third simply wanted the child removed from the village these did not really care how it was done. The final decision would come down to the reinstated Sandaime Hokage. The Hokage knew the final request of from his fellow Hokage but knew just by watching these fools it was not going to happen. The problem was that even though the Council would have to bend to the Hokage's will as he had final say the message they were saying was quite clear. No one wanted the living prison/demon vessel/hero/innocent child.

The arguing factions came to a sudden silence as the door to the Council Chambers opened and the Head of Konoha's oldest and most power Clan entered, the newly appointed Hyuuga Hiashi. "Please forgive the interruption, my wife's pregnancy is not going well with all the stress in the last few days."

"Your apologies are not necessary Hyuuga-sama," the Head of the Arubame Clan said stoically. "It has been stressful for us all."

"Thank you Aburame-sama," Hiashi returned.

"Please have a seat," Sandaime instructed. "We are still discussing what to do with Naruto…"

"What is there to discuss?" the head of one of the now smaller Clans said. "The thing should be killed before the Seal breaks!"

"And if killing the vessel is what breaks the seal while it is still settling then what will you do?" Another Clan Head countered.

"That is why we must banish it from the village and send it to the far reaches of the world," another spoke up. "If it dies and releases the Kyuubi then it won't attack and if it lives and keeps the beast contained it won't be our problem."

It was at this point that Hyuuga Hiashi spoke once again, "I may have a solution to this debate." The other Clan Heads silenced themselves and gave their full attention to him. "I shall adopt him into my Clan."

Before he could continue all the Heads began to shout and protest, "Why would want to take the demon in?"

"Why do you want to let it live?"

"Are you trying to use the it's power as your own?" the last question came from the Uchiha Head. It was no secret that the Uchiha and the Hyuuga were often at odds with each other in village politics.

"Silence!" the Hokage ordered causing the room to fall quite. "Hyuuga-sama perhaps you should explain."

"Yes Hokage-sama," Hiashi obeyed. "I make this recommendation because we do not know what the Seal will do if the boy is allowed to live or if he dies. My Clan can observe the Seal and detect any imbalance in it if it begins to break down. Also if it does my Clan also has a means of quickly killing the vessel before the Kyuubi can escape."

"You mean your Family Curse Seal," the Sandaime interjected his disapproval clearly in his voice. None of the Hokages like the Curse Seal but the Clans had the right to protect their secrets so they could not do anything about it.

"Hhhhmm an interesting idea," Akimichi Clan Head said.

"I agree," the Uchiha Head nodded. This caused everyone to turn to him in disbelief. "The Byakugan is better at seeing Chakra than even the Sharingan. It can give us the most advance warning if the Seal begins to break. And the Curse Seal ensures that we have a fail-safe incase it does begin to break. It will ensure the doubts of whether the Seal is stable and keep other villages from finding him and using the vessel against us."

Hearing the argument agreed upon by the Konoha's two most well know rival Clans the others quickly began to agree. Soon the entire Council was in agreement at the suggestion of the Hyuuga Clan taking Naruto in. Sandaime was clearly against such an action because of what it entitled but because the entire Council was in agreement he could do nothing at this time. With the Village still recovering, his position still tenuous at best, and the anger and fear still running high if he were to oppose this decision there could be a riot and many more people would be killed. "Very well," he finally conceded. "You can take Naruto. However from this day on anyone mentions what truly happened to the Kyuubi shall be punished severely as I am making this an S-Class Village Secret."

"Yes Hokage-sama" the entire Council stood. With the meeting augured Hiashi took Naruto in his arms and left for the Hyuuga compound to begin Uzumaki Naruto's life as a Hyuuga.

Four years later Naruto is standing off to the side as the Branch House and Main House stand facing each other. He is not really part of either House but is part of the Clan so he watches as the meeting takes place. He sees the Main House Heiress, Hinata shyly hiding behind her Father the Head of the Clan as Neji, the Heir to the Branch House waves at her as he stands next to his Father the Leader of the Branch House. As he watches he noticed one major difference between the adults of the Clan. Those of the Branch House that do not have their foreheads cover it was easy to see a mark on them even in the pale moon light. Absently Naruto reached to his own forehead to and rubbed his own mark under his headband. It was the same mark as the ones on the Branch Members.

Thinking about that he remembered the time when he asked his caretaker why he did not have eye's like the rest of the Family. The look from the caretaker sent a massive chill down Naruto's spine. And with a cold hate filled voice his caretaker said he was not part of the Clan and was just a Ward. After that Naruto never asked if he was part of the Clan again. After a few minutes of talking Neji left the side of the Branch House and went with the Main House and the two groups left the area.

Wanting to get out of there Naruto left the Compound and entered the Village proper. No one really cared if he came or went as long as if he was back after nightfall he needed to be quite so as to not disturb anyone. As such Naruto often spent time away from the Compound during the day, though mostly it was in the forest as the Villagers would often look at him with the same cold eyes as his caretaker. This time however there was a celebration in the village and if he kept himself concealed enough he could enjoy watching everyone else have some fun.

After only a three or four glares during the day, which meant it was a good day for Naruto, he decided to stop off at the small ramen shop that allowed him to eat there for some dinner. He knew he would be late getting back to the Compound but he really did not care at this point. By the time he was finished with his meal it was well into the night when Naruto headed back. As he was about to enter the Hyuuga grounds he saw an odd site. It was a man Naruto did not recognize carrying what looked like a bundle a little smaller than him exit one of the building in the Main House section. As the stranger came into the moonlight and he saw that Hinata was the bundle. Knowing that no one would let the Hyuuga Heiress leave with a stranger alone Naruto knew something was wrong. So Naruto did the only thing he could, he screamed, "INTRUDER!" Now Naruto was often a quite child because that was how everyone in the Hyuuga Clan but Naruto did have quite the set of lungs so his yell carried quite the distance alerting several people in the area.

The person carrying Hinata was obviously one of those who heard and turned to see him, "Danm Brat!" He tried to make a run for it but several Hyuuga's poured out and quickly surrounded him forcing him to surrender.

After the intruder was taken into custody Hiashi made his way over to Naruto, who was still off to the side all alone. When he was close to Naruto the blonde lowered his head as he was taught to do. After a moment of waiting Hiashi said "Look up." Naruto obeyed and looked at Hiashi in the eyes. When he did Hiashi let his stone like face soften a little, "You did well." He then turned with his normal visage in place and walked back to give a report of the account to the Anbu that had arrived. As he left Naruto let off a large smile after hearing praise from a man that almost never gave it even to his own daughter.

The next morning the excitement of last night spread and Naruto was out in the in the courtyard still smiling from last night. It was there he heard a soft voice from behind him call his name, "N…Naruto."

Turning around Naruto came face to face with the girl that was nearly kidnapped last night, "Hinata-sama," Naruto addressed with a bow. "Are you alright?"

"Y...yes," Hinata answered. "T…thank…y…you Naruto-k…kun." She gave him a small smile and then quickly went back inside. The smile that Naruto had earlier was even wider than before and it was that day he vowed to grow strong in order to protect everyone so he can feel just like he does at that moment.

Two years later Naruto is practicing his Taijutsu on one of the training fields not far from the Hyuuga Compound. Ever since that day two years ago he has been spending much of his time training in order to become stronger. It was at this time that three people came upon the carrier of the Kyuubi in order to tell him the results they knew he would not want to hear. "Naruto," Hiashi's stoic voice addressed.

Naruto stopped mid kick and turned to the voice and saw three men that he had come to admire over the last two years, Hyuuga Hiashi, his brother Hyuuga Hizashi and the Sandaime Hokage. After the attempted kidnapping the two brothers had become closer to their ward because it was because of him that Hinata was safe and allowing them both to train Neji to become a better protector for his cousin. This allowed them to become closer once again become true brothers they missed being. The Hokage simply liked and treated Naruto well for as long as he has know him so Naruto always liked him. "Hokage-sama, Hiashi-sama Hizashi-sama, hello," Naruto greeted. He knew why they were here, "Are going to let me enter the Academy?"

All three men's eyes softened for a moment, "No, Naruto. The Elders are not allowing you to enter the Academy," Hiashi informed him.

"Oh," Naruto lowered his head in sadness. Earlier this month Naruto had learned that Hinata would be attending the Ninja Academy soon and he requested the same. Because he was the Ward of the Hyuuga Clan the Elders of the Clan had final say in whether or not he could go. The problem was the Elders were rather open in their hatred for the six year old so their denial to give him permission to enter the Academy was not unexpected to him. "Thank you for asking on my behalf," Naruto said. The three men came because they were the closest things Naruto had to a real family.

"It is getting late Naruto we should head back," Hizashi said. He had taken Naruto into his home after the attempted kidnapping and had become Naruto's caretaker and made Naruto Neji's sparring partner, "It's time for practice." Naruto nodded wordlessly and followed his caretaker back to the Hyuuga Compound.

After the two left the Hiashi spoke to the Hokage, "Without entering the Academy even you cannot allow him to become a shinobi. He will never be able to reach his true potential then." Hiashi had seen Naruto's determination and inner strength first hand as he watched Naruto spar Neji and train on his own over the past two years. And truly wanted to see Naruto grow into a strong shinobi.

"He may not be able to become a shinobi," Sandaime responded, "But that does not keep him from growing stronger."

"What do you plan to do Hokage-sama?" Hiashi asked.

"I can give him access to my Library," the Hokage answered with a smile.

"Are you going to take him on as an apprentice?" Hiashi asked disbelieving. The Personal Library of the Hokage that became none as the Professor for him knowledge of some many jutsus was nearly Legendary in status. To be allowed access even for a day is considered a great honor.

"No," Hokage admitted. "My duties like yours keep me from doing anything like that. But I can help him by giving him some pointers here and there. Don't you agree?"

"Yes Hokage-sama," Hiashi nodded, "I shall inform Naruto after his training."

Four years later Naruto is seen in a large room with several scroll lying around. He brings his hand up into a seal and says, "Henge!" Unfortunately after the smoke clears the ten-year-old Naruto still looks just like himself. Yielding to his frustration at yet another failure Naruto punches the wall behind him.

"I would appreciate it if you did not damage my Library Naruto," Sandaime says with a chuckle from the entrance.

"Sorry Hokage-sama," Naruto apologizes. "But I'm just getting rather angry at my performance or lack there of as the case may be." Sighing he walks over to the Hokage, "I just don't understand I can fell my chakra flow through my body I just can't seem to do the jutsus. It's not like that Rock Lee guy, from what I've heard his chakra just doesn't flow at all. I just don't get what's wrong with mine."

"I have been thinking about that Naruto," the Hokage replied. "I think the Caged Bird Seal and your other Seal interfere with your ability to mold the chakra correctly to perform jutsus." Naruto looked at the Hokage for a minute trying to understand what he meant. Over the years the Hyuuga's and Hokage had to tell Naruto about the Seal on his stomach because Neji and Hinata had commented on seeing it on him a few times. They did not tell Naruto what the Seal was for only that it was placed on him the day he was born. They also knew it was only a matter of time for Naruto to ask why it was put on him and then they would be forced to tell him his greatest secret. Though they started to suspect that Naruto might already have an idea what the Seal was for.

"Makes sense I guess," Naruto said. "The Caged Bird Seal can mess with mental focus sometimes and the Seal on my stomach messes with my control as far as I can tell. The two combined probably would do something like that."

Sarutobi looks at Naruto nodding in approval at the analysis he performed. Naruto was not a genius but was still quite intelligent. And with the pointers he has given Naruto over the years, his studying and sparing/competing with Neji, a trued genius, Naruto is able to understand a great deal about what he is told. "We'll have to see what we can do to either fix that or find some way of getting around it."

"Well if we can't fix it I think I know a way to get around it," Naruto replied.

"And how is that?" the Hokage asked already having an idea himself.

"I can still gather my chakra to different parts of my body, the tree and water walking are proof of that and my Taijutsu is unaffected," Naruto said.

"What are you suggesting Naruto?" the Hokage asked already knowing where he was going.

"I read about a Taijutsu style called Impact," Naruto said leaving the room.

Two years later Naruto is seen standing outside the Ninja Academy. Not far away from him are several adults also standing around. They are talking about him in hushed voices saying they were glad he was never allowed to enter the Academy and thus allowed to become a ninja. Naruto is not paying any attention to them, instead he is waiting for the doors to open and let those who passed the Graduation Exam out. Not more than five minutes later the doors opened and a little over two dozen boys and girls about Naruto's age come out of the building all wearing the symbol of adulthood in a Hidden Village, the Hitai Ate (Forehead Protector). Naruto is looking for one particular person, a girl that he has known all his life and had been close friends with for over half, Hinata. After a few seconds he spots her and waves her over. Seeing her approach and wearing a Hitai Ate he asks, "How did you do?"

"I achieved third placing," Hinata answered. "Uchiha Sasuke achieved Rookie of the Year and some other girl name Sakura got second."

Naruto nodded, "Uchiha Sasuke has a lot to live up to some I doubt anyone is surprised he got Rookie of the Year. The question is why did you not get second standing?"

"The girl beat me out in the written test," Hinata admitted. "She beat everyone in that area."

Again Naruto nods in understanding and the two start to walk off, "Hiashi-sama was unable come because of a meeting with the Hokage and Hizashi-sama is out on missions and so is Neji. Hanabi went with Hiashi-sama."

This time it was Hinata that nodded in understanding knowing how busy her family gets, "When will you be starting Missions?"

"The Hokage says I'm old enough and good enough to be a Gennin Equivalent so he will be giving me Missions starting next week just like you and the other Graduates."

"I just wish you were apart of the Graduating Class," Hinata said.

"There are a lot of shinobi out there that don't have official ranks," Naruto responded. "If I have to be a Rankles Ninja then I don't care. It won't stop me from accomplishing my dreams of being the strongest in the Konoha."

"You mean the Hokage," Hinata prodded.

"If not that then even stronger than the Hokages," Naruto said smiling.

Author's Note: This story was inspired by a concept given to me by Grandmaster Pie.