Chapter 4: Dreams Do Come True

Hesitantly, Hermione unlocked the door allowing a breathless Minerva to burst inside.

"Hermione …" Minerva panted, "I… I"

"Minerva, what is it are you all right?" Hermione asked nervously.

"I ran all the way up here", Minerva continued.

"Minerva that's eight flights of stairs!" Hermione exclaimed, "What would make you do such a thing?"

Still gasping for breath Minerva answered "I…I needed to tell you something, it couldn't wait.

"What is it Minerva, is everything ok?" Hermione asked.

Minerva, who had finally regained her breath, sat on the couch and gently pulled Hermione down beside her.

"Well", Minerva began, "Since you declared your love for me earlier, I figured

now would be a good time to proclaim mine."

Hermione was astounded. Nothing besides a dazed but happy look showed upon her face. Her mouth tried to form words but Minerva put her fingers to Hermione's lips.

"Let me finish love. You see when you were a student I too had feelings for you. Knowing that you were my student not to mention you were so much younger, I banished my thoughts. I felt extremely blessed to have your friendship even if that is all I could ever have. Naturally, when you told me how you felt earlier, I was rather surprised. I never in my wildest dreams even imagined that you would ever reciprocate my feelings. When you kissed me, it was the most magical thing that ever happened to me. The moment you pulled away thinking you ruined our friendship and ran out the door, I did not know what to do. Nevertheless, I am here now and I guess all I wanted to say is that…well…I love you Hermione! I have loved you for a very long time."

"Minerva, I…I don't know what to say." A bewildered Hermione confessed.

"Then don't say anything and kiss me." Minerva said in her most seductive voice.

A voice that Hermione thought her strict professor did not even have, let alone that she would be hearing it.

"Oh Minerva, I desire nothing other than to kiss you," Hermione said as she pulled Minerva into a tender embrace and kissed her passionately.

She moved away from Minerva's lips and kissed her forehead, then gazed into Minerva's eyes. Without a word from either of them, they both stood up and wandered over towards the bed. They now stood at the foot of the bed, both with mischievous looks on their faces.

"It's a tad warm in here", Hermione said flirtatiously, "don't you agree?"

"Well allow me help you cool down a bit." Minerva said as she tugged Hermione's tank top off over her head. She then kneeled down, unbuttoned Hermione's jeans, and slid them down her legs. Hermione was now in nothing but her bra and underwear; all Minerva could do was take in the sight before her.

"You look like you're dying of heat in that towel, let's see what we can do about that shall we," Hermione said playfully.

With a flick of her hand, Minerva's towel slid down the curvatures of her body and landed in a pile at her feet. Minerva was completely unclothed and Hermione could not believe her eyes. She had constantly dreamed about her professor and what her body looked like, but those thoughts were nothing compared to the actual thing.

"You know Min", gasped Hermione, "I don't think I've ever seen a more exquisite sight. You look absolutely divine."

Minerva blushed for the third time that night.

"Nor have I," replied Minerva who was blushing heavily, "Now I think it's time for me to unwrap you all the way."

Delicately, Minerva removed what was left of the clothing that remained on Hermione's body. Before Minerva could say anything, Hermione laid her on the bed and lowered herself on top of her. She kissed Minerva attentively on the lips. Minerva let out a soft whimper. Hermione made her way down Minerva's body, lavishing her neckline, collarbone and abdomen with kisses. Her lips were barely grazing Minerva's skin, but the sensation that Minerva felt was almost unbearable. Now very tenderly, Hermione made love to Minerva, bringing her into the heights of passion. Minerva was tremendously enjoying every single moment and finally she could not go any longer. Her back arched and she cried out Hermione's name as the bliss consumed her. Hermione climbed up next to Minerva and they held each other. After several minutes, Minerva regained her strength and now she wanted to show Hermione how much she loved her. Minerva kissed and tenderly caressed Hermione's body. She showed Hermione the same pleasure that just moments ago she had made her feel. In the blissful aftermath of their lovemaking, Hermione and Minerva just lay in bed entwined with one another. Hermione, who was lying in Minerva's arms, looked up and kissed her lover on the cheek. Minerva placed a kiss on Hermione's forehead and said

"Sweet dreams love"

"Sweet dreams my Minerva"

"I love you"

"I love you too Min"

Minerva fell asleep within minutes. However, Hermione was savoring this perfect moment and she did not want anything to interfere with it, not even the drowsiness that was slowly claiming her. She tilted her head up and gazed at Minerva as she slept. She felt Minerva's warm breath on her skin and detected a slight snore every now and then. Hermione had never seen Minerva so serene, so unaffected by the stress put on her by people and the world. She herself had felt at peace. She felt protected, safe, and so loved by just being there in Minerva's arms. Hermione pulled her lover closer and they lay like that all through the night. They were intertwined with one another, holding each other and never letting go. Right before sleep claimed Hermione, she realized just what had happened.

Hermione sighed, "Dreams do come true", and she drifted off to sleep.

The End