---What is this? A short little drabble about love.

Why is this? Because I'm bored andI have no life.

Where is this? Bakura's mind.

Who is this? RyouXBakura.

When is this? Right now. ----

By: Laria Kaiba

Love is such a trivial thing.

People actually throw away their entire lives just for someone else, its ridicules. They're so insecure with themselves they have to go out and find someone else to make them feel better, its weak.


It is worthless. The biggest waste of time since… video games. In fact, all this "technology" today is a waste of time.

Why does everyone need to be with someone else to be complete? Can't they find happiness and fulfillment in themselves?


It is such a trivial thing…

… Why has it affected me?


His white hair was soft to the touch. Long silky strands fell over his shoulders and down his back. I could not touch it though. I longed to run my fingers through his hair; he looks up with his large dark eyes.

I love those eyes. So innocent and filled with warm love. My heart cold heart, frozen for so many years melted instantly to those eyes.

He was my hikari, my life… my love.

I watched him from my Soul Room. His every move so delicate.

I wanted to be with him.

Softly caressing his cheek, our lips locked in a passionate kiss. I closed my eyes and imagined his supple body trembling under my fingers. A low moan from us both as our bodies intertwine defenseless and silent.

Making him mine.

Holding him close, sitting up all night and talk about nothing. That is what real love was. The physical attraction was just… a perk.


I opened my eyes to his lithe voice. A ghost of himself stood before me in my Soul Room.

"Will you always be with me?"

Everyone thought that I hurt and abuse him. What they did not know was all the scars and bruises were self-inflicted. However, the pain has lessened since I became apart of him. I filled a hole in his heart that was once filled with pain.

"I will be with you as long as you need me, hikari," I answered.


Love, it is indescribable.

There are just sometimes in our lives when we need someone else. There is too much pain in world to carry on alone.

Never give up on love. Never lose the happiest feeling in your life.


It is such a trivial thing…

…but it is the most important.