Through the Moniter

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This Chapter was written by: Rusty Raccoon

Chapter 1: Tails of a Teenage Child

Music blaring, his feet on the raised footrest of the black leather chair he was reclined in, Kyle fingers flew around the controls while he concentrated on the action on screen. His heart raced as he neared the end of the level. He'd always had trouble with this level, but this time, things were going well.

Smashing the last robot that stood between him and the goal, he breathed a sigh of relief as he flew his team towards the goal and connected with it, succeeding.

Dropping his controller, he wiped his sweat soaked hands on his tee shirt as he put them behind his head and lay back, watching the summary of his performance in the level.

As was usual for him, Tails' score was almost ten times that of the others. He preferred the character so much to the others that he used him even when the other characters said not to.

He always wanted to play as the young fox; ever since he'd first seen the character in a game eight years ago, he'd become entranced with him. His friends understood his love of the character, while they didn't share it specifically, they did cherish other characters.

When the next level loaded, Kyle selected Tails without waiting. He didn't care that the beginning called for speed. He wanted to use the character. He played through the rest of the game, until he finished it. After the end credits played, he climbed out of the chair, sighing as he turned the console off.

I wish there were more games with Tails. I don't understand what people have against him. I hate being a closet fan! There has to be a way I can do more with him; I wish I could make people understand how cool he is, then I wouldn't have to hide like this!

As he finished that thought, he felt his hair ruffle as though a breeze were blowing through the room. It felt cold and made the hairs on his arms standing on end. A tingle encompassed his eyes and he closed them in response. For a few seconds, he worried his excessive gaming had harmed his eyes. When he opened them, everything seemed blurry. Worried, he took off his glasses, noticing to his surprise that everything was clear without them, as though he no longer required them.

What the heck is happening?

Hearing the familiar sound of his mother walking down the stairs, he looked back, watching her walk into the room.

"Kyle, do you have to play that game that loudly? I could hear it all the way upstairs!" she said.

"Oh come on; it wasn't that loud. Anyway, it's a fun game; playing it with the music loud enhances the experience."

His mother walked closer, standing beside the chair.

"It isn't good to play these games so much; you need to get out more," she started, Kyle looking at her to respond.

"But … I," he started, his mother holding out her right hand as though she were asking him to stop. She looked into his eyes, for a few seconds looking confused, as though something wasn't right.

"Maybe if you were twelve I would accept you playing these games so much. But when you're almost twenty and always playing the games when you're not at work, I get worried. I know they're fun, I sometimes play them when you're away," she said.

Kyle smiled at that thought, the room seeming to get warmer. As a small amount of sweat dripped down his chest, he wondered if his mother had turned up the heat.

"You've played this game?" he asked.

"A few times. Look, I know how addicting they can be. Your father and I only had simple games as kids but we know how they can take over your entire life. You need to get outside more; there's a beautiful world out there!"

Kyle did like the idea of getting outside more and wished Tails were real so he could hang out with him. Of course, he couldn't tell his mother this. Even if she did play the games, he doubted she'd understand his love for the character.

"I guess I could try," he said.

"That's all I ask. Now, I have to go to the store to do some shopping. I'll be back in a couple of hours; okay?" she asked.

"Okay," Kyle responded.

His mother stood up and walked out of the room and upstairs.

I wonder why she looked so confused. Is there something wrong with my face?

His chin itched as though he needed a shave. The room still felt hot. When he heard the front door close, he removed his shirt, putting it on the chairs back. Feeling his chin with his right hand, he felt what must have been weeks worth of growth of downy hair. At least, he thought it was hair.

What's going on?

Astonishment greeted him when he gazed down at his chest and saw a light coating of white fur on his chest in place of what was once light fuzz. A shiver ran down his spine and through his body as he pondered the fur.

I'm a little old for sudden hair growth. What the heck is going on?

Wanting to see his reflection, he jumped out of the chair and ran upstairs into his room, standing before his dresser mirror. He gasped in panic and shock, his stomach burning with fear as he whimpered at the sight before him. The lower half of his face including his mouth, chin and cheeks were covered in white fur! He knew it was fur as he caressed with his hands; this was too soft to be hair. His heat raced as he tried to figure out just what was going on.

Another shock came when he realised his eye colour was wrong. He was used to having green eyes; now they were teal! He knew he'd seen that colour before but his sense of fear and confusion over what was happening dampened his memory.

He didn't have long to formulate a theory before a sensation not unlike tiny needles pressing against his skin accompanied orange fur as it sprouted all over the upper part of his face and white fur blanketed his chest. Within seconds, a pelt covered his chest and face and the sensation faded.

The reality of what was happening came to him in a flash of understanding as he experienced what felt like insects crawling all over his arms and legs as his ears tingled, the feeling of pouring water surrounding them. He knew where he'd seen those features; he'd seen them on Tails!

The impossibility of what was happening sent waves of panic, euphoria and apprehension through him. He was becoming Tails! While it was a dream come true, he had no way of stopping it; nor did he know what would happen to him when this was all said and done!

He watched his ears twist and move towards the topsides of his head, forming into orange fur covered triangles as they settled into their new location and form. The fur on his cheeks ruffled as several tufts grew out from each. Three large stands of orange fur grew out from in front of his right ear. His human hair was gone, the orange fur having devoured it.

His arms now feeling hot, he looked at them to see orange fur carpeting them, the skin becoming harder to see by the second. His torso now joining in the warmth, he turned around and looked back at his reflection to see orange fur streaming down his sides and back.

Another flash of recognition and understanding assured him this would soon be over; all he had to do was enjoy it; the unknown force moulding his form would do everything else. His garments no longer felt necessary so he removed them in an instant, throwing the jeans, underwear and socks onto his bed.

He felt warmth and pressure within his jaw and nose. He looked at his now orange fur covered arms leading to black fur covered hands. Having the hands exposed felt strange but something assured him alleviation for this issue would soon occur.

In the mirror, he felt his mouth and nose pull out into a cute muzzle, completing his facial features. He felt a strange feeling in his torso simultaneously with the sensation of water streaming down his legs. It was though something were both pulling and pushing at his torso. Again, it didn't hurt but felt odd. As he felt his tailbone ache, feeling as though it were expanding from the inside, he watched his torso change into a rounder, plumper form, looking much like the fox he was becoming.

Warmth permitted his tailbone and rear end as not one but two fluffy white-tipped orange tails sprouted, swishing back and forth, creating a small draft. He couldn't help but grab one of them and hug it; it was warm and felt amazing to touch. The fact he could feel himself touching it sent chills though his body.

Soon, the orange fur had covered his legs and his feet looked much like the feet he assumed Tails had hidden under the shoes he always wore.

It was done; he was Tails. He let go of the tail, letting it swish behind him.

This … is impossible. I feel so … good. This can't be real; it's too good to be true!

He noticed he still seemed his age; he looked much as he'd envisioned a grown version of Tails, handsome yet still cute in a dignified way. This creature loved life and lived it to his fullest.

A wave of dizziness that accompanied a falling sensation overcame him. He couldn't help but close his eyes in a panic. When the feelings faded, he opened his eyes, finding himself staring at the drawers on his dresser.

"I'm so small!" he said, noticing his voice not only sounded a lot younger but also sounded much like Tail's did in the game.

Another flash of clarity and he found himself rotating his tails like a helicopter blade and hovering. He watched himself in the mirror, the vision of the character he so loved.

It has to be a dream; I'm going to wake up at any minute and find out this is all a dream.

He hovered for a few minutes before coming to a rest of his bed. Sitting on the edge of it, he stared at his reflection. He was cute and he knew it. Jumping off the bed, he looked back at his tails, the body parts that made his namesake who he was. They swished back and forth behind him; it was beyond bizarre having such body parts yet at the same time, they felt just as much a part of him as his appendages.

Despite having achieved something he knew a part of him had wanted for years, he felt nervous. He wondered how the world would react to a two tailed humanoid fox child or how this would effect his mind. He was half animal now, looking more fox then man. He doubted he'd be able to go back to work like this and wondered how his friends, not to mention his family would react to this.

What if they don't believe me who I am? What if they think I'm a freak? Am I really Tails? What if I've somehow stolen his body?

He realised how silly that thought was; Tails wasn't real; or more as he looked at his hands, he wasn't real until now. He couldn't steal the body of someone that didn't exist. He needed to go for a walk to think about this. While the thought of someone seeing him made him nervous, he decided the risk was worth it.

As he approached the stairs, another wave hit him. For a few short seconds, he felt comfortable with his situation. He wasn't replacing Tails or taking his place; he was Tails. Without thinking about it, he started spinning his tails as he glided downstairs to the front door.

Before going outside, he looked down at himself, wondering if he needed to put anything on, even if only for modesty. Shaking his head, he realised he didn't need to worry about that anymore; his fur covered everything. Opening the door, he stepped out into the warm sun. Everything looked huge with his smaller size. His acute fox ears heard sounds as clear as day that his human ears would have considered a mere whisper. His nose could smell things he never knew existed; the world felt so alive! The sun was warm against his fur; it felt like he was wearing a sweater. He sweated a little but didn't let it bother him for he was feeling too incredible to let a minor discomfort discourage him.

Without thinking, he hovered above the ground. Wanting to get a better view, he raised himself high, feeling the wind under his arms and belly as he gained height at an impressive rate. Whether it was his age, lack of clothing or flight, he felt free. He raised himself high enough that he could see his entire neighbourhood. Before, he'd been afraid of heights, now they didn't bother him at all; in fact, he loved being able to see so much not only with his enhanced vision but also with his gift of flight.

He flew around his neighboured, wishing his friend Benjamin was back from vacation so he could showcase his new form. Benjamin had left on vacation more then three weeks ago and had yet to return. Kyle had no idea where the young man had gone and worried that something was wrong. Timothy on the other hand, Kyle knew he'd love to see him like this. Sure, Tim wasn't into Tails; his interest lay with Mighty. A new mischievousness from within had Kyle wanting to have fun with Tim, knowing he'd freak out at seeing his friend turned into a real life Tails!

As he turned to fly to Tim's house, he heard the sound of kids playing basketball in the park close to his house. It seemed that being turned into a kid had not only increased his playfulness but also affected his attention span. The second he thought of the game, his thoughts drifted away from showcasing his new form to Tim and towards playing.

Banking through the air, Kyle flew over to the park and lowered himself right to the middle of the court as one of the teams made a basket. Kyle watched the kids, all aged between 8-10 and a mix of black and white turned to face him in awe as he landed.

Exhilarated, Kyle could hear the human's hearts beating and their inhaling and exhaling. He wasn't sure what they'd think of him, he didn't seem to care, he was so filled with elation and euphoria from the flight that feeling anything besides happiness would have been difficult.

"What the," a kid with black hair started.

"Tails?" another kid, asked.

Kyle wanted to tell them the truth, that he was human an hour ago and had changed but he didn't want to scare them. Without saying a word, he held out his hands as though expecting a pass. He could hear the kids talking amongst themselves, trying to figure out who this person was.

"That's an awesome costume dude, where did you get it?" one of the older boys asked.

"I…" Kyle started, thinking of an answer that would satisfy everyone. Another flash hit him and for a few short seconds he felt brilliant, as though coming up with an explanation was a cakewalk. Although it soon faded, he had his answer. "It was a gift. Come on, let's play!"

"Well, okay then. Go on our team, we need an extra guy," another kid said.

Kyle nodded, wondered if they knew he was the genuine article rather then a person in a costume. The child like nature this change had unleashed in him had him more interested in playing then thinking. A kid retrieved the ball, telling Kyle to think fast. The little fox turned around, catching it a second after the kid passed it to him. He soon started running down the court, bouncing the ball with glee. His energy levels were far higher then he'd felt in years and he dodged the opposing players with ease.

Without thinking, he hovered up to hoop, slam dunking the ball with ease that would make even a professional jealous. Landing softly on the ground, he smiled and giggled. He'd never been able to do that as a kid or teen, now it was effortless.

"How did you do that?" a kid asked, sounding a bit nervous; perhaps Kyle thought he knew this was no costume.

"It's all motors and things; I'm not flying, it just looks like that cause I jump so well!" Kyle said.

The kids seemed to accept this explanation, even though Kyle could sense they were a bit sceptical.

The game went on for another hour, Kyle feeling freer then he'd even felt in his life. Any worry over his form not being his was gone, he felt natural this way, as though he'd been like this his entire life. His ears perked up as he scored another dunk. He could hear his mother's car driving up the street! He knew she'd have to see this, and wondered how she'd react.

"Guys, I hear my mother's car coming home; I have to go!" he said.

Spinning his tails, he floated up before taking off into the sky. Behind him, he could hear the boy's calls of wonder and awe knowing that any thoughts that he was wearing a costume were gone. For a few short seconds, he wondered if he'd done the right thing. With so many people having seen him, he knew someone would say something and the media would get involved.

He soared through the air, following his mother's car as she pulled it into the driveway. Chills ran down his spine as he lowered himself to the ground. He had no idea how she would react to this. Not wanting to alarm her, he flew over the house and to his bedroom window. Fortunately for him, the window was unlocked. He opened it and flew into his room, coming to a rest on his floor.

Breathing deeply, he was tired from the game and flight. He looked around his room, gazing at pictures of himself from two years ago. It felt as though he were looking not at a stranger but at a former life, except this one didn't require hypnosis to remember; he had perfect recollection of his life.

Okay Kyle, stay cool, you're still your parent's son, you just look a little funny on the outside.

He heard the front door open, his mother calling his name soon after to request assistance with the groceries. After taking a deep breath, Kyle floated downstairs, coming to a soft landing in front of the front door. Hearing him land, his mother turned around and looked at him, gasping in shock when she had to look down at him. Feeling embarrassed over his lack of clothing, Kyle grabbed one of his Tails, using it to cover his groin.

"Who … w… what are you," she asked, backing up towards the door. "How did you get in my house?"

"Mom, it's me … Kyle!" he answered.

"Kyle? What are you talking about, how can you talk?" she asked, attempting to reach for the door's handle, although her quivering dampened her success.

Kyle cleared his throat.

"Mom, it's me! I know I look strange but…"

"Great, not only is there an animal in my house but it's talking to me! I'm going insane!" his mother said, backing up towards the door.

"That animal is your son. Listen to my voice Mom, it's me!" he said.

His mother looked at him, reaching out her right hand to touch him. She stopped herself several times before gathering up the courage to touch the top of his head. She ran her fingers through the fur on his head.

"It's a trick … tell me it's a trick; it has to be!" she said.

Kyle let go of his tail. Although he felt a little naked without his shoes and gloves, his fur eliminated any need for modesty. If he was going to be like this, he had to get used to his mother seeing him this way.

"It's not a trick Mom, feel my fur, look at me; this isn't a costume; it's real!"

His mother touched his belly fur then both of his tails. She seemed almost petrified the entire time, as though she didn't want to believe this were possible but had no choice.

"H... how is this possible? How do I know you're Kyle and not an impostor!"

Kyle explained to her what had happened to him; he still didn't know why or how, all he knew was he was now a real life Tails.

His mother walked over to the living room couch and sat down, shaking her head.

"I … need time to absorb this. Kyle … if you really are Kyle that is. Could you be a dear and get the rest of the groceries for me?" she said.

"No problem Mom, leave it to me!" Kyle said as he glided out the door to the car. It took him a few minutes to get the remaining six bags; despite them being heavy, he had no problem lifting them; it seemed while flying he had the ability to handle heavy lifting.

When he finished, he put them away before going back to the living room.

"How could I know where everything went if I wasn't Kyle?" he asked.

"I guess not but … this is insane; this isn't supposed to happen! What are we supposed to do now?"

"I don't know; please just don't call animal control; I don't want to end up in a cage or laboratory!"

His mother looked at him and she seemed to be about to laugh when something caught Kyle's ears. It was close and in the air; something was wrong.

"What's wrong?" his mother asked.

"Someone needs my help; I have to go!" he said.

"Who needs your help? Where are you going?" she asked.

"No time to explain!" Kyle said as he ran towards, opened the front door and took to the sky.

"Kyle, wait!" his mother yelled from the front door.

"Don't worry Mom, I'll be fine!" Kyle yelled.

Soared so high that he could see the entire city below him. The mist from clouds tickled and dampened his fur and he couldn't help but giggle. Kyle listed and watched for signs of distress and soon spotted a skydiver yelling out in a panic as he called for help on a radio.

His laughter ceasing, Kyle became serious as he flew down towards the diver, noticing what was wrong; the man's chute wasn't opening!

I have to help him!

With heavy frigid winds blowing his fur all over, Kyle dove down towards the man, soon catching him. Allowing himself to go into a free fall, he pushed aside the feelings of panic and nausea that came to him. Looking the man in the face, he wondered what the man was thinking.

"Who … what?" the man said, drops of sweat pouring down his face only enchanting his expression of panic.

"Don't worry Mister, I'll save you, leave it to me!" Kyle said. He flew himself so he was just above him but still falling at the same rate; he grabbed the man under his arms. "Hang on Mister, I'll slow us down!"

Spinning his tails, Kyle's muscles screamed in pain and he grimaced from the man's weight as he slowed their decent. He was tried and wasn't sure he was going to be able to make it. The diver saw their decent was slowing and looked at Kyle.

"It's working … you're slowing us down!" the man exclaimed.

"See, you're gonna be just fine!" Kyle beamed.

"Thanks kid. Now, who are you? You look familiar, like something I've seen my son with … in a game. How's that possible, you're not real!"

"It's a long story but needless to say, I'm real now!"

The ground growing approaching, Kyle's heart raced and breathing neared hyperventilation. The diver was heavy and Kyle's muscles were sore. He spun his tails even faster, slowing their decent to one safe enough that they could land without the impact killing or seriously injuring themselves.

"Miles, report … has your chute deployed?" a voice on the diver's microphone asked.


That name meant something to Kyle, something strong.

"No, but … I can't explain it; I have … a friend, he's helping me. He flew here from nowhere and is slowing my decent!"

"Miles? Can you can that again?"

Kyle saw that they were about to land in a field less then a kilometre from his house. He could hear his mother calling his voice. If only she knew.

"Don't worry Paul, I'm fine!"

The ground grew closer and Kyle did what he could to slow them. With a light thud, they landed on the ground. Miles fell to his knees, breathing a sign of intense relief as Kyle landed on the soft grass and collapsed from exhaustion, breathing deeply as he looked into the sky.

A few seconds later, he felt Miles lifting him up and giving him a huge hug.

"However you're real … you saved my life … how can I ever repay you? I'd kiss you but I don't think that would be appropriate," he said.

Despite his fatigue, Kyle felt elation and euphoria unlike anything he'd ever experienced. Saving a life felt incredible.

"You're welcome Mister; That felt incredible! You don't need to repay me, I was just doing … my duty," Kyle said.

"Yes you did," Miles answered, again hugging the little fox.

"But how are you real? Last time I checked, you're just a video game character!"

Miles put Kyle down on the ground.

"I … well, it's a long story," he answered.

Kyle heard his mother's car stop in the parking lot and the door open. He watched her run out and up to him.

"Kyle, are you all right? What happened?"

"That's my Mom," Kyle told Miles.

"Ma'am, your son just saved my life; my chute wouldn't open; he flew me to safety!"

Kyle's mother bent down and hugged him.

"I guess this doesn't seem so bad now. I can learn to live with this; especially with you being a hero and all," she said.

Kyle would have blushed if he could.

"Thanks again Kyle. My son is going to freak out when I tell him who saved me!" Miles said.

Kyle smiled. Exhausted, he yawed as his mother picked him up. Seconds later; he fell asleep in her arms.

Kyle opened his eyes and started up at ... his ceiling. The blue five-bladed fan clung to the eggshell stucco ceiling as normal. The room was warm; the bed sheets soft against his … fur? The room smelt different, the sheets covered in a scent different then his. Something was wrong and it didn't take him long before he sat up, trying to figure out just what was happening.

Wait a sec, since when do things have a scent and why do I feel fur on my body. What's touching my legs?

His stomach starting to tingle with nervousness, Kyle gazed down at his body, seeing orange fur covered legs and a pair of fluffy white tipped tails brushing up against them.

That was real? He gasped, feeling fear and elation at the revelation.

Warm air was blowing through the screen behind his open window; he could smell the grass in his backyard as the wind carried it. He looked into the mirror on his dresser; normally without glasses this would have been a blur to him, forcing him to squint to see anything; now, it was crystal clear. The image of the twin-tailed fox sitting up in his bed reflected back at him.

He looked to his right at his clock, noting the display read 8:45 am. He felt refreshed, in fact he felt better then refreshed; he felt incredible!

Jumping out of bed, he looked down at his feet. They appeared odd without the shoes the creature that he'd become always seemed to wear. He felt a little naked without them, ironic considering that aside from those and a pair of white gloves, he'd normally wear nothing else.

A flash that he couldn't explain hit him. Again, he seemed to know things he never knew as a human. Remembering a computer his family had that had ceased operating a few months ago, he flew down the stairs and towards the basement. He opened the storage compartment below the stairs and pulled out the system.

Walking it upstairs, he encountered his Father as he ate breakfast in the kitchen before work. His mother cooked her own breakfast at the stove.

"You're awake," his father said, standing up.

The bathrobe clad man towered over Kyle now; Kyle put the computer down and looked up at him, finally moving his tails in order to levitate himself high enough to be face to face with him.

"Let me get a good look at you Kyle!" his father said. Kyle landed and his father knelt down, looking him up and down. "When I got home last night and your mother told me this had happened to you … I thought she was joking. Then she showed me you sleeping in bed," he said, petting Kyle between his ears. "If I didn't see it myself, I'd have never believed it."

Kyle told his father about what had happened to him, including the game and saving the diver.

"When I heard about that on the news, I thought the diver was hallucinating or something. Imagine my surprise when I realised it was you that saved him," he said, suddenly hugging Kyle. Kyle wasn't sure how to respond and returned the gesture. "I'm proud of you son, you're a hero. I don't care how you look on the outside." Releasing the hug, he again looked Kyle over. "I'll just need time to adjust to … you're new form. This isn't exactly something that happens every day! Say, what are you doing with the computer?"

"I don't know how or why but I know how to fix it!" Kyle said.

The former human's attention span as short as the child he'd now was he grabbed the computer and ran out the door with it into the garage. Putting it on an open space on the table, he opened the case and began working at it. He wasn't sure why, but he knew what he was doing. Within ten minutes, he had the case closed and had tested it, finding it worked.

Running back inside, he beamed.

"It works!"

"How did you know how to fix it?" His mother asked.

"I don't know, I just did," Kyle answered. At that moment, his flash of brilliance seemed to vanish. "I get these flashes where I know everything. Then they go away and I lose it. It's like for those minutes, I'm as smart as Tails!"

"I suppose the question is; now what do we do?" his mother asked.

As in on queue, a breeze began blowing in the living room. No windows were open and there seemed no other source of the wind. Soon, the breeze had become a gust, ruffling Kyle's fur and his parent's hair.

"What is it?" his mother asked.

"I don't know; it's like it's coming from nowhere!" his father answered.

Kyle stood there bewildered. Somehow, someway, he knew what was coming next. He walked between his parents and stood in the hall, looking into the living room.

"Kyle, do you know what this is?" his mother asked.

"Is it related to what's happened to you?" his dad asked.

Kyle watched as all of the wind seemed to form into a funnel and then, without warning, a vortex large enough for Kyle to step though appeared before the trio. Kyle could feel energy emanating from it; it felt warm, inviting. The portal called to him. For a few euphoric seconds, he felt total clarity. He knew who he was; this gateway wasn't a mere gateway to another world, it was his destiny.

He started walking towards it, almost in a trance before his mother touching his right shoulder stopped him.

"What is it Kyle, what's wrong?" she asked.

He looked back at her, terrified about what he was about to say.

"I know this isn't going to be easy, but I have to explain it … while I still know. That portal," he said, pointing it out with his right hand. " … It's home, it's where I belong!"

"You belong here! We don't care what you look like; you're still our son!" his mother protested.

"They need me Mom. There's a world out there where I don't exist for some reason. Maybe this is my … destiny, why I exist," he answered.

His mothers eyes welled up, and although his father seemed to be in control of his emotions, Kyle knew inside he was breaking up and was remaining strong for his sake.

"But if you go, we'll never see you again. How can I be comfortable knowing you're on some other world fighting monsters? This was hard enough to deal with in the first place. Now you're saying we're going to lose you completely!"

"Besides Kyle, you're not a solider; that isn't your world, this is! Whatever fights you speak of … it's not your war!" his father protested.

"It's so hard to explain. Mom … Dad, I'm still the Kyle you knew but I've changed. I can't explain it other then to say I feel different somehow, like I am Tails and not just a copy of him. He … I don't exist there, think of what would have happened if he and the rest of the gang never existed. Those bad guys, I need to stop them. Here, I'm just one person; there I can make a difference. My life is just one life," he said the wind from the portal blowing his fur as he held back a sob. "There are millions of people there that need someone to save them."

"I g...guess," his mother said, rubbing her nose as a tear flowed down her right cheek.

"It's not what we pictured you growing up to be son; but it's an honourable existence, if not in an odd one," his father said.

Kyle looked back into the portal, feeling something in his mind.

"Besides … this isn't goodbye. I don't know how but I know we'll see each other again. It may not be for a few weeks or even months … maybe a year but we will see each other," he said.

"Then it isn't goodbye," his mother said.

"More like … until next time," his father added.

"You just be careful fighting those monsters honey. Remember that your safety and happiness mean something too," his mother said.

"I know and don't worry, I'll be careful. Don't worry about who'll take care of me … I'll have my friends for that," Kyle said.

Kyle exchanged hugs with both of his parents before turning to face the vortex. Walking up to it, he took a deep breath. Taking one last look at his parents, he smiled at them and waved goodbye with his right hand before turning and walking into the portal.

For a few seconds of bliss, Warmth surrounded him; he felt as though he were floating free in a sea of energy where time held no meaning and there was no pain or suffering. That bliss ended when his rear end made contact with grass in what appeared to be a forested area.

Standing up, he brushed himself off, wondering where he was. Feeling a slight breeze behind him, he turned to see the portal closing. He breathed a deep sigh before a sound piqued his attention.

"Help me! It's going to get me!" a voice yelled.

Kyle recognised the voice; it was the voice of an animal. He also heard a mechanical sound closing in on it; it was a robot! Taking to the air, Kyle scanned the ground in search of the distressed animal and his attackers. He wanted to survey the area to see where he was but he knew he had to put his personal needs aside for the moment.

He didn't need to look for long before he saw six robots in pursuit of a woodchuck, four ground robots and two flying ones.

Those dishonourable cowards, I'm gonna teach 'em a lesson!

Another flash of understanding hit him. For an amazing few seconds, he didn't feel like Kyle turned Tails; he was Tails! Diving down, he headed right for the lead ground robot. It tried to assault him with its spear, but Kyle was quick. With three back flips through the air, he spun around, striking the 'bot with his Tails. The first hit knocked it back as Kyle landed on the ground, the woodchuck standing behind him, grabbing onto his legs as it quivered in fear.

"It's okay little buddy, you're safe now," Kyle said.

"Who … who are you?" the woodchuck asked.

"I'm a friend," Kyle said, noticing the robot and its five buddies were readying an attack run on their position. "Take cover, I'll take care of these guys!"

"Wait … here," The woodchuck said, handing Kyle a small purple badge. Kyle took it in his hands and it glowed bright before disappearing and re-appearing on his chest. With it on, he felt powerful. He could feel knowledge and the power of even more attack possibilities open to him.

"It's the Rhythm badge!" Kyle said.

"They were trying to take it from me!" the woodchuck said as he ran and took cover behind a rock.

Standing tall and proud, his tails swishing behind him and determination in his eyes, Kyle started the robots down.

The lead ground one charged at him, it's spear held outward in an attempt to jab Kyle. Sparks flew from its chest where Kyle had struck it. As it reached his position, Kyle dodged to his right and jumped in the air, spinning like a top. His tails moving like a blur; he struck the robot several times until it exploded in a shower of metal, fire and circuits.

The three other ground robots charged at him in an attempt to surround him. When they closed to within less then a meter, Kyle leaped into the air and spun around, his tails once again flying in a blur. Like a hot knife through butter, they sliced through the two robots metal bodies, sending both onto their backs where they exploded. The third one had unfortunately dodged his attack.

The fur on top of his head stood on edge, he could sense two of the remaining robots, both flying ones targeting him even as the third robot charged him. Thinking as fast as he could, he jumped up and flew around, hoping to confuse the flying robots targeting sensors. He heard their laser cannons ready to fire and flew right in front of one of them just before it fired. As it fired, he dodged to his left, the laser blast passing so close to him that he could feel it's warmth as it singled the fur on the top of one of his tails.

With glee, he watched the blast strike the last ground robot, destroying it in a shower of sparks, metal and fire. Unfortunately, the other flying robot fired and struck him in on his left side, sending his crashing to the ground. It hurt; feeling much like someone had kicked him. Standing up, he looked down and saw the singed fur on his side before taking his singed tail in his hands, frowning as he saw the scorched fur.

"That … wasn't nice!" he glared at the robots.

He knew they were readying another barrage. Adrenaline pumping through his veins and feeling determination to stop these menaces, Kyle glared at them with determination in his eyes. Both robots flew at him, one to his left and the other to his right as they targeted him with their lasers and fired. Kyle dodged the first hit but the second hit just short of his feet, striking the ground, creating a shower of dirt and grass, sending Kyle flying onto his back, pain shooting through his body as he handed on his tails.

Kyle yelled out in fear and pain, worried they were going to finish him off then and there.

This is where someone races in and saves me right?

Both robots targeted him and fired, forcing him to roll to his right to avoid being hit by the lasers. Another shower of dirt struck him, blanketing him. He managed to stand up as two more flying robots joined their allies.

Just as he was about to take to the air in a desperate attempt to attack the robots, he felt a breeze behind him. Looking back, he saw a sight that both sent shivers down his spine and brought instant joy; it was Sonic!

"Yo Tails, need a hand little dude?" he asked, sounding as enthusiastic as ever.

Kyle nodded with a smile on his face. Fuelled with new confidence and the cheers of the animals he'd liberated, he beamed.

"Let's teach these bullies a lesson!" Kyle said taking to the air a short distance above his blue friend.

Sonic grabbed Kyle's legs and floated up as the robots fired on them, barley missing them and striking the ground below them. When they were at the robots level, Sonic let go, hovering in a little ball. Kyle did a back flip before executing a perfect thundershot, kicking his newfound friend, sending him flying in a blue blur. Each of the robots exploded as Sonic collided with them before returning to Kyle and holding onto his legs.

"Great work buddy!" Sonic yelled, filling Kyle with confidence, the little fox beaming in joy.

Lowering his friend to the ground, he floated down to him and regarded him.

"You okay?" Sonic asked.

"Yeah, just a little singed but I'll be okay," Kyle answered.

"How did you know I was here and needed help?"

"I can't explain it … I just knew. I got here as fast as I could," Sonic answered.

"You're not really Sonic are you?" Kyle asked.

"No … you're not Tails either?"

Kyle shook his head.

"Something changed me … made me like this. Then this portal appeared and … I had to step through it."

"The same thing happened to me. I used to be Benjamin Bonner but everyone calls me Sonic now, as though I've become him. So who were you before?"

"Ben … but I thought you were on vacation? It's me …Kyle," Kyle asked.

Ben looked down at himself before smiling.

"Looks like I still am," he laughed. Looking over Kyle he winked at him. "Man, Kyle, I knew you liked Tails; you must love this!"

"It is kinda cool; I just wish our families and our other friends could be here!" Kyle said.

"They still might," Ben grinned.

"So, where am I supposed to stay?" Kyle asked.

"Everything is here; our homes and stuff; it's like someone's laid it all out for us. Tails home … your home in Emerald Town should be there … it's only a few clicks west of here," Ben said.

"Cool!" Kyle chortled before inviting Ben to join him. Ben nodded and Kyle took to the sky with Ben in tow.

Feeling proud and overjoyed his friend was there with him, Kyle's keen eyes soon caught sight of the glimmering lights of Emerald Town. With joy he flew all of the way to it, landing when he saw a house he knew to be his. The house looked like a large version of his head. It had windows where his eyes would be and a door for his mouth. While odd in appearance, it seemed fitting for his personality.

Landing on its front lawn, he walked up to the door and opened it as Ben walked behind him. Both were surprised to find the front door unlocked. They walked into the house and looked around. Kyle knew his way around. This place felt like home. The first thing he noticed was a pair of shoes and gloves sitting in the kitchen. He walked into it and put them on, no longer feeling exposed.

Ben walked into the living room and crashed on a couch in front of a large screen TV. As Kyle ran upstairs and into the bathroom, deciding to take a shower to clean himself off after the battle and his heroics of yesterday.

As the water ran, he looked at himself in the mirror; the spitting image of Tails; everything in this world so far as it was in the games. While he knew he had a huge task before, he also knew that he'd soon have his friends with him. His destiny was here and his new life had begun.