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Okay, I'm done. I was flabbergasted by the reader response for "TMDoRM." I thought it was just a silly little poem, but apparently it was quite popular! Well, here's the sequel for the first half of season 2. I'll publish the second chapter once S2 ends (it's good to have a chapter delay not be my fault for once!)
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The Trouble in Store for Rodney McKay

Poor Rodney, good luck surviving season 2.

Wait'll you see what TPTB have in store for you!

After almost four months of pure agony,

Sci-Fi finally aired "Siege pt. 3!"

The Daedalus arrived! Luck and joy!

Now there's a ZPM—hooray! Oh boy!

He went to install their ZPM newfound

But is it ever as easy as it sounds?

When he got there, he did pale,

'Cause two Wraith took out his security detail!

He stood his ground, didn't panic or shout.

He fired his gun…and the clip fell out.

Good thing Teyla came to his rescue,

Otherwise Atlantis'd be royally screwed.

After being pushed dangerously close to snapping,

Rodney deserved to do some napping.

But just when they thought it was all hunky-dory,

Twelve more ships showed up to advance the story!

Atlantis realized the Wraith wouldn't rest,

So they decided to fake their own death.

The "self destruct" was only a cloak and a bomb,

But the Wraith didn't notice anything wrong.

In "Intruder," the team went back to Earth.

But an evil Wraith virus destroyed all their mirth.

Nearly sucked out an airlock and flew close to a sun,

It's a miracle McKay's life wasn't done!

After fear, worry, and concern,

He escaped with just a little sunburn.

In "Runner," however, the sun wasn't so mild.

(With all this radiation, he won't have a child!)

Hung by his ankle from a cord,

And almost shot three times by old buddy Ford.

Ah, but you haven't seen anything yet,

Until you watch what happens in "Duet."

Two minutes after the episode's start,

He and Cadman got sucked up by a Wraith Dart!

When he finally got out, he filled with dread,

Because the lieutenant was stuck in his head!

Everywhere he went, he heard her voice,

He could barely think with all that noise.

She got control of his body, much to his indignation,

And sometimes caused him humiliation.

Especially when she gave poor Beckett a kiss

For the slashers, it's something not to miss.

But despite a seizure and a split personality,

In the whole debacle, there was no fatality.

Of course, the good times wouldn't last

When the next week, the jumper took a blast

And landed on an island of convicts

With whom AT-1 had many conflicts.

Held captive and forced to fix

The jumper or else his friends' lives are nixed!

Although everyone returned in bad shape,

The team pulled off yet another miraculous escape

The week after that was a total disaster,

Things couldn't have gone more wrong, any faster.

The Arcturus project was nearly the end of them all

When Rodney couldn't get power levels to fall.

The weapon destroyed 5/6 of a solar system

And left Radek, Weir, and John pissed at him.

On the next planet they visited they met a Wraith girl,

Who nearly fed on him—oh what a world!

Luckily Carson had his wits about,

He shot Ellia and kicked her out!

Everyone thinks Sheppard had it bad with the mutation,

But getting nearly eaten by Wraith-bugs ain't cause for celebration!

And just when the colonel got normal again,

They found the Aurora and all its men

Living in a fabricated environment

And so, in Sheppard was sent.

The Wraith's weakness sure would come in handy,

But of course things wouldn't stay dandy.

They found a Wraith! Rodney went in too,

Because it was his turn to mount a rescue.

Not only was there the threat of the really hot Wraith,

But Caldwell in them had little faith!

He plan to blow the ship to hell,

They did not have much time to dwell.

The Wraith was killed in both realities,

Aurora's self-destruct took out the cruisers with ease.

All in all, it was quite a day

(They didn't even get the communiqué!)

"The Lost Boys" is where lots of angst kicks in.

The team is kidnapped seconds after it begins.

They're taken to another planet to find…

FORD! Who is still a tad out of his mind.

Just to show that they'd be fine,

Ford poisoned them with Wraith enzyme!

Yet the side-effects were somewhat austere,

Leaving McKay's mind unclear.

But John stopped Rodney's dose, you see,

To help carry out their plot to flee.

Wanting to get everyone back to Atlantis,

The pair fixed the Dart and began to plan this.

But no one is surprised to find

McKay's being held hostage and left behind.

His fate is quite unsure, it's true.

What's gonna happen in part two?

We Atlantis fans don't think we can make

It through another stupid mid-season break!

Is it January yet?