The Trouble in Store for Rodney McKay--part 2

After 105 days, we finally see "The Hive."

No one knows if Rodney will come out alive!

His measures for escape were quite drastic,

But the bottle of enzyme made him fight fantastic!

But when he got back, much to Weir's dread,

No one understood one word that he said.

Giving up the enzyme completely cold turkey

Certainly didn't leave him chipper and perky.

But after insults and hysterics abound,

He went on the Daedelus to help his team be found.

But alas! The risks he took were unneeded,

Because the rest of the team's escape plan succeeded!

And just when he thought he could relax,

Sheppard was trapped 'cause McKay missed the facts.

But after six months (really a few hours),

The colonel was rescued by that geek of ours.

A new threat was introduced in "Critical Mass"

(And it wasn't just Kavanaugh being an ass)

Goa'uld bombs and the maniacal Trust

Planned to blow Atlantis to dust!

Not only was the Trust encroaching,

But the Wraith cruisers were fast approaching.

Fortunately, Caldwell's Goa'uld gave up the code,

And he was able to stop the ZedPM overload.

"Grace under Pressure" took Rodney to the brink,

When the jumper he flew crashed and began to sink!

Usually he's the one getting people out fine,

Now he's the one needing rescue this time!

Concussion, hypoxia, hypothermia too,

It's the closest he's come to his life being through.

And I haven't even mentioned his hallucination:

A Samantha Carter of his own creation.

The wound on his head continued to bleed,

And his plan to be rescued didn't succeed,

It took quite a while for McKay to be found

(It would've been easier to follow the "whump" sound).

But thanks to Zelenka and Sheppard as well,

He got out of that situation from hell.

The next week he was trapped underground,

When an earthquake caused the ceiling to fall down.

He had no way out and couldn't radio for help

And if he used power, the ceiling would collapse on itself!

Sure, by means of the drone, he found a way,

But Teyla was more worried if the ZedPM was okay!

He wasn't the victim in "The Long Goodbye"

But everything else quickly went awry.

He spent the episode under Caldwell's command,

And had to repair damage done by Pheobus' hands.

"Coup D'Etat": they were bribed with a Zero Point Mod.,

Believing that Ladon wasn't a fraud.

But during this supposed Genii civil war,

Cowen tried to kill him (time number four).

So many double crossings, it's hard to keep straight,

Are they really an ally? We'll just have to wait!

In "Michael," he had just fifteen lines to speak,

But with more Hive Ships coming, the future looked bleak.

A new plan was needed for Atlantis' defense,

Leaving us all in terrible suspense.

Until the next week, when we come to

"Inferno," which had almost nothing to do

With the Wraith coming. But oh well,

Everything still managed to go to hell.

When the gate fell into an active volcano,

Leaving the team stranded with nowhere to go

The only option was to fix the Orion

To keep the Taranian people from dyin'

From poisonous fumes and dust blocking out the sun,

Cause by an explosion of many megatons!

His escape was close-- they nearly didn't make it out,

But he repaired the hyperdrive (was there ever a doubt?)

We had thought everything up to now was dire,

But "Allies" trumps all, makes the stakes even higher.

A pact with the Wraith for the retrovirus, in trade

For Hive ship specs—an alliance was made.

The Brilliant McKay left the Wraith systems hacked,

So Rodney and Ronon were on the Hive when attacked!

When they tried to escape, the transceiver was jammed

The alliance was fake--they had been scammed!

They Wraith used his help, and then did betray,

To get to feeding grounds in the Milky Way!

Now McKay's in Wraith hands, Sheppard is gone,

And "To Be Continued"--the countdown is on.

Now we Atlantis fans feel all depressed,

Because we must wait four months—I propose a protest!

But poor Rodney deserves this long break,

After this season, how much more can he take?

A/N: I would just like to thank anyone and everyone who reviewed this story and its prequel, you guys all rock! I would also like to YELL at the SCI-FI CHANNEL EXECUTIVES for making us WAIT until JULY for the CONCLUSION! As I said earlier, the countdown is on. See you in season 3!