#4 Hidden from the World

A grassy knoll protrudes an opening among the tress so it can kiss the sky lies some where in the forest. The tress, oak and maple alike, surround the spot and seclude it from an every slowly modernizing Japan. Here a person can find solitude, comfort, and harmony among other things.

Some have said that nature has the ability to heal people, and in this solitary spot, where the moon is painting two people with her pastel white glow, nature is healing the frayed bond of two.

"How are you feeling?" inquired a young female's voice.

"Fine as always Sango," he laid back on the grassy ground, cradling his head in the palms of his hands. "Why wouldn't I be?"

Sango lay down next to him, leaving a bit of space between them, and sighed. "You know why Miroku..." She paused for a minute, trying to find the right words. "It…it got bigger didn't it?"

A tension cackled through the air like the snapping of a whip. Miroku clenched his right hand before bringing it up above his eyes. He let a soft, exasperated sigh escape from his lips before he started to reply, "I honestly don't know…I really cut it close."

Sango sat up on her side, resting on her forearm. Her unbound black hair fell along her raised arm and back as she took Miroku's hand in hers. "Does it hurt at all?'

"Not as much anymore," Miroku grinned a bit, pulling their hands down to his chest, and gently shut his eyes," because you're here." Sango scooted closer to him and rested her head by his shoulder. The two lay in silence as the moonlight fully engulfed their bodies.

There were still many thread that are frayed, but in the forest that hid them from gossiping eyes, the solace moon would shed its magic between the two.

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