Fanfic: Naruto

Title: I Can't Forget You

Genre: Romance-Drama

Story: "You still haven't gotten over him yet, have you Hinata?" asked Neiji. Hinata shook her head as she just stared blankly in front of her cousin. No, the memory of Sasuke would never leave her mind.

Author's Note: Hello readers! This is my next Sasuhina story and I hope that you enjoy! I just felt like posting this up and hope that everyone likes it! Thank you!

Chapter 1:

Hinata walked around the Konoha village, buying the food she needed on her grocery list. She was twenty right now and was a well-known medicinal woman in the village. Her short hair had grown longer and it reached down to her shoulder blades. But right now it was in a bun and she walked down the market to buy food for dinner. She wore a plain white cotton shirt with black capris and sandals. She had one long bang that she left out hanging down and also short bangs on her forehead.

She was known as "Pure Beauty" to the people. She had kindness that matched no other and her gentle smile warmed even people who didn't even know her. It wasn't because of her looks but because of Hinata's personality that the people came to love her so much.

Hinata went to the stands and bought vegetables, meat, and for herself, a bouquet of yellow roses. She carried them all back home, denying any help, knowing that it would be a bother to others.

She smiled at Kiba when he tried to help her," Don't trouble yourself, Kiba."

"C'mon, Hinata, you know that it's heavy," said Kiba. The twenty year old gave a frustrated sigh. Even though he adored Hinata, she was just too kind that he wished he could just knock her on the head and carry those grocery bags for her instead.

Hinata smiled again," Please, I'll be fine. I don't have very far to go anyway. It's just around this road."

"You sure?" asked Kiba, he thought it was farther.

Hinata nodded," I'm sure." She than waved good-bye to him as she turned around and continued walking again.

Kiba just shrugged and sighed," She is just too nice."

But everyone knew that this "Pure Beauty" had faced a sad but cruel fate three years ago.

She had lost the one she loved most. They never wanted to see that side of Hinata again. For two months, she had no contact with anyone. She stayed in her Hyuuga household, but no contact with her family. They had never expected that "he" would have done that to her. That "he" would have left her to go to the dark side with Orochimaru.

But after two months, Hinata had suddenly started to come out again. She was back to her calm and collected self. It was hard to believe but she was able to smile before the incident. The smile in which she could warm anyone's heart.

Hinata hummed herself a tune as she turned round the corner. She was just thinking of that tune, it was a song that Neiji had just taught her and it was a song about life and how short it was. She couldn't sing very well, but she loved how the words reflected her own life.

After turning the corner of the road the hyuuga mansion would take her twenty minutes to get there. Of course it was around the corner Hinata had told Kiba, but the distance was still quite a walk. But she didn't mind.

"Do you think that revenge is the answer, Hinata? The answer to all of my problems if I decide to really hunt down my brother."

Hinata remembered those words clearly in her mind and her humming stopped. For some weird reason, she had a feeling that she was being followed. Now she had to be extra careful. She made sure that she was ready to use Byakugan. She continued to walk, but more cautious of the area around her.

"Come with me, Hinata. Together we can live our lives free and away from everyone. I can finally have the revenge that I have so desired for."

Hinata remembered again what he had said to her. She was confused. She thought she had decided to move on with her life and yet she was remembering the chilling moments before he finally did it.

"I'm sorry, but you know that I can't. I will never place revenge on anyone and you know that. I'm sorry, but I will not go with you."

Suddenly the presence was now more stronger than ever and before she had realized the speed at which her opponent was coming at her, she was already pinned to the dirt road and a hand was around her neck tightly. She winced at the tightness of the arm around her neck and she was fighting for air. She closed her eyes.

"Long time, Hinata."

Suddenly her eyes shot open and she met a pair of blood red ones.


Author's notes: Well, I got this idea, just from realizing that happy endings don't just start out with a happy beginning. I wanted to convey a message that sometimes it is hard to get over a person who you cared so much, to finally forget that person, and than meet that person again. I guess what I am trying to say is that this deals with realizing that no matter how much you try to forget the person who leaves your life, you just can't help but remember them. No matter what happens, you'll never ever be able to change your feelins. So that is what this story is gonna try to be. Confusing, I know. But PLEASE REVIEW!