Project Devil Fruit

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Prologue: Destruction

In ancient times there was peace between countries until greed, envy and corruption caused a war to brake out between several countries. One of these countries being Arabasta. This was a country of great military force and intellegence. Through the resources and knowledge they developed a weapon known as the Pluton. In an attempt to stop this war the fire it at the main threat, but the force was too great and the calculations were off greatly. Because of these factors instead of hitting the country desired, they hit the moon, destroying it in one shot. Though the war did indeed end, the effect of the loss of the moon affected the ecosystem drastically. The bodies of water were then divided into four oceans, North Blue, South Blue, East Blue, and West Blue. All four also had a specific current, which started at a mountain, that lead to the same point. The peculiar part about these currents was that it went up the mountain and merged into on the top to lead right back down in the one current. Once reaching the bottom of the mountian you enter a place of unpredictable weather patterns and currents. Along with the weatherless and currentless area around it called the Calm Belt because of these reasons, they all make up the part of the ocean known as the Red Line. Now in the center of of the Red Line as mentioned earlier about having unpredictable weather patterns and currents, because of this and the creatures that inhabit this area now it was known as the Grand Line. The only places that the weather stable were near islands. Only one man had the courage to not only face the Grand Line but conquer it as well. He was known as Gold Rogers, the Pirate King. His resting place was in the Grand Line itself on the most trecherous island. His final wish before he passed on was for people to see his example and take that courage in heart knowing anything was possible as they chased their dreams. His final words were, "My son, be who you want to be, live a happy life and never let go of your dreams." And with those final words, at the age of 45, he fell asleep, never to awaken again.

A boy of 8 years woke up in a military facility next to his older brother after having a strange dream. Not knowing where he was he went to his brother and started shaking him.

"Onii-chan," the young one said. "Onii-chan."

After a bit of work the elder started waking up, "Oi, Ototo you can stop shaking me now."

"Gomen, you're just hard to wake up," he responded. And during which the elder brother fell asleep again.

"ONII-CHAN," the younger one yelled.

"Okay, I'm up," he said, waking up again. He then started to look around and asked, "Where are we?"

"I don't know," the younger brother responded truthfully. "Though I wish Otou-san and Oka-san were here."

"We both know that the dead can't come back to life," the elder brother stated, "I'm sorry that I had to be blunt but lying won't do us any good."

"It appears that you both have awakenned," said a voice. "Good, then we don't have to force feed you."

"Who are you and where are we?" the elder brother.

"That is none of your concern," another voice stated. "What matters is you're here now."

"That's not good enough," the elder stated. He then attacked the mirror.

The people behind the glass smirked and pushed a button. In doing so they sent a few volts of electricity and shocked the elder.

"ONII-CHAN," the younger one said.

"I'm okay," the elder brother stated.

"Best not try that again, getting test subjects is not an easy thing," stated yet another person.

"Test subjects," the elder stated.

"We're about to give you some food," stated another voice from behind the mirror. "We have to make sure you are alive, and both of you look hungry." And with that a gate openned and a cart with 2 strange looking fruits on it rolled in.

"What do you think, Onii-chan?" the younger one said and once again the elder brother fell asleep. "ONII-CHAN!"

The elder woke up, "Sorry, I fell asleep again," he stated.

"What do you think?" the younger one asked. "Should we trust them?"

"Not much choice," the elder brother stated, "they wouldn't go thrugh all this trouble of kidnapping us off the street to just poison us, but just in case, I'll try out the weirder looking fruit." And when he said that he walked over to the cart and picked it up. "If this isn't poison, chances are the other one isn't either," And with that said he started biting into it and ate the whole thing, leaves and all. The guy then fell down where he was standing.

"ONII-CHAN," the younger one stated and ran over to him tears in his eyes.

"I guess the experiment failed if he died after eating it," said the first voice to no one in particular.

The elder then got up, "Damn, I fell asleep again."

The scientists just sweatdropped.

The younger one then hit him in the head, "I thought you'd been poisoned."

"I guess there's nothing wrong with these fruit after all," the elder stated while rubbing the new bump on his head, "although it was completely bland. You should eat the other one I'm sure you're hungry at it is."

"Hai Onii-chan," and the younger of the two ate the other fruit on the cart. After he finished he stated, "These fruits are bland."

"And the experiment has begun," the first person stated. "What you have eaten is one of our experiments called: Project Devil Fruit. The elder one has eaten the Mera Mera fruit. Now he is a person who can make his body into flames as well as control them," The voice stated and started talking about the younger one, "The fruit the younger of the two of you ate was the Gomu Gomu fruit, it turns the one who ate it into a rubberman. Though the reason we call it Project Devil Fruit is because anyone who eats any of the fruit is gifted with great power but as a side effect for some unknown reason the person who ate the fruit is a hammer in water."

The elder who was wearing a cowboy hat with a happy face and a sad face right next to each other tilted his hat and stated, "I suppose these walls and glass are flame resistant then."

"Very good," the second voice stated, "we can't have you burning this place down now can we."

The younger one then pulled his finger and to his surprise they stretched.

The elder brother then focused on his hand a bit and it erupted into flames. When he let his focus down his hand returned to normal.

After a few minutes the brothers heard an explosion, and they turned to where they heard it from. A few seconds later one of the walls in the room collapsed and a red haired man in a straw hat with a claw mark scar on his left eye was standing behind it.

"More experiments," the guy stated. "I really don't like it when the world government does things like this." He then looked at the two young men standing before him, "If you want to escape, this is the only chance you'll get."

The two then followed the red-haired man. When they esaped the military facility the man gave a signal, and a man with the name Yassopp on his sweat band took one shot and the entire base blew up.

"Suke!" younger of the two stated. He then turned to red-haired man and said, "Arigatou Mr..."

"Just know me as Shanks," the red-haired man replied. "And what are your names?"

The elder replied first, "Portgas D. Ace."

And the younger one said, "Monkey D. Luffy."

'They definitely look like him, I guess the D. legacy still exists,' Shanks thought to himself. 'I think the government chose the wrong family to experiment on.'

During his thought however someone from the base came and shot a cannon aiming for Shanks' head, but because of his aim and Shanks' reaction instead of killing him, it shot off his left arm.

"CAPTAIN," the people around them shouted.

"SHANKS," Ace shouted.

"SHANKS!" Luffy shouted.

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