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My Brothers Keeper

Chapter One

It started with a family, and it ended with one too.

James and Lily Potter were the happily wed parent's ofa pair of bright eyed, babytwins. James was in the law enforcement, and Lily was a school teacher. They lived peacefully at 432, Godric's Hallow, a home filled with warmth and love. A happy family.

Not only were they a happy family, though. Stranger still, they were a happy magic family. James Potter was an accomplished wizard, working as an Auror, wizard policeman, and advancing his career through hard work and honesty. Lily Potter was a witch, and the professor of charms at Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The Twins, Harry and James Jr. didn't have a profession yet, but bother parent's held dreams for their children's lives. Dreams that would be radically altered.

In the late 20th century, a particularly ruthless dark wizard named Tom Marvolo Riddle or Voldemort began employing terrorist tactics against the British Ministry of Magic. People lived in constant fear. Times were dark. Voldemort led his band of Death Eaters for the cause of the 'purification of bloodlines,' proclaiming himself heir of Slytherin. James and Lily Potter were part of an organization fighting Voldemort, the Order of the Phoenix.

A prophecy was made concerning one of the Potter Twins having the ability to defeat the Dark Lord. James and Lily went into hiding, entrusting their location only to a close friend. They were betrayed.

On Halloween, 1981, Voldemort entered the Potter residence at 432, Godric's Hallow. The house was empty. James and Lily Potter, along with their twins, weren't home. The wards at the house were triggered by Voldemort's presence, and the Potters fled to faraway America to wait for a day they deemed safe to return to their homeland.

Seven Years Later

"And don't let them watch to much television or eat to much junk food. They'll be wired and keep you up half the night."

"We'll be fine Lily. God knows this isn't the first time I've watched children. You and James go out and have yourself a fun night." Mrs Hayde ushered Lily out the door before closing it. "Now, where did those brats get off to…"

"Poop head!"

"Dog face!"

"Pickle nose!"

Harry and James went rolling across the floor of their bedroom. Finally, Harry had James pinned under him.

"I'm winning." Harry grinned.

James growled "No you not." He struggled under Harry's weight.

"Yes I am. Look, you can't move. I'm winning." Harry argued.

James smirked. "Only until I do this!" James bucked his hips hard in an effort to upset Harry, but Harry clung valiantly to his perch on his twin.

"I'm still winning." Harry grinned. "Now you have to say it."

"No. It's not true." James got a stubborn look on. "Karate is loads better than Ninjitsu."

Harry bounced on James' stomach. "Then why am I winning?"

"Because your a poop head."

"Nah ah. It's because Ninjitsu is better. That's what the Ninja Turtles use."

"So? They aren't real. Your only winning because you've been taking lessons for a year. I've only had half a year. It's not fair."

"Boys!" Mrs. Hayden's voice floated up the stairs. "Dinner's ready!"

The two looked at each other before bouncing to their feet and dashing down stairs.

The two Potter Twins looked a lot alike, but they weren't identical by any means. The both had their father's hair, and their mothers nose. Harry, had his mother's chin and eyes, while James Junior was closer to looking like his father; he had blue eyes and a broader chin.

A year ago, Harry and James' parents decided to let them both start a hobby. Harry chose Ninjitsu. James chose baseball. It wasn't until half a year later that James, impressed with Harry's hobby and thoroughly bored with his own, asked if he could switch. James started Karate soon after, changing the type of martial art so it wouldn't look like he was copying Harry. He couldn't have that.

"I won." Harry said as they sat down at the table.

"Did not. I was about to throw you off."

"Were not."

"Were to."

"Booger brain."

"Earwax brain."

"Butt hair."

Boys! Stop that!" Mrs Hayden admonished. "We're at the dinner table. Let's have a polite, quiet discussion."

Harry and James looked at her for a moment, completely perplexed by her behavior. Usually, when they started the 'Name Calling Game' their father would urge them on, and their mother would pretend not to hear.

James spoke up. "Lady, your weird."

Mrs Hayden gave a sharp look. "That's Mrs Hayden, or ma'am to you."

James straightened in his chair, giving a small salute. "Yes ma'am."

Harry snickered behind his hands. "She's still weird." He whispered. The two put up a poor attempt to try and hide their giggles and the whole meal long Mrs Hayden kept giving them glares.

Harry finished first and dove out of his chair. Mrs Hayden had a grip on his shirt before he had gone five feet.

"Have you washed your plate young man?" she asked.

"No." Harry avoided her eyes.

"No what?"

"No ma'am."

Harry finished washing his plate just as James came in the kitchen with his dish. He had wide eyes. "She's a nightmare."

Harry never got a chance to reply. The house shook as the front door was blown off it's hinges. A robed figure strode in. Mrs Hayden never even had the chance to scream before green light engulfed her.

The cloaked man moved towards them, every movement smooth, every step graceful; he seemed to be floating more than walking. The man carried himself like royalty. Through the gap in the hood, you could see a shock of black hair, and two soulless eyes gleaming. Voldemort. Flight of Death.

"Voldemort." Harry whispered. The two boys looked on in paralyzed fear as the cloaked figure swept gracefully toward them.

"Run!" Harry screamed.

Harry dashed upstairs in a blind panic, no clear plan in his mind except to flee that which pursued him. James, however, had, in his childhood imagination, dreamed over and over again what he would do in this situation. Squelching his fear with Gryfindor courage and not a small dose of boyish stupidity, he ran to his parent's room and grabbed his father's spare wand out of the dresser.

"Nobody messes with a Potter." He declared and dashed back through the house in search of dark lords.

In the meantime, Harry was cornered in the play room, staring into the cold eyes of Tom Marvalo Riddle. For a few moments, their eyes locked, hunter and prey. Harry moved swiftly, taking two steps forward, before jumping at Voldemort with a flying kick. Voldemort casually side stepped and backhanded Harry as he landed. The boy spun around and toppled to the ground. Poise and dignity intact, the Dark Lord lifted his wand with fatal intent.

"Bow to death, Harry." It was the only sound the Dark Lord had made since entering the house.

"I- I wont. I'm a Potter." Harry's voice shook in fear. His father always spoke the name with such pride, it pained Harry to sound so weak.

"Your a boy." Voldemort sneered. "Avada Kedavra!"

From his crouched position in the hallway, James heard Voldemort scream a curse. No time to lose. He had to save his brother. James darted in the room andjabbed his wand in a spastic movement, screaming a curse he'd heard his father use; a weak blast issued from the wand. "Destructo!"

At the same instant, Voldemort's curse rebounded off Harry and Voldemort was sandwiched between the two curses. The Dark Lord's body was disintegrated and his spirit fled the house in a gust of wind.

James stood shocked for a moment. He had only seen his curse strike, missing the rebounded curse. The younger of the Potter Twins collected himself and gave a slight nod.

"And that is why nobody messes with a Potter."


When Harry came to, the first thing he saw was James' face five inches from his.

"I killed him." His brother boasted.

"Wha?" Harry's only reality was the throbbing headache, pounding in his skull.

"Voldemort. The Dark Lord. You-Know-Who. He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. I killed him."

What was his brother talking about? Then Harry remembered the attack; he remembered being cornered in the playroom, Voldemort standing over him, screaming a curse.

"Nuh uh." Harry whispered in disbelief.

"Uh huh! I used dad's spare wand. Look!" James pointed and sure enough, there was Voldemort's robe laying in the dust.

"Then where's his body?" Harry asked.

"It turned into dust." James smiled.

Harry looked at his brother suspiciously. "Are you sure he's dead?"

James grinned. "Either that, or he's naked somewhere!" He burst out laughing. "Oh, wait till I tell mom!" James laughed, then stopped. "Harry! Your head!"

Harry touched a hand over his forehead and it came away with blood. What curse had Voldemort used on him? It wasn't coming back for some reason. Oh, well. He felt fine and told his brother so.

Harry shook his head in disbelief at all that had happened. Then he remembered something. "Mrs Hayden is dead, isn't she."

James' eyes lowered. "Yeah. She's- she's dead." He smiled bravely. "She wasn't really that bad. I mean, she was a little bossy, but…" He trailed off. "Harry, I'm scared."

"I am too. But we're Potters. Dad is always telling us that means something." Harry wrapped an arm around James.

"Do you think so?" James asked miserably.

Harry looked thoughtful before he replied. "I think it means you'll always have another Potter looking out for you, protecting you, saving your life. Yes, I think that means something." He turned to look his brother in the eyes. "It does to me."


"Harry! James!" Lily frantically called. James Sr. was kneeling next to the crumpled form of Mrs. Hayden. They'd seen the doorless doorway from the street and come running in. "Oh, God." Lily sobbed, her world shaking. "Please, don't let them be dead. Harry! James!"

At that moment the two boys came tumbling down the stairs and into their mothers arms.

She was sobbing uncontrollably now. Harry and James felt awkward but the hug felt nice, so they didn't complain. Mr. Potter just stood and rubbed his wife's back making soothing noises.

"Shhh." Harry hushed. "It's okay mom. James killed him. We're okay."

Lily looked up, bleary eyed from crying. "You what?" she asked.

James beamed with pride. "I killed Voldemort, mom. I used dad's wand."

"It's true mom. It was him." Harry backed him up. "He had me cornered in the play room, but James got behind him and used destructo curse, and boom! All that's left is his robe."

James and Lily looked at each other in disbelief. The Prophecy. Lily turned back to her sons. "I'm just glad your safe." The family embraced once more.

Tomorrow their life would change. James Jr. would go down in the books as the boy who defeated Voldemort. His name would be known around the world. The odd scar on Harry's head would be dismissed as the result of a cutting hex. Things would be different from here on out, but they would face it together. They were Potters.

End of Chapter One.

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