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Final Fantasy X: The Dream Within.

Chapter 1: Zanarkand.

There was a tranquil stillness in that place as the sun cast down the last of its golden rays.

Only the passing breeze stirred the bitter silence, sweeping the heavy layers of dust over the dry ground. The calming sea glittering in all its splendour lapped the shore, the scarred shore that had yearned for the taste of water for so long.

Beautiful this place seemed with the vivid horizon watching over the barren land, highlighting the dull rock brightly with pallor light. "Light", a usual symbol of "hope", or even "joy"…but not in this place.

It was sorrow that resided here: an ancient sorrow that had prospered for centuries. Sorrow so dense that it seemed to engulf the air completely with its burdensome weight. So strong it was that none could stop it from drowning their hearts with its dejection. Escape from it was impossible. To face it was inevitable.

And stood in the very midst of it was an emblazoned sword.

It was mighty in stature, gleaning in a cerulean that shimmered akin to flowing water in the evening sun. Behind it, thrust dutifully into the arid ground was a mage's staff comprised of a single rod, azure in colour. In the shadows by its side lay a single ball: a blitzball, rather large in size. Its battered form and faded colours displayed the heavy usage it had endured over time.
A long time it would seem.

In a cleft of the exposed rock to the side, sat a gathering of people. Seven there were in total, varying widely in race and age. In the very centre of their circular formation blazed a small fire ignited with dry roots.

Staring fixated at the crackling flames the memories of their journey together rekindled in their minds. Their hearts were heavy now that they had reached the goal of their long and perilous pilgrimage. There was no answer to the question in their minds, the jarring question that they all asked themselves relentlessly. There were no words either that would redeem the matter at hand…no words that would aid them.

The solace of their own thoughts were enough, enough to comfort their aching minds. But one member of the party in particular wasn't faring too well in the awkward stillness that surrounded them.

It was a young man sat upon the left-hand brink of the fire; without so much as a word he pushed himself slowly to his feet. The movement didn't stir any member of the group…except for the young lady by his side.

Her shining eyes, emerald and blue followed him until he passed out of sight behind her. The empathy in her stare, the bitter conflict she fought within herself was more than evident.

Yet the pain she felt inside melted in the placing of his warm gloved hand upon her shoulder. For a moment she forgot her sorrow; his comfort was all she needed, his protection.

The glorified feeling fled from her heart as his touch slipped away. Now it was his time, his time to see it for himself…with his own eyes.

He approached the hill, climbing it he felt the burdensome weight bear down upon his shoulders, the weight he had felt for a long time. The sun blazed upon him showering his tanned face with an orange glow, shining into his azure eyes. And there it was before him. The sight he'd longed to behold.

Stretching out as far as the eye could see were the ruins of a lost city, a city that had laid in devastation for the best part of a thousand years: Zanarkand.

Littered in the murky sea below were the shattered foundations of the metropolis, the vast machina city. Fractured remnants of mighty buildings were scattered haphazardly in all directions with mountains of debris, all bearing a pallid white hue.

Standing there, witnessing the crumbling groundwork of the great city, he couldn't stop the wonderment from entering his heart. The distant pyreflies that danced in a techni-colour rainbow of streaming light seduced his searching eyes. This was a special place for him, a special moment for him.

Here in this place, it was the perfect time to start…his recollection.

"Listen to my story.
This may be…our last chance."

Zanarkand was alive. The whole place was awash with a sea of neon lights as the burning sun set down on the horizon. A strange heavy tension flowed in the air around the great city. Tonight was an important night…for all. Tonight was the final of all finals. The Jecht Memorial Cup Tournament would draw to an almighty close with the meeting of the two surviving groups of players. For the winners it would be all round victory after defeating the remaining 15 teams from all corners of Zanarkand.

The citizens were besides themselves with excitement. This was to be night to remember…in more ways than one.

But none were more excited than the residents of A-East, the first district on Zanarkand's sea faring side. Bustling crowds of people all charged the streets frenziedly, the hype was unbelievable. They were all waiting for the one they called the "Star Player". The player that would certainly lead their team to victory once again.

"Hey everyone! He's coming!"

A small group of ardent well wishers rushed hurriedly to his abode. He was fashionably late in leaving, as usual. No sooner had he stepped foot out of the door a collective roar of delight filled the air. He waved to them from afar coaxing thrilled squeals from the girls in the crowd, almost swooning at the sight of him in the flesh.

Unable to contain themselves any longer a small pack of young boys at the front dashed ahead exuberantly, waylaying him before he'd even gotten off the path. "Tidus! Tidus!"

The young man laughed heartily at their rapturous screams: his fans they were always the same.

"Can you sign this?" one bounced up and down erratically, shoving a blitzball in his direction.

Tidus grinned cheerfully "No prob." taking hold of the ball and signed his name in thick black ink.

"Pleeeease!" the second chipped in standing on his tiptoes.


The third tugged on the back of the blitzer's leg "Me too!"

"Hey, take it easy!"

One down side to all this attention was the smothering he'd get; not that he was complaining. Being in the limelight was good. Well not goodgreat.
Becoming the Star Player of the Zanarkand Abes blitzball team was the best thing that ever happened to him. Could life get any better? He got all the adoring fans, all the-

"Can I have you autograph?" a leggy brunette approached him demurely from the midst of the group. Her rather revealing outfit wasn't leaving that much to the imagination…

The blitzer smirked "Of course!" …he got all the chicks too…

"Good luck tonight!" her friend hailed from behind.

"Nothin to worry about!" he boasted spinning the ball with ease on one finger before passing it back to her.

"Oh…if I score a goal" he affirmed philandering "I'll…uh do this" he came up with some strange hand gesture off the top of his head "That'll mean it was for you, ok?"

The young women giggled like two little schoolgirls, trying their best to conceal their flushing cheeks.

"What seat?" he inquired pushing his luck.

"East block in the front row!" the brunette exclaimed hiding her blush behind her ball.

"Fifth from the right!" her companion squealed. A chance with Tidus was not to be missed.

"Got it!" he nodded "…Well…" the clock was ticking; he wanted to be on time for once "…Gotta go! Cheer for me!" he grinned addressing the crowd.

"Two- three…" before he could make a move the three boys from earlier raced before him and assembled in a line "TEACH US HOW TO BLITZ!"

"Er… I got a game to play."

"Then teach us after!" one begged, staring up at him with puppy dog eyes.

"Maybe tonight…um…well…" he'd run out of excuses all too early.

"You can't tonight." A solemn voice spoke out behind him.

Tidus spun round startled to discover it belonged to a small boy no older than about eight. He was dressed in a peculiar fashion with his hood drawn low over his small shadowed face.

"I mean…tomorrow." the blitzer continued, turning back to the determined young fans.



No sooner had he spoken the three of them placed down their balls and made a circular movement with their hands creating a ball shape. The blitzball sign for Victory.

After bidding them all a glorious farewell, the blitzer could finally make his way to the infamous Zanarkand overpass, the road to the stadium. It was set high within the city, gigantic buildings shaped in all forms rose towering over its sides in accordance. Some even bore illustrious waterfalls that fell noisily, cascading down into the lower reservoirs below. There was water everywhere, at all times; some structures were even built upon it. For the people of Zanarkand, water was second nature. Anyone who couldn't swim in the city was indeed looked upon as strange.

It was oddly quiet as he strolled down the wide lane ahead of him. Usually the overpass was congested to the point of not being able to move. Tidus figured that all the people were down at the stadium queuing desperately to get the last seats available. He was far wrong either. Vivacious crowds of people flocked near the grand stadium entrance frantically as the final intense glow of the sun set upon the towering metropolis.

But before he could get there something caught his attention, stopping him dead in his tracks. He stood there motionless and stared up at the huge electronic billboard buzzing on the wall beside him.

It was flashing the advertisement for the Jecht Memorial Cup Tournament on dynamic scale with vivid colours. Plastered upon it was a giant sized picture of a middle-aged man; he looked overly proud and a little pretentious with his arms folded tightly over his chest. His hair was long and dark in colour much like the stubble about his face. And of course there was that red bandanna that curled over his forehead: Jecht.

The sight of the picture teased a small mocking laugh from the blitzer's lips as he shook his head. Examining it closely his mouth turned down at the corners. The raw hate welled heatedly in his veins; the same hate he always felt. The familiar disgusted dark glare consumed his ocean blue eyes.

"Hmph!" he punched the air and strolled past it thrusting his nose up.

Before long the stadium appeared before him, looming up ahead. A great dome it was, with a mighty arced entrance. At either side were gigantic statues of former players that had met their glory, carved out of solid stone. Truly the stadium in its sheer size was a wonderful sight to behold, a work of art structurally speaking. But Tidus had now to fight his way to it; the straggling fans had spotted him in his blitz gear a mile off. This wasn't going to be easy.

Just as he picked up the pace, the hails of good cheer filled his ears.

"Yo Mister Star Player, you show us those moves of yours tonight man!"

"Good luck Tidus!"

"You watch out for those Duggles, I hear they play dirty. You give their defence somethin to cry about!"

He could've stayed there all night listening to them praise him, but the sudden utterance on the loudspeaker urged him to press on…

"I was in a coffee shop running away from home when I heard the news.
Our hero Jecht, gone.
Vanished into thin air!
My dad must've been his biggest fan.
I knew how sad he'd be.
Heck, we all were that day.
"Zanar" I says to myself "what are you thinking?"
I went running straight back home, we sat up talking 'bout Jecht all night.
My dad and I never talked so much-

Whoa…Didn't mean to reminisce folks!
Anyway…Ten years later the Jecht Memorial Cup is today.
The two teams that have won through to the finals are…of course: the Abes from A-East and the Duggles from C-South.

I know there's a lot of people out there to see the star of the Abes!
In just one year he's become the team's number one player!

He's Jecht's blood and the new hope of blitzball!
What kind of super play will he show us today?
Will we see his father's legendary shot?
I don't think I'm the one excited here folks!"

"Make way! Make way!" Tidus struggled to heave through the incessant barrage of fans hanging around to catch a glimpse of him "Coming through, sorry!"…A flurry of hands grappled toward him…"Hey! I'm gonna be late!"…They wouldn't give in…"Hey! Let go of me!" he yelled.

Eventually they sobered enough for him to squeeze through. Accepting a final wave, they watched in anticipation as he disappeared into the depths of the stadium.

It didn't take long for him to reach his allotted space within. Sitting there waiting in the cool water gave him time to relax before the almighty match. His heart began to race in his chest as he heard the grinding of the heavy machinery above, preparing to launch open, ready to reveal him to the crowd.


His cerulean eyes sprung open and an almighty roar erupted as he brought himself to his feet. The audience present was unbelievably huge, a staggering amount of people could fit into the stadium no trouble and tonight was no exception. Clutching his blitzball in hand, he savoured the boundless screams of adulation as the plinth he stood on raised up to meet the crowd.

Above, the great structured roof unclasped its harnesses and began to stretch wide open to reveal the star-lit sky. In the midst of all this was a swelling current of light, the surfacing of the sphere pool. It throbbed momentarily before blasting outwards filling the whole stadium with eye-watering light. The crowd gasped with awe at the dramatic display, as the mechanical wings on the opening roof spread at either side allowing the newly created sphere pool to rise.

This was going to be some match, Tidus could feel it. The whole atmosphere was electric as the two teams assembled within, ready to blitzoff.

But the atmosphere outside was very different.

Something was coming…

The surrounding sea swirled uneasily as the disturbed waves swept in closer to the city, growing in both height and magnitude. The people observed rooted with horror as a mighty shadow loomed over their city, towering above even the tallest of skyscrapers.

It was a tidal wave, a tsunami forged from a solid wall of water. It would only be a matter of time before it pounced down upon them taking all in its path to a watery grave. But this was not so…

The swirling masses took the shape of a mighty orb that separated from the waves. From the distance it looked very similar to an actual sphere pool floating in mid air, but there weren't any players inside. There was something else, something much bigger.

The civilians stared in wonder at the strange "water ball" that was advancing all too rapidly. The orb suddenly shuddered violently whatever was inside began to quake… and then it began.

The earth beneath their feet began to shudder ever so softly; the "orb" was drawing something to it… water.

All the lower reservoirs instantly emptied as did even the smallest puddles underfoot. The water was being attracted to it like a magnet. Swelling together like some form of viscous glue the waters of the city enveloped the furthest outskirts. They raised to a terrific height, almost meeting the orb above. Then the most bizarre thing happened…the buildings…they were like- jelly. The orb was gratefully "inhaling" them in their new water clothed forms making them stretch from the ground like elastic.

The gob-smacked civilians stared unsure of what to do…some laughed, others gawked with wide eyes. It was all happening so…well…calmly. They'd never seen anything of this magnitude happen before. It was too calm to be a disaster…right?

But no matter how calm it was they couldn't escape the irony of the situation. The creature…or whatever it was, was using their water to against them. The water they lived with, the sparkling water the built their wonderful city upon. The limitless water. It soon hit home…this thing wasn't going to stop…

Mass hysteria ensued as the panic began to set in. Screams of terror rang through the city as people fled for their lives in the opposite direction, scrabbling away from the oncoming carnage. The grand finale was yet to come…this was only the beginning, the calm before the storm.

However this wasn't the case in the stadium, the cheering crowds, the screaming fans and the blitzers were blissfully unaware of the chaos beginning to take place outside. The match was going well, and in the Abes' favour too. Suzam, the Abes' left defence, had scored an amazing goal with her advanced volley shot within a mere thirty seconds of the match starting. Tidus was desperate to follow her lead. This was to be his game, after all he was the "Star" of the show…and he had an ace up his sleeve.

Swooping down through the water he snatched the ball, and with a powerful drive of his legs leapt completely out above the sphere pool. The crowd gasped in wonder as he floated in mid air with the ball spinning in mid flight before him. He flipped himself over backward ready to perform an un-missable sphere shot. This would be one for the record books.

But as the blitzer descended, something strange caught his eye.

A spherical orb growing in the distance. Even from floating upside down he could see the strange object throbbing and pulsating aggressively.


The orb quavered suddenly. Blasts of orange light shot from within aiming straight for the stadium. They smashed into the outer wall ripping it apart with a catastrophic boom. The whole building quaked violently as the tide whipped up beneath it. There was a shuddering smash as the sphere pool disintegrated into a thousand razor sharp shards, showering the terrified crowd.

Tidus flailed in the air frantically and began crashing down at an astonishing speed; it would only be a matter of time before he plummeted to his death.

With an amazing streak of luck one of the outer wings painfully broke his fall. He pawed desperately for a handhold, his grip slipping under the shiny metal surface.

Still the invading sphere-creature carried on regardless, pelting the stadium with explosive bolts of searing fire. The voracious waves thrashed into the building below tearing the walls down and churning the contents around in its own unwavering spin cycle. Water burst through the cracks in the entrance, water so strong that it tore into the solid stone statues like scissors through paper.

Everything left in the path of the onslaught was completely decimated, blowing to bits in flashes of light. The chronic explosions below shook the building to its foundations soon it would collapse completely. It was all too much for Tidus who was still cleaving onto the shuddering surface. A violent tremor from beneath was all it took for him to lose his grip and go speeding down into oblivion once more…

People poured frenziedly from the stadium entrance as the water blasted out behind them. It sprayed like bleeding wounds from the new gaping cracks in the outside walls saturating everything in its path. The billowing clouds of searing black smoke seeped from every orifice colouring the sky a charred grey.

"Ugh…" the blitzer groaned rubbing his aching head. Fortunately his luck had held out, he hadn't incurred too much damage from the fall. He staggered to his feet, terrified screams rang all around him; everything was in complete disarray. He slapped his hands over his ears, shaking his head to drown out the sound and the painful dizziness he felt within. It was no good; this wasn't a dream, it was real and it was happening right there and then.

He forced himself to stumble forward over the water-drenched rubble. His path littered in molten debris, drowned in blood stained water. But he soon learned that the destruction of the stadium wasn't the only surprise he was in for…

"Auron!" he gasped rushing out of the shattered archway "What are you doing here?"

The warrior was leaning casually against the jagged remains of a mighty pillar "I was waiting for you". As always his face was solemn, as was his manner.

"What are you talking about?" Tidus asked startled, he'd already had enough of all this, what was going on? What the hell was Auron on about? He was weird at the best of times…

Without making any form of answer, the scarlet clad warrior pressed forward down the ruined overpass letting the dumbfounded Tidus follow him like a stray puppy.

To the blitzer's eyes the overpass was now a stark contrast to its former self. He looked on in disbelief as the straggling survivors fled for their lives, darting about in confusion fuelled havoc. The glorious buildings in the distance blazed like infernos now riddled with gaping explosion craters. Murky black plumes of smoke rose all around him filling his nostrils with a burning smell that made him sick to his stomach.

It would only be a matter of time before the whole city would be completely obliterated by the unknown menace. It'd already brought the city down to its knees.

Tidus scrambled about chaotically to keep up with Auron, the passing townsfolk jostled and bashed into him as they rushed past in all flurried directions.

Then it happened, the most bizarre thing.

There was a flash of white light followed by a droning blare. The sight that met the blitzer's eyes made him gawk in dumbfounded amazement.

Time was…frozen. Everything had stopped in the blink of an eye: the deafening noise, the screaming civilians, the chaos. Tidus stared in alarm at the people who were once running, now contorted and stuck in place.

"It begins."

The blitzer spun round startled. It was the same small boy from earlier with the purple hood pulled low, shadowing his small face.


The young boy gazed up at him, his small blue eyes penetrating the darkness beneath the violet fabric "Don't cry."

No sooner had he spoken, time restored itself, everything was in motion again. Tidus stared wide-eyed completely stunned "Huh?…" The young boy had completely vanished…"What the?" his head was throbbing, what the hell was going on?

Auron however was still pressing forwards, the frenzied hysteria didn't seem to bother him one bit; he continued on regardless.

"Hey wait!" Tidus broke into a sprint to catch up to the elusive man. He collapsed, leaning on his knees to get his breath back "Hey not this way!"

Auron halted to peer over his dark glasses into the distance "Look."

Tidus straightened himself up, what met his gaze made him stagger backward in alarm. Before him the watery orb floated amidst the rising smoke. Within it he could make out a huge grey shape, it was some kind of huge fiend, some kind of gigantic monster.

"We call it "Sin." Auron confirmed gravely.


The blitzer's question couldn't be answered as the orb swelled and shook yet again. A strange lance shaped object shot from within it and imbedded itself high into the wall of the nearest building. It wriggled suddenly: it wasn't a lance after all. It was a fiend fully equipped with neon tentacles that writhed about it viciously. The coned structure that formed its body began to…disintegrate…well it looked that way to Tidus' eyes at least.

Small scaly pods sprayed from it, showering the ground ahead of them. The blitzer soon discovered their real identity. The pods opened with squealing cracks revealing strange grey-silver creatures with flickering wings. They launched at the blitzer, slashing and nipping with their great taloned claws: Sinscales.

Tidus poorly attempted to shoo them away with his flailing arms. But to no avail, they all struck at different times proving too much for the blitzer. He had little experience with fiends of any sort; this was the first time he'd come face to face with one this close. They overpowered him forcing him to totter over clumsily onto his back.

"Take it" the warrior held an object before the blitzer's eyes.

It was a broad sword, deep crimson in colour with a long curving tip. Tidus took hold of the hilt; the cumbersome weight bore straight down through his arm. So much so, that he was unable to keep the sword aloft for long.

"A gift from Jecht" Auron reached back and brought his own gigantic sword forth, clasping it over his shoulder

"My old man?"

The creatures pounced toward him again; blood thirsty and filled with rage. The blitzer swung the sword aimlessly with both hands striving desperately to drive them away. Yet the sheer weight of the sword added a little too much momentum than he was planning and threw him onto his back yet again.

Auron looked down upon him gravely "I hope you know how to use it" He lunged forward swinging his mighty shining sword toward the nearest creature, its body jarred and burst asunder.

"These ones don't matter! We cut through!" he ordered dodging the perilous blows being aimed at him.

Tidus straightened himself out; one of the creatures pounced toward him, its wings flashing ready to shoot the deadly spines upon them. The blitzer reeled as another swung onto him from behind, burying its claws into the flesh on his leg. He screamed out loud and swung around driving the blade into the creature's neck. It shrieked momentarily before bursting into a cloud of pyreflies.

Fortunately for the blitzer Auron had done most of the work and a path through the beasts was now clear. Tidus scrabbled after the warrior as he raced off yet again further onto the disintegrating overpass.

Yet more of the fiends lay in wait, they'd grown in number, making it literally impossible for the pair to strike them all down.

"Don't bother going after all of them! Cut the one's that matter and run!" Auron hacked his way through the beasts with ease. Driving the katana like blade through the fiends in his path. Tidus hurriedly followed suit, squeezing through the vacant spaces in-between and taking down those in his way.

The pair of them continued dashing on up ahead, still pressing forwards over the bent and buckled path as the orb loomed in the distance. Suddenly there was a tremendous crash; it shook the whole surface beneath Tidus' feet so violently he struggled to stay upright. It was another lance creature, a Sinspawn Ammes; this time it was ready to fight and had imbedded itself deep into the surface of the overpass, sending shock wave cracks in all directions.

Without a second thought Auron dashed toward it brandishing his blade with venomous wrath. Tidus however hesitated, he wanted answers and he wanted them now. What on earth was going on? Perhaps now wasn't the ideal time to be asking…he figured; there was knife work that needed doing. He fled to the warrior, letting his spirit flood with upheaval.

Sure enough it was there before them, the lance like fiend stretching to at least twenty feet high. Its gigantic neon tentacles thrashed and whipped violently, desperately searching for a victim. At its base were four spine covered Sinscales, the same as before: this wasn't going to be easy.

"Get outta my town!" Tidus yelled gritting his teeth. Somehow he'd gotten the taste for battle.

"Some can't wait to die!" Auron stepped forward thrusting his weapon deep within the ground.

The blitzer watched in amazement as the Sinscales ruptured and blasted apart in bright flashes of orange light. Auron's Bushido skills, he'd never seen them before…

Now only the lance fiend was left to deal with. Auron's attack had weakened it some, but the magic skills it possessed were unbelievably powerful, allowing it to suck the vitality completely out of the both of them. After what seemed like an endless battle the fiend eventually succumbed to their constant strikes and shut down.

Still as soon as it ceased to pose a treat Auron rushed off once more. Tidus followed raggedly, this was just getting weirder and weirder, just what exactly was happening?

"What are you laughing at old man?" he murmured as they passed by the same billboard as before. He could just imagine Jecht stood there revelling in the chaos. "Auron, let's get outta here!"

"We're expected."

"Huh?" Tidus' heart sank as the warrior disappeared off again "Gimme a break man!"

When he reached the Auron's position, it happened yet again like a recurring nightmare: pods containing Sinscales sprayed over the battered ground. A vast array shot through the air sticking themselves all over the surrounding walkway, in front and behind. Tidus gazed in horror as the masses awoke appearing more enraged than ever. Hundreds of them, spanning as far as the eye could see.
Escape was impossible.

The first of the batch hatched and leapt toward the pair, they were cut down in an instant, only to be replaced again and again and again.

"Hmph, this could be bad…" Auron scanned their surroundings like a hawk. His eyes fixed onto a stray gas tank that was draped over the side of the road. It must've fallen there in the ensuing commotion. It was dangling by a straggled amount of support cables, if they were cut it would surely fall…

"That!" the warrior thrust his sword in its direction "Knock it down!"

"What?" Tidus knew that gas equalled explosions, especially if it ignited on the sparks from the cut wires.

"Trust me you'll see."

Hesitantly the blitzer obeyed. He dodged in-between the incoming spines and let his blade fall down upon the wires. Instantly there was a frantic buzz of electricity, as they burst open. The tank tottered and swayed momentarily before it went plummeting down below. A dull rumble ensued and the blitzer backed away unsure.

Suddenly there was a catastrophic boom that echoed beneath them, shaking the whole structure. The explosion below had ruptured the foundations of a mighty building by their side.

In a flash the bursted wall of the skyscraper toppled before them in a rush of blazing flames.

"WHOA!" Tidus struggled to keep his balance as the burning wall crushed the Sinscales and the onward path. Now the only way forward was across the sinking wall that was subsequently taking a huge chunk of the overpass down with it. Whereas the other side was rising, Sin was already inhaling it.

"Go!" Auron commanded.

Tidus shielded his eyes from the intense flames; with the adrenaline pumping mercilessly in his veins he dashed frantically for his life, leaping up as high as his legs could force him. His hands caught hold of the very tip of the jagged surface of the rising overpass; he was now dangling upon the very brink.

Above him the force of this "Sin" was pulling in the whole city. The broken domed roofs of buildings and all the loose debris was being consumed into the huge vacuum that "it" was creating.

Next on the menu was the overpass. It shuddered violently as it was ripped up from its supports, still with the struggling blitzer attached to it. Buckling, the platform bent up vertically, making the fight to find a grip even harder.

"Auron!" He yelled, as the orb-covered creature pulled them him in nearer. "Auron!"

The warrior however ignored his cries and stared deeply up toward the oncoming vacuum. The watery sphere had opened out, revealing a gaping vortex that was surrounded by a swirling mass of dense tissue.

"You are sure?" he inquired looking up as the bright light within it advanced down upon them.

He turned back to the blitzer gravely and reaching down he ripped him up by the collar "This is it." he said as the force of Sin wrenched aggressively on Tidus, lifting him into the air "This is your story."

Tidus shrivelled away, the searing light pierced through his eyes almost unbearably.

Auron kept his grip upon the blitzer as its touch began to engulf them "It all begins here."

Tidus let out a scream as it moved in surrounding him, drowning out all the sound.
Then everything was still.
Everything went dark.

To be continued…

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