---Road to an Eternity of Wars---

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Chapter 1: New Beginnings

Kaede's Hut…

They all got seated inside Kaede's hut.

The final battle was a few days ago. There isn't much to say about it though.


Sango was fighting Kohaku with a pained expression on her face. Her attempts of not striking and only defending were proving futile.

Miroku was seemingly holding up with the hoards of demons. The occasional wind tunnel was seen when the wasps weren't around, hence the reason why everyone stood behind him.

Back at Kaede's village, Shippo and Kirara waited nervously for the return of their friends.

Now, you may be wondering 'what had happened to Inuyasha?'. His betrayal was harsh, almost expected, although uncertain. Through his eyes, Kikyo was the right choice, never less, we continued with no problem. He would've been a lot of help and an advantage, but it wasn't like we were weak. The whole ordeal at hand was playing pretty well.

I was exhausted, so I put up a barrier, purifying demons in the process. Slowly crawling over to Miroku, Kagome clutched her medical kit deathly as he fought, she healed his wounds. This process was just the same for Sango. Now that she thought of it, it was only the three of them that were fighting for Kagome's side to ensure the safety for the Shikon no Tama. At least we were holding up. Got to think positive!

Finally, when everyone was wearing down, Kohaku still not fallen, Kagome decided that she would try and do something other than heal.

It was the most unusual idea, although she was not entirely confident that it would work, she'd try. The only risk Kagome would be taking is if it didn't work, then ALL Naraku's attention would fade away until it locked onto her. Taking a deep breath, Kagome made the choice that she would try. After all, if it worked, then it's for the better!

Taking out her bow, Kagome also picked up an abandoned, rusted sword that was dropped from one of the youkai. Tying two arrows to it, she 'nocked' the sword to the bow.

Looking around again, Inuyasha had a hole through his stomach, but still fought against them like the days when he had lost control of his demon blood. This time it was clear though. He looked perfectly normal other than the blood covering him all over.

Kikyo was sporting an arrow shot earlier, courtesy of Kagome, now heading towards Sango.

Sesshoumaru had been there earlier, and sadly, had died when the tojikin ((sp?)) broke in half and got over-rided with demons and Kagura. It might of sounded easy, but if you had been actually there, it was like all of Makai against him. ((Of course, nobody knew this eqivilant yet)) When he had died, the Tensaiga mysteriously dissapeared, presumably there was no need for it.

Naraku, Kagura, and Kanna were looking for her. 'I have to get this over with now before they find me'

Taking a deep breath, Kagome shot the katana, fearing that it was too heavy. At some point when the blade was flying, the threads that bound the arrows together on the sword suddenly came loose, flying at Kagura and Kanna at the same time. It was a multi-shot!

'Perfect' Kagome thought.

Sango and Miroku sensed that something was going on, looked up from their fighting just in time to see the arrows release, sword going through Naraku with another arrow to top it off and three arrows each embedded in the two followers heart.

The youkai then backed off. Sighing, they were free. Free from the unearthly bounds to the ground, that once terrorized then to death.

Sango lightened up though, when Kohaku had showed Kagome the shard in his back, her confirming that if she pulled it out, then nothing would happen. He had gained his memories back, and Sango had told him it was ok. Kohaku seemed to accept this answer; hence, they headed back to the village.

--------------------------------------------------------------End Flashback----------------------------------------------------------------

Kagome sighed again.

Ok! So perhaps there was a lot to say about it! All the information was just a lot to absorb in 4 hours.

Inuyasha had died with Kikyo.

Kagome snorted. She didn't care; after all, he had betrayed them. There was no sympathy in her eyes, although there was a little speck of longing, hardly seen, but not greatly acknowledged.

Midoriko had appeared in Miroku, Shippo, Kagome, Sango, Kohaku, and even Kirara's dreams, teaching them all in a group how to fend of demons together, each leaving them to part with 2 weapons and a set of clothing as gifts for the older beings. That day was clearer than a window on a chilly winter's day.

She was going to visit tonight. Midoriko said something about explaining something. The confusing part was she said it was only going to me Sango, Miroku, and Kagome. But why?


The training had been finished. The group minus Inuyasha had learned every single weapon in the book, except Shippo and Kirara who just learned how to use their demon abilities better.

"I have a couple parting gifts for you" Midoriko took out several carefully wrapped up packages and handed them to each one of them.

Kohaku opened his first. It was a new boomerang made out of demon bone, ((He didn't have one earlier, so he's getting one now)) and a metal spear with a sheath. ((Weird isn't it lol ))

Shippo then opened his. He took out a set of illusion items and a book demonstrating different kitsune attacks and types. ((For knowing the weaknesses when you battle with them))

Kirara didn't really get much, just a grooming kit and a bracelet to strap onto one of her paws to increase her firepower. It would grow or shrink depending on her form.

Sango got a sword with a dragon intricate around the handle and 5 different sets of throwing disks. Fire disks, water, earth, plain metal, and electric. She got a new demon slayer outfit and a violet cloak to cover it instead of a trench coat.

Miroku got a ring that allowed him to channel his spiritual energy through that finger and a gold dagger. He was never the type to use anything but his holy powers. There was a new set of monks' robes, but it wasn't as baggy and easier to travel around in. There was a black trench coat to cover it.

And finally, Kagome received a katana with phoenix intricate on the handle and another sword with a dove on the handle. I guess you could say she recieved twin swords. She already knew how to channel power. The set of clothes were a set of miko robes, the hakamas silver instead of red. This also had a dark blue sash too. To top it off, there was a navy blue cloak to cover it all.

"These are all for you to use wisely. I suggest that you all get into the modern era after this and live there. There are demons there too and they might attack your shrine. Try to get rid of as many as possible" Midoriko finished.

And with that, the dream ended.

--------------------------------------------------------------End Flashback----------------------------------------------------------------

Sango explained the dream to Kaede. In result, she passed down some arrows and a bow for Kagome. She also dug up 1 plant each in her herb garden and gave it to them to grow at home.

"So, do you all like your gifts?" Shippo asked excitedly.

"Hai, I think they will be very helpful," Kagome answered.

"Kagome-sama, I take note that we all have three weapons now, not including Shippo or Kirara" Miroku told them.

"Hey yeah…I'm very grateful though" Sango replied.

"I never knew there were demons in my era though…oh well something to fight when we go back tomorrow after the last dream for you, Miroku, and I"

Kohaku kept silent. He was just happy he was with his sister.

And then after dinner, they went to bed.

Dream Sequence: Kagome, Sango, Miroku...

In an instant, Kagome popped into the dream to find that Sango and Miroku were already there, waiting for her.

"Hey guys!" Kagome shouted.

They smiled and waved in return.

Then Midoriko came, "I'm here to discuss some things with you"

The three looked, confused, as Midoriko began speaking again, "I've taught you everything I possible could and it's time that you should know something"

She paused for a moment to make sure they were all listening, "Kagome, you are not the reincarnation of Kikyo, you're the reincarnation of me"

Kagome sat there, wide-eyed, while Sango and Miroku cheered. She was shocked, although somehow relieved.

Pleased with the outcome of feelings, Midoriko continued, "Sango, you are the reincarnation of one of the most successful demon slayers in all time, of whom fought alongside with me during battle. Her name was Itachi"

((Ok! This is all made up, so deal with it! Lol))

Now there were 2 shocked figures, and 1 dancing.

"Finally, Miroku. You're the reincarnation of the most successful monk who also fought beside me. His name was Noshiki. We are all part of the jewel of four souls"

"Then if they are all part of the jewel, then who's the 4th soul?" Kagome recovered from her momentarily shock.

There was an eerie silence.


"WHAAT!" All three of them screamed.

"But how is that possible? Kagome-sama is right here with us outside of this dream" Miroku reasoned, trying to deny that she was the 4th soul.

"Hai, but haven't you ever wondered why Kikyo wasn't able to sense or keep the jewel from corruption? Kagome can sense it because she is a part of the jewel, so it calls out to her. And I don't really know why she is out of the jewel anyways…"

Silence filled the dreamscape again.

Midoriko then went on to explaining the 3 worlds to them and their responsibilities in the modern era. Also saying that in Ningenkai, they've all been led to believe that youkai and the reikai are myths.

In Makai-the demon realm though, they've been led to believe that the 'Jikan Tamashii' (Time Souls-weird name, I know...)) were myths. They said that when the Reikai failed their duties, a group called the jikan tamashii will 'rescue' whatever realm the Reikai have failed to. Of course though, it became a myth because they've never been seen before. No one knows who they are and they don't reveal their identities unless it's onserious matters. Midoriko clearly stated that THEY were the Jikan Tamashii that they spoke of. It would be a duty...

They sweat dropped. Maybe, just maybe, this was the reason why they would be wearing cloaks…

She also mentioned that the majority of the 'squad' would have to try and find some way to do this without drawing too many innocent people into this.

"It's an aspect" Midoriko smiled.

They all just shrugged it off.

"You also have to compete in a tournament. Miroku can't go though. You have to have an all girls team"

They just nodded, wondering about this tournament.

Finally, she handed 3 sets of cloaks to Sango.

"What are these extra ones for?" She asked, taking the fabric bundle.

"Your group" Midoriko smiled.

Kagome gave her a questioning look, "So we can add more people to our squad?"

"Hai, and you can contact each other with these. Staying in the modern era for a while let me lean a few things" Midoriko added, handing each of them a screen communicator.

It was just like the spirit detective's communicators, (Of course, they didn't know that) except the pager was lavender. There was also a while light on the top of the shell before you flip it up. It would flash whenever a team member was contacting another or nearby.(The ringing is slightly softer sounding than the SD's)

"Cool!" Sango exclaimed.

Miroku bowed respectfully, "Thank you for these…contraptions"

Kagome laughed.

Midoriko smiled with amusement, "Well, I think it's off with you three. Here are the extra communicators. I would take some time to find the members, but it seems they will have to come to you. You have to use stealth, but have to be found and asked before handing it off to anyone. Also, I've got things for the ladies only. I'm afraid to tell you that you are goddessess."

She also gave them 5 staffs. (2 for the girls and 3 extra) A black metalone for Kagome, a blue metal one for Sango and a red, silver, and purplish metal ones for the extras. They were shaped as a old fashioned key shape.

"These are the staffs of the goddessess. You are the goddesses of protection. To activate these staffs power, you hold your staff up in the air and shout it's 'word'. For Kagome, it's Judgement, Sango's is Challenge, the purple's is Destiny, the silver's is Creation, and the red's is Dominate. If you clash your staffs together after activating it, and say Fate at the same time, you will permanently unleash your power, hence become full goddesses of protection. Don't be shocked to find your clothing change. This can only happen though, if all the staffs lock together with the correct people"

They gawked in shock. 'We're goddessess with 3 other girls?' They thought.

Next, Midoriko handed them 5 bracelets. Each of them had their 'activating words' on the inside of the silver bracelet, signalling who's each one belong to. On the outside, there were detailed etchings of flowers.

"This allows you to contact each other telepathically, and control your spiritual powers into the palm of your hand"

Gratefully accepting it, Kagome and Sango smiled.

Miroku, feeling quite left out nowl; said, "And what am I doing?"

"You are going to be taking care of the shrine and kids, while they go out to the tournament. It will be a couple of months and you keep everything orderly"

'A housemaid?' He thought. If the girls heard that thought, they'd laugh their heads off. (Literally!)

"Yes, it was nice meeting you Midoriko-sama" Kagome smiled.

"Hai, we agree" Sango added in.

And with that, they embraced in a group hug and then woke up.

End Dream Sequence...

"Kagome! Come on! We're collecting everything to bring to the future! If there's any plants or items you'd like to bring, then come on, Midoriko said we only have 5 more times to go through and back before the well permanently seals!" Sango called out.

"Be right there! There should be 1 trip for each of us three and one for the kids together, then the last one for extras while enough room for all of us to go through!"

Kagome stood up and raced back to Kaede's hut; eager to get ANYTHING she could get her hands on.

Mom and Souta had moved out of the shrine since granpa passed away, leaving Kagome to take care of it by herself. But then, she has he group with her now, it'll be just fine, right?

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