Harry had a daughter with Ginny. She's as mischievous as James Potter was but she's friends with Draco's son.

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Chapter 1: Genevieve, Billy, Isaac, Cassandra, Jeffery and the sorting

Genevieve Potter woke up in excitement. It was the day she went to Hogwarts. She got up and checked her trunk. Her dad's invisibility cloak and Marauders map was on top of the jumble of things. She got into black pants with a flare at the bottom, a red tunic top and braided a red ribbon into her hair. She ran downstairs and accidentally rammed into her older brother Jamie. Jamie was already in his 2nd year at Hogwarts and he said it was great. They tumbled down the stairs and she landed on top of her brother. She quickly got of him and helped him to his feet. Her parents Ginny and Harry were already in the kitchen. She stuffed a piece of bread into her mouth and ran back upstairs. She grabbed her cat Shadow and put him in his cat carrier. She also put Jamie's owl Jubileia inside her cage. She ran over to the mirror and brushed her long black hair. She could almost be a girl Harry except she didn't have a scar on her forhead. Jenna was impatient to go. She wanted to get to Hogwarts as soon as possible. She had read and memorised her books back to front so she was sure she knew the teachers answers. Finally it was time to leave.

When they got to kings cross station Ginny and Harry led them through the barrier to platform 9 ¾. Jenna was so excited. She hugged and kissed her parents goodbye and went to find and empty compartment. Jamie had seen his friends Kate and Mitch so he went to sit with them. At last Jenna found a nearly empty compartment. There was just a red haired boy there.

"Hey, can I sit with you" she asked poking her head in. The boy nodded and Jenna took a seat.

'I'm Genevieve Potter, but everyone calls me Jenna" she introduced herself.

"I'm Billy Weasley. I'm named after my uncle Bill who got killed while fighting You-know-who" the boy said.

"Why does everyone still call him you-know-who? We still have to fight him and there's really no point in not saying his name. Voldemort. My dad tells me that we'll just be more frightened of him if we call him by you-know-who" Jenna scoffed.

Billy looked amazed "You know, you're right. My dad Ron Weasley tells me off if I call him Voldemort but who cares. Hey if you're Jenna Potter that means we're cousins. You're mother Ginny Weasley is my father's sister."

Jenna smiled but looked up at a knock on the door. Three kids were standing there. One girl and two boys. The girl motioned to the empty seats. Billy nodded and they sat down. "I'm Billy Weasley and this is my cousin Jenna Potter" Billy said.

"I'm Kacie Granger and this is my twin brother Isaac" the girl said introducing herself and the brown haired boy on the right of her. Then everyone turned to the blond pale boy.

"I'm Jeffery Malfoy" he said nervously.

"Malfoy" repeated Billy. Jeffery nodded.

"Get out" Billy demanded.

'Billy, just because his fathers a death eater it doesn't make him one" Jenna said angrily "You can stay Jeffery."

Jeffery smiled gratefully at her "It's Jeff."

Jenna nodded. "My real names Genevieve."

"My real names Cassandra" Kacie said smiling.

"Did you hear that you-know-who attacked a family of muggles just outside of London" Isaac asked looking around.

"Don't call him you-know-who. Fear of a name increases fear of the thing itself" Jenna said sharply and everyone but Billy looked at her.

"You're right" Jeffery said after a moment and Kacie and Isaac nodded.

Soon they were talking about Quidditch.

"I'm going to try out for chaser or seeker" Jenna said.

"Ginny was a chaser and Harry was a seeker so you should have no problem getting a place" Isaac said. The rest nodded.

"My dad bought me a firebolt because Jamie has his old one" Jenna continued. Suddenly the train came to a stop. All the luggage fell from the racks and Shadow fell out of his cat carrier with a yelp. Jenna caught him before he hit the floor. Billy was squinting out the window and then he gasped.

"The dark marks above the train" he yelled and Kacie started screaming.

Isaac, Jeff and Jenna just looked horrified. The door of the compartment burst open and Jamie stood there panting.

"Jenna, get you're friends and get up the end of the train" he gasped and Jenna obliged. They were about halfway there when Jenna had remembered that she had left Shadow on a seat in the other compartment. She ran back to the compartment without telling her friends. She saw Shadow on the seat and grabbed him. She was about to go back out the door when a group of five hooded figures entered. The minute they saw her they closed the compartment door and advanced towards her.

"Look, by the size she's a first year. You know how much we love torturing little kids" the middle one said.

"Jenna" a voice yelled and Jenna saw Jeff running to the door of the compartment through the glass. He tried his best to open it but it was locked.

"Jenna, isn't that the name of the Potter's girl" the far left one asked and the others nodded.

Jeff broke the glass and ran into the compartment.

'Jeffery" said one of the voices harshly and Jeffery paled.


"Stay away from Potter."

"NO" Jeff yelled and grabbed Jenna's hand. He pulled her out of the compartment and they both ran the length of the train with death eaters following in close pursuit.

"CRUCIO" yelled one and Jeffery collapsed in pain.

'Damn it. It was for the Potter girl"

Jenna felt anger rise in the pit of her stomach when she saw Jeffery on the ground yelling in pain.

'DON'T YOU DARE HURT HIM" she yelled and started to advance towards them. She pulled her wand out of her pocket and thought of a curse her mom or dad had taught her.

"BAT BOGEY HEX" even though it was more of a joke spell than a dangerous one the deatheater on the far left started to clutch at his face trying to pull the bogeys off.

"CRUCIO" the middle deatheater yelled again and this time it hit Jenna. She collapsed and started to scream with pain. She didn't even see them stand over her with their wands pointing at her. All she saw was darkness.

Jenna woke on some seats. She sat up and looked around. She tasted blood in her mouth and felt blood run down her right knee and forhead. She was in a train compartment and sitting with her were Isaac, Kacie, Billy, Jeffery and her parents. Of course her parents were there. They were Aurors. She noticed Jeff was also lying down and bleeding. When Ginny saw that Jenna was awake she pulled out her wand and muttered something. Jenna felt the blood stop running and coming of her face and knee. She also noticed that the blood in her mouth was gone. She then felt something jump onto her legs and looked at Shadow curled there. Soon Jeff woke up and Ginny healed him to. Harry and Ginny left after that.

"Are you ok Jeff" Jenna asked. Jeff nodded and Jenna breathed with relief. She looked at herself in the compartment mirror and sighed. Her tunic top had been ripped right down the middle. She was lucky that she was wearing an undershirt. She pulled down her trunk and pulled out another tunic top except this time it was blue. She pulled it on and then got her robes. They all changed into their robes and waited for the train to stop.

They filed off the train and got led to the lake by a giant names Gwarp. They were amazed by his height. There were four of them to a boat and Jeff, Billy, Jenna and Kacie got in one. They decided the would make Isaac sit in the middle of the boat instead of on a seat. They traveled slowly across the lake and went into a Colloso entrance hall. A teacher named Professor Stewin led them into the eating room. It was bigger than the entrance hall and that was saying something. Mutters broke out as they entered. Professor Stewin placed a hat on a three legged stool. The hat began to sing.

Four Founders built this school

Giving up their money and their rights

They decided for a school to teach

Where kids learn with tiny bites

At one time though the founders fought

And one by one each founder left

Gryffindor and Ravenclaw took sides against the rest

While Hufflepuff and Slytherin thought them all as pests

When they left new teachers came.

They found me in the rubble

By the once fine greenhouses

That had gotten into trouble

They learned that I would sort you kids

No matter who on earth it was

Even if you were a bad mouthed pig

And the headmaster did just that

With the help of his fine cat

He placed me in charge of the sorting

And that's what I'm going to do

What if you're in Gryffindor

You must be brave and loyal

You wouldn't leave you're friends in strife

And unafraid of Toil

What if you're in Ravenclaw

Where you are smart and witty

The young girls are nice and pretty

And the boys answer questions when they're called

You might be in sweet Hufflepuff

If you are friends with anyone

And you don't go of in a huff

Whenever someone puts you down

And last and least is Slytherin

Purebloods on the throne

They work together

Like birds of a feather

With people of their own

I have told you about the house four

It doesn't matter if you're rich or if you're poor

You'll get sorted anyway into Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin

Now the sorting must begin

After about 10 people Kacie got called up.


Isaac was next


Jenna saw Kacie and Isaac sigh. They were twins so of course they'd want to be together.

"Malfoy, Jeffery"


"No" Jenna muttered seeing Jeff go unhappily to the cheering table.

"Potter, Genevieve"

Whispers broke over the hall. From beside her at the Hufflepuff table she heard a girl whisper 'Genevieve Potter, Harry's son."

Jenna walked up to the hat and Professor Stewin put it on her head.

'Well what do we have here. Another Potter and a Weasley too. Both were in Gryffindor so I could put you there but I think you're a bit too bright to go there. You defiantly have courage but you're also quite normal. You'd do horrible in Slytherin so it's between Gryffindor, Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff. Actually you'd go to waste in Hufflepuff and in Gryffindor you wouldn't do right. Yes, I've got the perfect house for you, RAVENCLAW."

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