Chapter 5: Jenna's mistake and Jeff's anger.

In wherever Voldemort is hiding now

"I want that girl brought here ALIVE Wormtail" Voldemort barked at the cowering man on the floor.

"But it would be much easier to just get Harry and not go for his daughter" Wormtail muttered and Voldemort began to yell at him.

"No, I want ALL the Potter's dead."

Wormtail nodded and bowed trembling.

In Hogwarts

Jenna awoke. She was amazed. Why was she seeing Voldemort in her dreams? It was scary. She slowly got up and pulled a book from her bookshelf. She saw that it was Hogwarts a History and she rifled through it and found the part about the Chamber of secrets. It was her favorite part in the whole book.

Tap, Tap

Jenna heard tapping on the window and she looked up. Jamie's owl was fluttering there and was tapping on the window. She ran to the window and slid it open. Jubileia stood on one leg until Jenna had taken off the letter and then the owl flew to the owlery. Jenna slid open the letter.

Dear Jenna

Of course we still want you and we always will. I know we were hard in our last letter but Harry loves to voice his opinions. That's why I like him. Was that boy Jeff, the boy that saved you from the deatheaters. Maybe he's different than Luscious and his father. Now we understand why he's your friend. If you really do not have any intention of becoming a deatheater we will let you stay in Slytherin. Tata


Mom and Dad (We still want to be called that)

PS. We heard about poor Billy and we know that he's your cousin. We would all be upset if he went to Romania. Tell him that he's welcome here instead. Ginny's already spoken to Charlie and he says it fine.

Jenna smiled. She felt so much better now but that dream still bothered her. She decided to tell her parents but she would do it later. Right now, she was tired. She fell back on her bed and closed her eyes.

"Jeffery doesn't seem too happy that I murdered the blood-traitors parents" said a voice. Jenna saw that the voice was coming from a blond, pale man about Harry's age.

"Draco, my grandson will get over it" said an older man that looked like Draco.

"Yes, now he must know that if he keeps fraternizing with blood-traitors he'll be losing people close to them. First things first though, that Potter girl"

"It will be hard to kill her. My sources tell me that she has more than five close friends"

"I've got an idea" Draco smirked.

Jenna woke with a start and looked around. It was morning and everyone was getting out of bed. She did the same. She pulled on her robes and followed Kacie out of the portrait hole. Instead of going down to breakfast, Jenna ran up to the owlery. Both dreams planted firmly in her mind. One she got there she wrote one long letter.

Dear Mom and Dad.

Thanks for accepting my reasons but I have a problem. I had two dreams last night. One was of Voldemort and Wormtail. I'll tell you about that one first. Voldemort was sitting on a chair and Wormtail was cowering on the ground. Voldemort said he wanted me unharmed and Wormtail spoke up. He said that it would be easier to just get dad instead of going for me. Voldemort laughed and said that he wanted ALL the Potter's dead and Wormtail bowed before going out of the room. That ones not as scary as the next one though.

My 2nd dream was about Luscious and Draco Malfoy. They were talking about Jeff. They said that he wasn't happy about Draco killing Ron and Emma. Luscious said Jeff would get over it and Draco agreed. Than Draco said that if Jeff kept fraternizing with 'Blood-traitors and Potter's' that he would be losing more people close to his friends and then Draco continued with saying that I came before all of that. Luscious responded by saying that it wouldn't be to easy to kill me because I have more than five close friends and then Draco said that he had a plan.

The 2nd dream scared me the most but not because they want to kill me. It's because I'm worried for my friends. Why am I having these dreams? They really scare me. I don't know what to do so I'm telling you guys. Please help me stop these dreams. PLEASE!

Love Genevieve Potter (AKA Jenna)

PS. I know this is a long letter but don't get angry.

After checking this letter for the third time, Jenna called down Jubileia and sent it off.

After she wrote the letter, Jenna ran back down to breakfast. She ate one piece of toast and waited for Jeff. The others had already gone off to their lessons. As soon as Jeff was finished Jenna stood up to leave but Jeff grabbed her hand.

'We cant be friends anymore Potter" he smirked and Jenna stared at him hoping that he would burst into laughter and say it was a joke but he was quite serious.

"Jeff, why?" Jenna asked.

"Because you're a Potter and a blood-traitor" Jeff spat and Jenna stared at him. She noticed a letter scrunched in his hand. She dove for it and grabbed the letter from him. She unscrunched it and read it silently to herself.

Jeffery Malfoy

If you keep going around with the Potter girl, she'll disappear quicker than you think

Jenna dove away as Jeff lunged for the letter and she kept reading it.

I'd watch myself if I were you. You are next in line to take Voldemort's throne if anything happens young man. I'd keep away from her if you know what's good for yourself and for the girl

Your father

Jenna stared at the letter in her hands with anger. Jeff had listened to this note and done what it said. How could he? It was just a letter; he would break his friendship with her over a letter. He was being stupid.

"I'm sorry Jenna" Jeff said unhappily but Jenna didn't pay attention.

'Well Malfoy, if your gonna break your friendship with me over a letter than maybe your not such a great friend, Future Voldemort" Jenna hissed. She knew she was being horrible but now she had started, she couldn't stop. Jeff looked livid at being called future Voldemort and Jenna suddenly felt guilty.

"Well then Potter, if you'll excuse me, I have classes to attend" spat Jeff and Jenna felt like crying as she watched Jeff storm away. She raced back up to her dormitory and flung herself on her bed. She cried into the pillow for ages. She never believed in hating and she didn't know what had made her say such a thing. She just blurted it out. She did feel rather horrible.

Jeff sat in his classes mulling over his books. He felt like crying but unlike Jenna, he didn't. I can't believe she said those things. Future Voldemort, I'll never, ever sink that low. Well, if she feels like hating me, I can hate her.

Billy looked sideways at Jeffery. He seemed rather down but Billy wasn't one to care. Jeff's father had killed Billy's whole family and now he didn't care an inch about any Malfoy.

Ariel and Adam wandered around at lunch looking for Jenna. She hadn't turned up at Herbology and she hadn't turned up for lunch. They were worried about her.

Jenna continued to cry until she eventually decided to ignore Jeff until he reliesd that a Potter was not one to mess with.

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